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We've been trying this web apps thing for over a decade, and a few things should be abundantly clear by now:

- Web apps will always have worse UX than nice native apps. The barrier to entry may be low, but so is the ceiling on what you can build
- The web fundamentally assumes a client-server paradigm no matter what you tack onto it, making it a bad fit if you care about privacy
- Anything we add to browsers can and will be used for adtech/surveillance

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I'm currently rewriting Fragments in Rust with a completely new network-oriented architecture.

To follow the development, it's the perfect time to join the Matrix room!

My friend mentioned Telegram light/dark switcher has a neat animation, so how could i resist.

🎐🎐 Geary 40 has been released! 🎐🎐

This new feature release features substantial interfaces updates to support half-screen and phone displays, search engine updates, and many interface, performance, translation and server compatibility updates and fixes.

Available to download from Flathub right now, and your favourite distribution as it gets packaged.

PSA: System-wide theming is still a broken concept.

It's been a while since I've written about it since there's nothing new to say, but yes it's still a problem and no it can not be fixed.

Old (but still relevant) blog post on topic:

Other languages making up their own English terms out of whole cloth, pandemic edition:

English: "I'm working from home"
German: "Ich mache Home Office"
Italian: "Sto facendo smart working"

Geary 40 release candidate has been released, at long last! It is available to install as a nightly build for testing before the final release:

Please do test it out, and let us know if you find any show stoppers:


#Geary #GNOME

TIL there's a standard for bundles with markdown + linked images in a single file. It's such a slam dunk idea, why is this not more commonly supported by markdown apps?

My tracker blocker should be all your site needs to know that I do not consent to your tracking. Blocking it should be illegal.

Any “data protection law” worth its salt would mandate that unless consent is communicated on every request without prompting, consent does not exist.

1111 apps on Flathub 🎉

Huge kudos to @barthalion, @wjt, @bilelmoussaoui and everyone else who helped to get it to this point!

I have been writing a little demo application for testing the portals

I wrote a little personal thing on the 10 year anniversary of GNOME 3.

I wasn't around at the time, but I'd love some stories from those days from the people who were!

The avatar in Geary nightly are now `HdyAvatar` 🎉

Who needs an application when you can have a full-sized headerbar!

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