It feels good to start a branch of GNOME's web browser where the first commit is a big removal that kills the old, memory-hog ad blocker. Next up: add the new ad blocker, using 's built-in content extensions support.

The new code only needs to care about downloading the filtering rules and using the new API to compile and make WebKit use them.

For testing I have EasyList (what Ephy uses now) converted to the JSON format, and using @aral's Better ruleset is the final target 🧐

You need neither PWA nor AMP to make your website load fast

This is a next-level anti-GDPR dark pattern from Forbes.

I selected that I only wanted the “required cookies” (no cookies should be required to read a text article.) “This may take up to a few minutes to process.” 🤔

The worst way to start a privacy policy is with a condescending excuse.

If you're spending your time complaining about the things in the second list to the people trying to make the first list happen, please check your priorities.

Things we don't need for ethical technology to reach the masses:
- multiple distros
- mutliple desktops
- multiple toolkits
- "the unix philosophy"
- server-side decorations
- themes

Things we need for ethical technology to reach the masses:
- one great, vertically integrated platform
- great hardware that ships this platform
- ethical online services, integrated with the platform
- lots of good third-party apps for the platform

Wider columns on here on the web would be 👌

I'm happy to announce that Nostalgia is now available on Flathub! It's the easiest way to get all the amazing wallpapers @jimmac has made for GNOME over the past decade.

Get it while it's hot:

I suppose what I'm wondering is, how many GNOME haters are also Trump supporters? :P

It does feel like there is significant overlap based on where a lot of these people congregate, and the tactics they employ.

Come to think of it, the situation also mirrors some recent political trends: A group of mostly white men vehemently opposed to change, especially when it's designed to broaden the franchise? Extreme entitlement, and violent rhetoric when they feel like their privilege is being threatened? Hmmmmm...

I wonder what the overlap between various groups of GNOME haters is (e.g. CSD haters, Outreachy/diversity haters, "customization" enthusiasts, icons-on-the-desktop people, etc.)

in december I'll give a light talk in a local Linux User Group

I'd like to collect informations about #Flatpak

The frustration with the current model of software distribution, the whys the hows

all the way up to the temptation (?) of the #Gnome people to make their own Linux distribution based on their own tools

Boosts appreciated

Thanks for any hint

If you like cool geometric wallpapers, or just want to be nostalgic for the glorious early days of GNOME 3, you might like this app.

Coming to Flathub soon (TM)

@jimmac has made a lot of amazing GNOME wallpapers over the years, but sadly very few people ever see them because not many distros ship them.

Thanks to the very patient help of @haeckerfelix, @alatiera, and Julian Sparber I made a tiny app this week :)

So many sites do:

“Here are cookie, advertising, tracking policies. Here is an OK button.”

After not clicking the ok button but attempting to continue:

“You must agree to our tracking policy”

That is explicitly not allowed/illegal under GDPR.

American companies including the Washington Post really have a damn hard time wrapping their head around that an agreement means you can decline to agree to it, and GDRP says refusing to be tracked is not grounds for a site to refuse service.

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