Since posting a photo with your phone turned into a laptop is such a trend these days I don't want to miss out with my #librem5 and a borrowed #nextdock running #phosh:

Our new Circle initiative supports app developers! Apply online to have your app included

#GNOMECircle #opensource #FOSS

@bilelmoussaoui has been doing incredible, awesome work not only on gtk-rs but for GNOME in general. We owe him several cool applications, and at least in part the ability to write GTK applications in Rust.

If you can support him, even by just buying him a coffe, please do!

Thanks for all the invisible work behind the scenes Bilal

Does anyone know a freelance documentation writer, ideally familiar with GNOME and the GNOME documentation tooling, who may be available for a short project refreshing the end-user documentation for Endless OS, contributing to the GNOME documentation in the process? Give me a shout if so!

Another Linux app I find useful is Flatseal.

Allows you to manage permissions for individual apps including network access, geolocation, microphone/camera, and system files and directories. Easy and simple to use. Like on mobile devices.

Did Matthias's talk during the Linux App Summit make you want to try the GTK4 demo? Jordan explains how you can give it a go in just a few steps.

#GTK #demo #opensource

If you’re interested in writing a GTK app or want to contribute, I have one bit of advice I highly recommend: Don’t use Glade. It’s usually wrong, and will make more work for you in the future. Especially if you plan to port to GTK4.

UI files are great, but if you want to use them write and edit the XML by hand. Glade is not your friend.

Imagine there existed a cooperative dedicated to bringing GNOME forward, and its members worked full time on polishing the ecosystem.

If the designers and engineers announced their projects, and a communication team kept you posted of progress.

Would you throw money at it? And how would you contribute?

🔄 boosts welcome

The end result is that the browser is just there like you’d expect, but it gets updates generally more quickly than a traditional repo system—and directly from upstream. The modern web basically requires a bleeding-edge browser, so this neatly solves that.

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I was missing a nice word lookup tool since I switched from macOS to Linux but I've now found it! "Quick Lookup" is simple, pretty and works great! 😍

4:41 AM, it's becoming increasingly clear that staying up for this shit was a huge mistake

Now that there exists way more open hardware, it would be nice if we could come together and agree on a symbol for the super key. As a software platform, it’s not practical to use the company logo of every hardware company

I’ve contributed to almost all of my every day apps, and that makes me feel really happy.

Another GTK4 port down - this time for Podcasts, the app by @alatiera . This one is probably a better example of a port than the incomplete Social and the tiny Solanum.

If you want to take a look, see

I've just created the mockup for Replay at phones, and made some tweaks to the mockup for PC.

What do u think?

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