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We've been trying this web apps thing for over a decade, and a few things should be abundantly clear by now:

- Web apps will always have worse UX than nice native apps. The barrier to entry may be low, but so is the ceiling on what you can build
- The web fundamentally assumes a client-server paradigm no matter what you tack onto it, making it a bad fit if you care about privacy
- Anything we add to browsers can and will be used for adtech/surveillance

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Also, I really wonder why they complicated the relatively sane 2-button setup with just start menu and multitasking with two extra buttons. Old habits, I guess :D

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I really hope this isn't done yet and they're still going to fix/kill all the cruft in the bottom right (systray, three line date, notifications). That was the nicest thing about 10X by far.

GNOME Web feels sooooo good and smooth like 90% of the time.

And then I get on Twitter, and half the videos/GIFs are broken and scrolling is abysmal. I wonder why there’s such a disparity between other sites and Twitter, and other browsers and GNOME Web when on Twitter?

Let's say we have 3 variables for accent color:

1. The background of the first button
2. The text of the first button
3. The text of the second button

What would you call them?

(The first one is button.suggested-action, the second one is button.suggested-action.flat, currently it's completely illegible in dark variant hence needs a separate color)

I've been working on a series of blog posts on how power works within GNOME.

It took me a while to get my head around this when I joined the project, I'm hoping this will be of use for the next generation of newcomers.

Part 1 is out now:

Shower thought: In the age of software, the only means of production to seize is our time.

Also, periodic reminder that webOS had much nicer tablet multitasking 10 years ago :P

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Based on what I've seen it looks like tiling is a bit easier than before (though that's a low bar 🙃), but overall this still seems messy and confusing. My guess is they'll redo it again in 2 years.

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Some questions:

- Does the slideover thing on the right side still exist?
- The shelf seems to be a filtered list of workspaces with only the ones that have instances of the current app. It's very unclear to me how it interacts with the multitasking view and dock
- How do you open the shelf? Does it only come up automatically or when you "minimize" stuff?

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- Apps with multiple windows can open additional windows centered and overlaid, and those also have tiling controls
- There's a "Shelf" at the bottom which shows all windows of the current app + their tiling partners, which is shown when you swipe down overlaid windows
- The Shelf is also shown when you switch to an app with multiple open windows (?)

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So here's what I understood about the new iPad multitasking, based on the keynote video:

- There's a three dot button in the center of the top bar revealing window controls for tiling/fullscreen
- Tiling a window goes to the homescreen for choosing the second app (rather than showing open windows, like on e.g. Windows 10)
- Swiping down from the top of a tile goes back to the home screen on that side

People: Hmm, these new Firefox tabs are pretty out there

Apple: Hold my beer

org.Gtk.MountOperationHandler support coming to #phosh so you can open encrypted volumes with swipeable, modal dialogs

#gnome #gnomeonmobile @purism

We are doing mobile desking in the office, so I'm trying to work on a 13" laptop without any peripherals. I thought it'd be hard, but @gnome 40 is such a joy to use with just a touchpad.

I lost track of how many times I tried to implement faster zooming in WebKitGTK, but here’s another attempt. Likely GTK4-only, last time I tried it this approach wasn’t much faster than status quo with GTK3. But hey, zooming youtube on a 4K screen, and it’s sorta kinda smooth.

Ignore the flicker at the end or the fact it only zooms at the top left corner, that’s easier to fix once basics work.

If you’re a hardware company and want to ensure your display looks as good as possible AND works well with different (especially Linux-based) OSes:

PLEASE talk to me and I can provide guidance. Don’t be the company shipping a subpar product just to fill out a spec sheet.

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Laptops displays designed for non-integer scaling grind my gears. Even Apple is guilty of this these days, and it means those precious “Retina” displays aren’t as crisp as they could be out of the box. Non-integer scaling is a last resort workaround, not a default!

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