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We've been trying this web apps thing for over a decade, and a few things should be abundantly clear by now:

- Web apps will always have worse UX than nice native apps. The barrier to entry may be low, but so is the ceiling on what you can build
- The web fundamentally assumes a client-server paradigm no matter what you tack onto it, making it a bad fit if you care about privacy
- Anything we add to browsers can and will be used for adtech/surveillance

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Workbench now supports the #Vala programming language for learning and prototyping #GTK

Thanks to Lorenz Wildberg !

Big shout out to our dev teams. Thanks to their efforts, we have a free software mobile platform and vibrant third party app ecosystem based on the GNOME stack. And because
we are upstreaming improvements the GNOME experience on desktop has gotten much better at the same time! Read more by @tbernard

What are some examples of great Flatpak app listings on Flathub, GNOME Software, elementary AppCenter, etc.? Specifically looking for examples to show off.

Productive hacking at LAS today: Jonas managed to get an initial implementation of two-dimensional navigation gestures working 🎉

The GNOME Berlin crew just arrived in Rovereto for LAS!

Looking forward to two days of probably missing every talk we wanted to go to and hacking on the hallways instead :D

What should the @gnome Foundation do with its instant messaging platform? Use IRC? @matrix? Both?

Our community has spoken, and the result is pretty clear!

I made a thing.

There have been some talks about things needing to set insets on the window, and Danielle Foré had a Pantheon Mail tweet recently ( So I tried to figure out how we could actually nicely do insets like iOS does them.

So, this is a pretty hacky demo, and yes, Nostalgia is already doing this, but I wanted to figure out how API for this could look like.

Are you in Berlin on Thursday?

Come join us to celebrate the release of GNOME 42 🎉

Alaska Bar in Neukölln, 20:00

One thing I realized is that we need a "no shadows" mode for window screenshots.

It'd be a lot cleaner to be able to render the window shadows on screenshots dynamically in the browser, rather than having to hack around this with negative margins.

cc @YaLTeR 🙃

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Finally updated my personal website, updating all the app screenshots to the new Libadwaita versions, and adding dark mode support.

The fanciest new thing is probably the adaptive apps video, which actually switches between a dark and a light video depending on the dark preference.

Yesterday, we moved the fractal-next branch to main. This means we will get now nightly builds. 🎉

Identity v0.3 is out with zoom support! You can set the scale to 100% for pixel-perfect comparisons, or zoom in and out with mouse, touchpad or touchscreen. Took me a few days to get it working just right but I'm very happy with the result.

If you've been wanting to get started on drawing mockups for a new app, you're in luck!

The app mockup templates are now fully up to date with the latest Adwaita styling 🎉

For some inexplicable reason I was afraid of everything that had to do with animations for a long time.

Turns out, AdwAnimation is really super simple. I love it. Looks so much better right away! Thanks! (last year GSoC project)

Identity v0.2, ported to GTK 4 and libadwaita, is out, just in time for the GNOME 42 release! The old file switcher has been replaced with tabs which you can rearrange and drag between windows.

Video Trimmer also got updated with new translations.

Fractal-next is moving along nicely.

Yesterday, we merged SSO support, and therefore we closed an issue opened over 2 years ago 🎉

Just released 2.0 of my small tool "Audio Sharing". The interface got adapted to the new Adwaita design.

Oh and it also includes some "bug fixes and improvements"™️!

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