I haven't used Github in a while, turns out you can only use a small set of emoji as reactions. Gitlab's arbitrary emoji reactions are sooo much more fun and creative.

@brainblasted It's really annoying. They took the message and twisted it into a "hurrdurr, GNOME wants to take features away again".
Also the page clearly says, that theme developers shouldn't feel personally attacked, but half that thread basically is that.

On the current theming discussion: My article from last year is still as relevant as ever, and answers a lot of questions you might have.


@drequivalent @bilelmoussaoui @tbernard

The problem is that they don't theme only apps shipping by default, but everything at once.

They certainly don't do it well (@tbernard had an article on why it's unrealistic anyway), and I can give lots of example of broken apps, down to 100% unreadable text (#ffffff on #ffffff) in certain places.

Dear distros,

don't be dicks to the people making your OS valuable in the first place. Stop breaking third party apps by default.


If you valued my privacy, there would be a "Reject" button. Enough with the anti-patterns, please.

Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why: medium.com/p/614f501ae4ca

Always wanted to create a Gtk Application using Python, build it using Meson, package it as a Flatpak and submit to Flathub?
Here's the first tutorial for you belmoussaoui.com/2019/05/13/ho
We will be building a Todo application. Feedback is appreciated!

There is one final day to submit talk proposals for #GUADEC 2019! Submissions close tomorrow evening, so if you were waiting until the last minute...mission accomplished. Get it submitted asap!


Sticking to "the technical" stuff is up there with claiming to write "safe" C. Its a futile fight that ignores the nature of the underlying task.

if you want emotions or politics out of engineering, you are just fooling yourself.

Siri has been around since 2011, Alexa since 2014. How is there still no way to do basic things via voice with in free software OSes?

I'm not talking about fancy web API stuff, I'd be very happy with just playing music and setting timers locally.

I'm consistently amazed at how good many GNOME developers are at design ❤️

If you wonder why GNOME is so good with only a handful of full-time designers, it's because most of our developers make the right call, most of the time, without needing hand-holding from designers at every step.

regular reminder that anything that is protected by #DRM deserves to be pirated

The only way to get real consistency across your system is using apps designed for your platform, in the configuration these apps were designed for (no icon themes, stylesheet hacks, etc.)

Otherwise it's like someone on a Samsung phone complaining about 3rd party apps being designed for stock Android.

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