I have spent the weekend playing with a @wallabagapp GTK & Rust client.
Source code can be found here gitlab.gnome.org/bilelmoussaou

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Third party icons are fun because you can do crazy stuff like this 🙃

As a designer using libre tools it's really frustrating that we have nothing good to make animated UI prototypes (outside of manually doing it in web tech, but that's a bad workflow for something so visual).

If anyone's interested in building a libre version of principleformac.com (or something similar) hit me up :)

Fedora has gotten really nice over the past few releases, but the installer is still as bad as ever.

I spent 10 minutes today trying to figure out how to install it alongside Windows for my dad. He said he tried to install it a few months ago but backed out and went with Ubuntu because the Fedora installer was too confusing.

Testing the Shortwave nightly build, this is starting to look really nice!

PureTryOut got the latest #phosh running in #postmarketOS . This is it running on the Nexus 5. It's currently a bit unstable but it's progress :)

You want to try out the current state of Shortwave 📻, but don't want to compile it by yourself? No problem! 😉

There's a nightly repository available now! Just run

"flatpak install haeckerfelix.de/~repo/shortwav"

More information:

Ever wanted to build a windows bundle for your GTK or whatever Meson based desktop application?
I have made a WIP Gitlab CI that does that for you, read more here

I got bored this morning and so I updated all the GNOME Games on Flathub & added the missing ones. 👾

Static blogs have among many others one big advantage: no comments.

Its a bit ridiculous how for flights there are hundreds of websites that will book your whole journey automatically to the lowest price across hundreds of companies. But for trains it is a mess of having to use multiple local websites and no idea why one connection ticket is hundreds of euros more expensive than the other.

Make flights more expensive so trains can compete! Or the other way around 🙄

The Librem 5 keyboard is finally getting to the point where I'm not ashamed of how it looks anymore (which is high praise given how it looked a few months ago :D)

Kudos to everyone involved, especially Dorota and David!

I’ve been trying to run as many of my apps from flatpak as possible, staying away from apps in the Ubuntu repos. I gotta say the experience is pretty damn good.

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