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Looks like we may have some fans at @Google@twitter.com! @9to5Google@twitter.com @SkylledDev@twitter.com has the details on how "A new hardware prototype, codenamed “Visalia,” has popped up in the Fuchsia OS source code... What could this new device be? 🧐 ow.ly/u8OQ50uGhww

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I have one feature request for @twitch@twitter.com, which is the ability to browse programming streams but filter out the live weed growing streams

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Plotty Bird 🖊️🐦 - an implementation of flappy bird on the HP7440A pen plotter, from the 1980's

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check out this congratulatory OSCP “pen test” gift from my bf and his unparalleled dedication to engineering dad jokes

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alternative: apologize publicly to your employees for making them work nights and weekends

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Tim Cook just said thank you to all the Apple employees "who gave up their nights and weekends from their families" to build all the shit they just showed.


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I'd say this is an improvement (in the new "Feedback Assistant" that looks basically the same as bug reporter)

"we've been calling this project catalyst internally" no you haven't

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I knew they wouldn’t say “Marzipan” on stage

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people forget that voice control was a feature in Mac OS X 10.0

wwdc drinking game: drink for every new undiscoverable gesture

why do people keep saying chrome is disabling adblockers? by the time manifest v3 actually ships, ublock origin will have been ported with minimal loss of functionality

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Great developers love solving hard problems, but sometimes they just need a fun puzzle 🤔

Happy - let's do this! 🥳🙌🏿

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every other service in that list I can understand, but no matter what you think of google, the safe browsing service is objectively good. chrome, firefox, and safari are all using it. sigh

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this just in, chromium edge has the safe browsing service disabled 🙄

the game of chairs. whoever manages to never stand up is the winner.

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