minor update released with improvements on a fix for β€œFind-in-page” freezing, a fix for page loading issues, and updated translations. via @techhelpkb tchlp.com/2hJpCjX

0.59.34 (desktop) released with Brave Rewards improvements, Sync beta (bookmarks), more tchlp.com/2nlmqLU via @techhelpkb

58 web released. Opera now warns you before closing an Opera window with multiple tabs open.

tchlp.com/2zsQOxI via @techhelpkb

stops autoplay with sound by default, but you can allow autoplay on the sites you want tchlp.com/2jvkMHo via @techhelpkb

A is the smallest unit of (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC). Start earning free right now by doing 3 things you're already doing. tchlp.com/2FJQEGXΒ via @techhelpkb

If is not acting like its usual self, it includes a clean-up and reset process that may set things right


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