Want to print something at #techinc, printer should work, but we need to hack into it... Typical #hackerspace

Event coming up:

19:00 - 21:00
Monday 2022/04/04

Alternative networks in Mexico, powered by Open Source SW, recycled HW & human need for communication


Getting almost crowded, lots of folks, stout on tap and fresh chai being served. Pizzas ordered.

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Party is slowly starting. About 12 people, beer is on tap and chillwave on the background. DJ's expected later. They're still doing the 5G walk in Bijlmer.

Open day

has a vending machine, for snacks, usb cables and simcards. Sometimes also has soldering kits.

This the working 3d printer at the space, behind is a maybe working on. Behind there some where is the not working 3d printer. 3 generations of 3d printers at

Currently being worked on and made ready, a new metal (alu) cnc-mill.

It now is controlled directly via parallel port, requiring quite some low latency on it. Longer plan is to let an esp control it directly...

open day today

This beertap has an interesting history, come and visit to find out. Today is open day at

We got our massive wild ta-10 plotter working, just needs svg now.


We got the knives ordered for cutting too.

Slowly starting to open up bits, Technologica Incognita is doing a small members-only barbecue:


I went to the hackerspace and did a thing! (Utterly empty here though).

Made a shape for keeping a brass thing in shape for mending


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