I ran official marathons in all 28 EU capitals, completing the final one in Brussels two weeks ago. Here’s how that felt:


Ich habe „Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness“ von Scott Jurek gelesen. lesetagebu.ch/eintrag/28770

I love running. That’s why I tried doing 3 marathons in 2 weeks.

And wrote a blog post about it which has lots of pretty pictures. Enjoy!


Any here? I just blogged about creating a funky color theme changer I built in – maybe interesting to you?

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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In meiner TwitterTL ist der Wahlkampf der amerikanischen Demokraten schon voll im Gange, und wie der Zufall es will, werde ich Montag /Dienstag mit Amerikanern verbringen, das wird bestimmt interessant.

Late to the party, but better late than never: just bought a Nintendo Switch. Playtime!

I mean, I really like products in general, as well as the experience of going to a physical , but do the employees also seem like they are all brainwashed to you?

Just had an interaction with one of them about the Sep 21st XS opening. She tried to get me all excited for "the big party" they’re having. I’m just buying a new phone, come on.

Do you like ethically made clothes? I do. Armed Angels is a great shop, I just bought another pair of pants – see what they have to offer with my referal link 🙌 refer.armedangels.de/x/r9AnZw

What’s wrong here? Hint: it’s the cars.

Imagine for a second your inner city being car-free. How great would that be, right? The best thing: it can be done, is has been done.

Oh, my Toot (IFTTT Tweet) made it to German TV.

I hope they will now screenshot this toot about a screenshot of a toot as well and put it on tomorrow. Or maybe should I fax it over real quick?

Crap, is out of the World Championships! Stress fracture in the hips, just a week after winning the shorter 70.3 world champs.

That race is going to be a lot less interesting without him. Hope he recovers soon.

@ndcmptr Hi! Habe dich in den Replies zu des Knuspermagier’s letztem NAS-Post gesehen und mal deinen Blog angeschaut. Super nice! (Coole URL auch) – ich habe lustigerweise auch gerade sowas ähnliches gestartet. Vielleicht hast du ja Bock, mal reinzuschauen: www.teesche.com 🙌 (klingt wie blöde Werbung, ist aber eigentlich nur ein ernst gemeintes Kompliment. Ich lese mich jetzt erstmal durch deine Posts 🙂)

Reading this brilliant Jony Ive interview hodinkee.com/magazine/jony-ive while listening to Covet open.spotify.com/album/00ooQ50 – makes me forget about the perceived constant jetlag from having four kids.

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Bestes Nummernschild am E-Auto: OPEC lol

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