NOW I am friends with ORNITHOLOGISTS

hello i've taken a lot of pictures of crows

why? i want to generate C for my parsers, and I want to generate python, or ruby extensions, and python seems a lot nicer than c preprocessor macros

sticking a builder-dsl atop seems a nice way to get there, even spitting out a makefile to go with the .c and .h files

i like the idea of writing data structures & a gc to go along with it, but who knows if it gets further than a tweet or two

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idly mulling over generating C code from python, for various reasons

part of it is the toy parser, i'm already generating python—i could just tweak bits and spit out C from templates—but I want to take a different approach

$ python3 exec
- generating example.c
- building 'example'
Hello, World!

and something like

class Hello(Unit, include=[Stdio]):
@ Function()
def main(self, locals, args):
self.printf("Hello, world!\n")

i guess it's a c-ast dsl in python

after my disco binge last year and nile rogers fixation i am pleased to announce i have moved onto city pop

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it might seem silly that i only tend to post here when the bird site goes down, but it does do that with enough frequency that i regularly toot here, so

turns out autistic masking is a very effective way to have friendships that only feel like a burden

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if i have to grind myself down, if i have go through the humiliation of asking for help and watching the disappointment, i guess i can do that

but, well, when it all goes wrong, and i'm expected to know how to fix it, well, i never learned any good coping strategies or masking for that

i almost feel like i could performatively apologize and get away with it—hit the keyword scans neurotypicals run—they've never cared for behaviour, it shows

i'm bitter, yes

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and well, twitter feels like the accumulation of these awkward friendships, both the good, the bad, and the i-have-no-idea-where-i stand ones

i mean, the last time i posted there about "not knowing where i stand", someone, who i do not know where i stand with, replied to it

i really don't know how to handle normal people and what seems to be mostly performative gestures

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