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* realised my wlan interface is not being added to the bridge because it's brought up by the hostapd module/daemon and as monit can see it's up it never runs the stanza in the `networks` config which is supposed to bring it up and add to bridge

* why is my eth<-> wlan bridge so slow? I have 60-70Mbps on 5GHz connection to the router, 20Mbps through the crappy powerline ethernet, and only 4Mbps from the wireless side of the wireless bridge on the wrong side of the extender

some kind of irony that I cannot add an AAAA record for because the last two bytes of the returned data have become somehow transposed (e90d, should be 0e9d)

feedback to "Canon Community "

> Your linux support is non-existent (as I might have expected) and your mac support is not discernably better. In 2019 it is *not* acceptable to recommend people disable their firewalls in order to install a printer and you should be ashamed of yourselves for even suggesting it

Anyone who thinks the "free software is only free if your time is worth nothing" is an argument in favour of non-free software has evidently never tried to install a canon inkjet for network use

wondering if @bytemark content dns service will ever switch away from accepting tinydns format only, because it's not a fun experience when you're adding ipv6 records

I have some INCREDIBLY exciting news. I’m going to be working full time on free software!

Specifically, I have been awarded an EU grant to work on, a security-through-compartmentalization-based operating system in the style of Qubes, powered and managed by Nix.

Probably 30 minutes would have been enough in all honesty, but I wanted to be sure.

And it's interesting to think about

I think a day is unquestionably long enough to spend on trying to design a dataflow architecture for a web app before deciding "screw it, let's use re-frame"

"[date-time input] has been removed from WHATWG HTML, and is no longer supported in browsers.

Instead, browsers are implementing (and developers are encouraged to use) <input type="datetime-local"> instead."


"[datetime-local support] varies in general from browser to browser; at the moment support is patchy, with only Chrome/Opera and Edge on desktop ... "


Been wondering lately how racket compares to clojure: it seems to have a better licence story for GPL-compatible code, but can I really go back to not having { } for map (hash/dict) literals ?

to be fair, if it's anything like the last time I made it unusably slow, recompiling with optimization enabled was all the fix it needed.

perhaps I should stop trying to rewrite leaflet.js (in clojurescript) just for fun, but where's the fun in that?

Sometimes the naive way to construct a loop is *too* naive

cljs.user=> (simple-benchmark [] (take 4 (drop 42 (range))) 1000)
[], (take 4 (drop 42 (range))), 1000 runs, 55 msecs
cljs.user=> (simple-benchmark [] (range 42 (+ 42 4)) 1000)
[], (range 42 (+ 42 4)), 1000 runs, 10 msecs

got a whole new bunch of "here is your password, we videoed you watching porn sites" spams, this time with a different very old password to last time. Wondering what site got breached this time

I say "through the gui", there may also be some cli tool I haven't found yet. Point is that it won't just scan existing repos for you, it wants to "manage" its known repos

I would like to point out for the record that getting gitea to work in nixos is a breeze. Only thing that was a moment to work out: don't point it at an existing set of git repos (I have mine in /home/git) - give it its own directory and import your repos through the gui so that it can keep repos and its sqlite db in sync

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