Experiments in a docker container suggest that installing Nix on top of Debian is straightforward enough that I might just punt on non-Nix installation instructions for Epsilon for now.

It does probably use about a zillion GB of extra disk, that is true. I don't think this is a decision I will avoid having to reconsider.

github.com/telent/epsilon/blob If you are using and , and you know how to , and you have really good backups of your mail server and its data[*], you might like to look at the work-in-progress Epsilon, which aspires to be a mobile-friendly web interface to notmuch .

[*} I realise this may be quite a small group of people

although I do rather like the "behind the lyrics" thing, which is oddly reminiscent of watching the Chart Show (Amiga/Video Toaster FTW)

I gave in and signed up for spotify premium, mostly so I could stream to the radio in the kitchen. Android client UX is lacking, though, and frequently seems to lose sync with what the hardware (spotify connect) is playing.

Might just have to figure out how to talk to its DLNA and then go back to playing music I own

Stop saying RSS is dead people. I'm literally using it to read your shitty article about how it's dead

epsilon with http error checking. maybe not the prettiest but more informative when my ssh tunnel times out than sitting there silently

@aral @telent you're right about the motivations of creating open source and the ethical differences. But I don't think this is a very useful distinction, because basically all open source licences are free software and vice versa. And people (incl me) have used both interchangeably for years....

damnit, missed the image caption. it's a screenshot of the epsilon mua tag editor

up to my usual standards of "pretty", but can now create new tags and add them to messages in epsilon mua


Is there a mailing list or a forum or similar for re-frame? Where do its users usually hang out?

github.com/telent/epsilon/blob really just looking for someone to tell me this is a stupid way to do it/won't work/doesn't work/is perfectly normal

TFW you follow someone on mastodon and then two weeks later quite unrelatedly they turn out to be the author of a gem your colleagues are talking about (Hi @tom_dalling)

users - is there any android ssh client that supports port forwarding to unix sockets? @fdroidorg ? lwn.net/Articles/609321/
apk preferred, I guess, but a command line client would work too.

it'd be much easier to choose the right instance if more of them allowed viewing /web/public/timeline/local without signing up. for bonus points, could even show it (instead of the fed. tl) on the "about" page

For one brief moment I thought "Expected on" was an estimate for the society, not just for some book about it :-(

Looking at my toot history I realise it has been a whole month (elapsed time) I've been working on epsilon. Some weekend hack that turned out to be :-(

It's almost good enough for day-to-day use - aprt from the minor matter that it can't *send* email - so hopefully I can put it down soon and return to getting nixwrt onto my primary router

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