Pinned toot there, don't say I never give you anything. although do, obviously, feel free to point out that it's never the thing you want will do it. Blog post describing exactly how (the man page is, frankly, awful even for a unix tool) shortly forthcoming

Bought a single powerline av adaptor on eBay to add to the existing pair, after cursory research said they all interoperate. Turns out to have no buttons on it, how do I even get it to pair?

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

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@mala (spends a moment musing on how you'd use different vocal techniques to indicate different categories of content.

"Welcome to Audible. In this book, the author's text will be in a California accent, the code in British Received Pronunciation, except function names which are in a Bengali accent and comments in a working-class Bristol accent like Andy Puddicombe's."

Not sure this is the best name for a brand of lithium batteries.

secretly quite pleased with myself, except that now I've tooted it's not much of a secret

it is both the triumph and the failure of unix-philosophy OS design that I am (a) able, (b) required to do this

[dan@loaclhost:/srv/media/video/Hey_Duggee]$ find Hey_Duggee_-_* | ruby -e ' {|l| series,num,epname = l.chomp.gsub(/_[^_]+_default.mp4\Z/,"").split(/\W+/).map {|s| s.gsub(/^_|_+$/,"")}; puts "mv #{l.chomp} #{series}-s01e#{num}-#{epname}.mp4"}' |sudo -u mediacentre bash -s

may still have to open the phone to replace the battery, mind you - it no longer lasts a day - but at recharging it just got a whole lot simpler

Having spent the last wtwo weeks mentally preparing myself to open up my phone and resolder the loose usb port - looking at repair sites, watchig videos etc - I learned today that it's not loose at all, and all that was wrong with it is it was full of impacted fluff. Scraped it out with the leg of a capacitor and the corner of an anti-static bag and now it's *much* better

git: 'git' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

it seems that for kodi to see my media server (also kodi, on a different machine) using upnp, I need to disable the firewall on the client (control point). Not impressive.

Running x applications over two ssh forwarding hops in xquartz. I've never tried slaloming a half-full oil tanker between harbour buoys, but I imagine this is the kind of responsiveness I would expect if I did

I swear I was going to do something constructive when I sat down in front of this computer.

Can no longer remember what it was. Damn social media

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