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It is one of the nicer laptops I've had to work on

Took my x230 almost completely apart, repasted the cpu, blew dust from the fan, and fixed the loose power socket. I have also located the bios eproms but decided to save corebooting it for another day.

I must admit I am not clear how the federation aspect is supposed to work. I have 26000 audio tracks on this machine, 99.6% or more are ripped from CDs whose composers/performers/copyright owners would probably take a dim view of me sharing

trying funkwhale to see if I like it. docker container for now, will take the time to put a nixos module together if I decide to keep it

and now it even works for dragging the map around. With the exception of finding out what I should put in my index.html to invoke the elm-compiled javascript, this has been commendably painless.

at current ebay prices, there's almost no difference between replacing the panel in my thinkpad x230 from TN to IPS, or buying the mod that allows me to use a HD screen *and* getting the appropriate screen

Oh yeah, and the repo name makes sense if you remember 1990s dance music

Today (and over the last couple of days) I have been learning -lang, writing a "slippy maps" app using tiles. Doesn't actually *slip* yet thobut, just using buttons to move the map around.

added memtest86-efi to my systemPackages, was not expecting to be (checks notes) building ocaml and xen

Installed Firefox Temporary Containers, with the intention of saving myself a lot of time clicking "no" to dark-pattern-gdpr-nag dialogs, because it won't matter that they pass my cookies around if the cookies have the life expectancy of a mayfly at a frog party

My new bike handlebar tape glows in the dark. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet (it's unexpectedly yellowish in the light)

but having succesfully re-encrypted all my passwords, here I am tooting from my new old x230. yay me

While I am sure that pgp subkeys address an important and valid use case, I have no idea what it is and it seems to spill out into the rest of gpg giving me-as-naive-user very little confidence it's doing what I want it to do

Another federversal generation poll. Please boost.

I am from the /x/ generation:

this opinion is primarily motivated by being so tired I can barely keep my eyes open at the keyboard, but right now I am finding it super-hard to reconcile Rich Hickey's "simple vs easy" philosophy with the tooling for the Clojurescript compiler/repl

Am going to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll ragequit Clojurescript and convert this thing to use Elm instead

Updating a project I last touched in 2015. The code change was the easy bit, the baroque deploy procedure (circleci publishing github releases) has bitrotted possibly beyond all hope of salvation ...

Some time late in the previous millennium I owned an IBM Thinkpad. I think I used it to write the original CLiki and did some other work on CL, but now I cannot for the life of me recall what model number it was (maybe a 390 of some kind?) and, it being before I started blogging, probably have no way of finding out. Maybe somewhere in the recursive mess of old HDD images of old HDD images on my archive disk, I might have an order confirmation email or something

Advice, please, on selfhosting-friendly authn systems for web apps? Openid (the original one) made it quite easy for people to run their own auth provider - iirc every WordPress install could act as one, for example - but oauth2 and openid connect seem to require me as a webapp author to know explicitly about every auth provider my users might want to use. Which basically means most app authors just do one or more of google/twitter/fb and assume everyone has those

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