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Daniel Barlow 🚴 @telent@mastodon.social

mind you, here I am subtooting about it :-(

Just deleted an unsolicited "have you tried nixos? it makes cross-compiling much tidier" toot unsent, feels a little too much like being That Guy

ΓΎ in my side (I should have known Ξ²)

because "ei8ht" looks dumb, is my guess

discourse.nixos.org/t/new-proj on phones: really looking forward to trying this if I can find my old Galaxy Nexus (I think it's probably under a sofa somewhere)

ICYWW: this week's nixwrt update will be tomorrow not today as I'm on a deadline right now


Apparently AHB is a variant of some bus used on ARM platforms so I wouldn't have expected to find it in this extremely cheap low-spec MIPS device. But nothing surprises me any more

image almost but not quite small enough to fit in this device's 4MB flash (I'm currently tftp loading it into ram), but it looks like I may have forgotten to enable some wireless-related config options

Your unsolicited reminder that World In Motion was closer to 1966 than the present day.

Also that "thirty years of hurt" is now 52

@bigben @followthesam really useful service you're running here but it is slightly disconcerting sometimes to get pics of 12 midnight when it's noon & vice versa. Sure I'm not the only one to point this out?

at some point I should admit to myself that 20+ years of unsorted unorganised random emails in five different archive formats is really not worth hanging onto against the hypothetical future day that I might make it all searchable. what even would I be looking for?

now also turned the rest of the machine off. I don't think there was anything particularly valuable still stored on it, but I guess now I will find out

my old shell host appears to have been used overnight by a spammer, but I've not changed any config on it in donkey's years and surely if it were an open relay others would have discovered it by now? turned the smtp service off now, anyway

damnitwhat happened to my early night? again? argh.

github.com/telent/nixwrt/commi converting nixwrt "modules" to use overlay-style recursion with fixpoint so that many modules can customise and use the same busybox package. Not yet sure if it works

In the spirit of openness and fast feedback loops, if you're reading this I'm inviting you to critique my (unsubmitted) NixCon2018 talk proposal

(Tell me if you'd turn up to the talk and what you might want to hear about)



No, #mozilla
This isn't what #firefox needs
And not what we asked for
You're not entering the whole "listening devices" business
https://fossbytes.com/mozilla-to-create-a-voice-controlled-web-browser-called-scout/ after the #drm (EME) debacle

ww.telent.net/2018/6/13/solder sorry, just because I missed last week's blog entry doesn't mean you get twice as much this week, it just means I have more trouble remembering what I did. Warning: contains lumps of molten metal.