I didn't caption this image, I am a bad person. It was a screengrab of konsole running in a wlroots-X11 window, nothing to get too excited about

and although it works with konsole it doesn't work with weston-terminal - don't ask me why, but I suspect that weston-terminal doesn't acknowledge key events unless it has the pointer focus, and I haven't started pointer support yet

fenestra (my lua wayland compositor) can run konsole and accept keystrokes

... but no modifiers yet, so lowercase only

I forgot to tag this ranty mini-thread with but I assure you I am not intentionally sub-tooting.

also why does it care if it has "focus", whatever that means? either it's getting all the keyboard/mouse/touch/pad/stylus events or it's getting some of them or it's getting none of them. What does it do differently if the user is typing into a different window vs the user is not typing anywhere? Should it even be able to tell?

Surely there were better ways to accommodate "clients want to render their windows without the display manager adding an empty draggable strip at the top" than by making the clients responsible for dragging themselves and controlling their own stacking order? Naively I'd have expected a client shouldn't know or care if it's being rendered at the top of display 2 or the bottom of display 4 or on the side of the houses of parliament

It is pitch dark. You are likely to get Eaten by a Grue.
> get eaten by a grue
> inv
You have:
A copy of the bestseller book, Eaten by a Grue.

TIL: wlroots wlr_keyboard does not send you key events or keymap events until you have called wlr_keyboard_set_keymap

Another couple of hours on fenestra, though it's been more about cleaning up what's there than adding anything new. Maybe tomorrow we'll add an input device

Very happy to find it does actually work on the console though, not just inside a n x11 window


woohoo! a wayland compositor in luajit!

(before anyone gets their hopes up, this is basically the Hello World compositor, it's a long way from usable)

adjusted title because as @ehashman (I think?) said "In This House Crypto Means Cryptography"

previously: ww.telent.net/2012/2/22/sharpe

but sawfish doesn't play too nice with hidpi displays and is looking less than completely maintained these days

I was looking for a window manager that I could extend in Lua (and therefore fennel), now I appear to be writing a wayland compositor in Lua (hopefully at some point will switch to fennel). How did I get here?

(Don't recommend me tiling WMs/compositors. I tried tiling and it turns out I don't like it)

I find it interesting (you don't have to) that when I am doing something creative I tend naturally towards mastodon, but when I am tired I go back to the birdsite for snarking. Its like proper cooking vs ready meals

My tiny pirate radio station is now tinier. These little things are awesome.

if I could remember any of the other words it would probably help, yes. or, yes, if I had any confidence that the words I *can* remember are the right ones

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