Network Effects are hard. Have learned that well in Wire.

Erm… haven't been here for a bit. Why is Mastodon telling me I'm not following anyone?

@teller I agree with you on both points. I, too, have been wondering about whether setting up an account for the nonprofit I work for would be a way to help people learn of our work and engage with us. But, I do like the "individual" ethos here right now, and, as you said, too many other channels right now. Still, it's something I will keep monitoring. There may be a point where that makes sense.

2nd time I'm wondering if should set up Wire account here as the cool kids are moving.

But I like the non-commercial ethos of Mastodon (so far) and also it would mean another channel to monitor and maintain. Too many already.

So, Wire ( has started opening its server-side code:

They had already released a subset of the client code (same location as above) and have committed to releasing both client & server source code in full.

A review of Wire's security by @veorq and @marver can be found here:

Old Skype team mates are building some cool delivery robots. Not bad for Estonian tech startup to end up on Kimmel show.

Looks like there's finally some traffic here.

I wish it was easier to discover others here


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