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Los Blue Angels :: Noche Salvajes Van the Man with some big fat Mexican horns. Enjoy some music for a Sunday morning.

The Everly Brothers - Hi-heel sneakers - Listen to the harp on this. Easy to forget how good Phil and Don were.

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Memory: I was a "Wire Dog" for 6 years when I was in the military as younger man (whole lives ago, it seems) in our state's National Guard. This meant laying down communication wire from one command post to another, and fixing problems, often in the dead of night, in the middle of nowhere. I remember nights of no light, just frigid cold darkness, using the wire in my fingers as a blind map. I'd feel for flaws in communication, which seemed everywhere when it came to the military.

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I put mine up about 2 weeks ago. My daughter helps string the lights and put on the ornaments. I have been using the same artificial tree for over 20 years. The tree still looks great, but the box that holds it is hanging together with a bunch of duct tape.

Hope you and all my on-line friends have safe, health, happy, joyous holidays in whatever ways you celebrate.


I need help this time of year. I need self-care. A grand resource for taking care not forsaking care. You need it, too.
Resources for self-care

Christmas tree up. Lit. My gal and
I weaving memories with ornaments into a connected web of echoes from the past in the now with ec-hopes into the future.

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There was a woman in my office many moons ago. She was useless. She spent the day playing Solitaire. One day, I found her PC unlocked. I moved the solitaire.exe file into another folder. I told the others. We waited.

She returned and soon we heard it: the Windows File Not Found error ping.

Silence reigns for about 3 minutes then:
This went on all week.

In the end, I restored the file. Out of pity.

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I don’t mind spiders chilling in my house but they could at least tidy up after themselves.

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@dogtrax I am beginning to think the word 'pedagogy' is a bit of a death's kiss to a platform. It seems to magnetize and aggregate aca-speke. Seems to draw hostility and confrontation from the air like a lightning rod.

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I just released my new album! It includes 11 songs that I've been working on this year, and they're all inspired (in one way or another) by the theme of 'work'. I used a lot more synthesizers than for my last album.

#music #mastomusic

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I love you, folks. I open Mastodon and I see so many people doing so many things for the public good. It warms my heart.


in a stack
burning up
to expose

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Tagging along on a hiking trip a friend is planning for the high mountains at the end of the month. Feeling out of shape and nervous, but also longing to get up into some real hiking again. Told my daughter all this this morning.

She said, "You grew up in Maine, you'll be fine." (I left her dad and moved with her to a cabin in Maine when she was 5, we lived there for 4 years.)

I said, laughing, "No honey, YOU grew up in Maine."

"Mom, you grew up there too."

So true.


Is @Mastodon the coffee house of our century?

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I went to join the winter conference online and they had technical difficulties! Their major sponsor's product (Starts with a B) stuffed up and alternatives had to be sought. Ahhhh, the rusty smell of dodgy tech in the afternoon! A whole heap of irony in that one.

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@dogtrax @masu @tellio 'Rules vary amongst players’. I love those sort of games as they depend on context and the people who are playing.

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On a similar topic, I've been a little quiet because I've been writing about y'all & here again.

Prompted be @tellio , I'm sharing, widening the circle & inviting feedback via hypothesis (or any other means). I'm also thinking of turning the smallstories wp site into a 'we-search' hub... (All thoughts welcome)

@fgraver @lauraritchie @katebowles @bryanalexander @GeoffreyGevalt @ShorterPearson @dogtrax @Downes

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we are here
footsteps visible
until the next snow fall
or wave on the sand.