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I wake up in dread:
All of barbaric me yawps,
"It is time to shear!"

Mark Cornelius & Juan Duan
Easily the most succinct presentation yet on climate change written by some wildly understated insurance folk from The Bank of England. Radicals to a one.

(26) Smooth Criminal M.Jackson à l'orgue de barbarie - YouTube Holy Handgrenade of Antioch just listen and marvel out the labor of love that this means.

Love the new features especially the one that connects instances to twitter friends: But wait, there's more. Check out the post above. Very cool.

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We're on different sides of the line, waiting to get on the plane. He points to the book.
"Calypso? Any good?"
I look down at the new David Sedaris book, which I've halfway finished after one leg of the trip.
"Yes, but it seems a bit darker, deeper," I say, after a pause, mulling over a book review in casual conversation.
The man nods.
"I think his earlier stuff is better than his later stuff," the man replies. "But, you know, I'll read anything he writes."
I do.

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A boy, no more than five, jumped in front of me at the grocery store.

He'd wandered from his mother. Not far enough to be out of sight, but far enough to make her uncomfortable.
The child pointed at me, yelling STOP!
I froze, hands up, a look of terror on my face.
His mother was furious at his actions. I could only smile as I walked away.

At times I feel like I have so little control. More so this time of year.

It was good to let someone else feel powerful, if only for a moment.

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I stand still, the only one not moving in the crowd of rushing bodies. I am on the field, as hundreds of students participate in the annual one-mile run at our school. I aim to take pictures, but I am struck with giddiness by how many smiling faces are charging towards me, as if they are released into the wild, one last time before summer. It's like sitting in a circle of puppies. I let the wave of runners go past me, smiling in return to the sound of pounding feet.

Hard to Tame

I read this phrase in a biography
of Whitman, "Walt was as hard
to tameas Thoreau."Those words
are to die for, to live up to. I want to be just as obvious, unfancy and full of gumption. I want to be as hard to tame as Walt and Henry, I want to live for nothing more than to make poems and economy.

Hard to Tame

Read this phrase
in a bio
of Whitman.
"Walt was as hard
to tame
as Thoreau."
Those words
to die for,
to live up to.
I want to be just as obvious,
full of gumption.
I want to be
as hard to tame
as Walt
as Henry,
and to live
for nothing else
but to make
and economy.

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don't forget that every day is a great day to stick it to the man! ☕

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Took doggo on a run attached to my bike - so she basically pulled me for 4 miles. She's panting, and so proud of herself and basically looks like I do after every time I run too.

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Just did my first 5K since this walk to run class. A bunch of my classmates did it too and it was so fun cheering them on. I finished in 34:41, and I'm happy. It was a HUGE crowd of people there. Lots of swerving little kids, speeding up, walking, unable to hold a straight line. But I didn't smoosh any of them and they didn't annoy me too too badly. I sure couldn't have finished a 5K at their ages.

It held off raining until I was done and well into my free pizza slice. Now it's rainbowing out.

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I dislike popularity/count based schemes in that they advantage early adopters or people with following. This pushes a dialogue platform into being a publishing one instead, and negatively affect quality of dialogue, and increases the barrier of entry.

Popularity is a very incomplete metric for quality of content.

#meta #mastodon #randomthoughts

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Unpopular opinion:

I don't think we should make free and federated replacements for *every* proprietary social media site, just because we can. It's not a no-brainer.

Yes, we would get rid of corporate surveillance, but a free and federated version of site X can still be highly addictive and distracting, plus enabling all sorts of abuse if not designed properly.

I don't want to curb your enthusiasm, but please give this some more thought before jumping on the bandwagon.

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(Brace for hashtag frenzy) A selection of from Winterbourne house,

It was really great getting to see all these prints in situ, in huge swathes, but there were always people milling around when I wanted to take a photo of a room as a whole D8

An Academic Writes Himself a Note

I am astonished
how incurious
I have become.
I am wildly interested
this lack,
this bland, dead, numbness.
It's not
the result
of any state of
It comes from
being a pauper
in my own
It fills me with awe
how much more
a dung beetle
than I do.
I mean,
he really knows his shit.
As for me,
I just keep
flinging the same crap
on the same wall.

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"In theory, this is the ultimate product."
He showed a small animal with soft scales and wings. It purred.
"A dragon cat hybrid, which is also a book."
"A book? How do you read it?"
"You tell it. 'Boknir, open'."
The dragoncatbook hissed at him. "Shan't."
"In theory," he sighed.

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WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

A Lesson from Anthony Bourdain

Experts be praised
and experts be damned,
you are where
the hand meets
the spinning clay.

Never forget that.