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Goodnight friends! A more broken cloudscape & a few breaths of wind, so the heavy atmosphere feels a little more relaxed. Long light evening full of droning bee harmonies, fat bumblebees taking the low note below the treble buzz of slender golden honeybees.

Sleeping late still, waking up weak & sore. Takes a long while to get going, but by evening I felt looser & had a brief surge of energy.

May we find bonds of trust & solidarity today, & support each other in building healthier communities!

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This night I woke up from a dream with music. What is funny is that I had just thought on the same evening that I haven't dreamt any music in a long time and then it just happened 😜

The words of the #song went like this:

It's just close that we know
It's just close that we know ...

Notice the "we". To me it means that something is close, that I will know soon... probably in a spiritual sense.


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Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

One lightning bug
lands on
my typing hand.
Is there anything
more hopeful
than saving
one stray firefly?

but none
so emblematic,
so necessary
so gently futile.

In my palm
we walk outside,
lighting the dark
with one more
of hope.

Inspired by Wendell Berry's poem here:

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Breakdown of the price of a cup of coffee. Owner of the retail land/space gets 88x more than the coffee bean grower, and the cafe owner 25x more. The chart doesn't bother to break down the split between the owner of the land/plantation and the actual workers though.
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#onthisday (June 8) 1947, George Orwell's #NineteenEightyFour is first published. #Orwellian, #BigBrother, #thoughtcrime, and #Newspeak have entered common usage and become clarion calls in the internet age for ethical, privacy-conscious platforms.

Channeling Rumi

Gather together
what is your dear
and true
center of gravity
for the next
20 years
live it.
and only then
may you

A crosspost from a new creative platform created by @ggevalt in this space:

Any blank
is our
"Come husbander,
come midwife.
Revel. Play. Join. Make."
from the page,
a tendril,
a whisp,
we hear it
our Siren
susurration germinating
and radical.
And so becoming.

Poetry is ubiquitous. It lives everywhere. Here is a poem I pulled from a video here by Dr Penny Mealy :
And the poem is in the image below and the etherpad here:

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We zig-zagged up the steep trail early in the morning, too close to the edge in my mind. The sun was not yet up and our pace was steady and solid. Finally we reached the top, the mesa. It was filled with holly bushes and bright light and a monstrously gorgeous view of the canyon and river below.

We caught our breaths and walked the edges of the mesa, following the dusty animal tracks. I heard the deer before I saw her ...

a new #smallstories here:

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a man stopped in the middle of the road today, in his SUV, and got out - cars coming all around. He walked into the road in front of the car and bent down to pick up a hedgehog and move it onto the grass, clear of the pavement.

Well done Mr. Man, whoever you are. Thank you for taking the time to care.

A discovery as I mashup two books in my reading of Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature and In Search of the Canary Tree: hope! Here is what I found: I might look for hope in a graveyard, but I will not be coroner to an extinction event. I will do something about it every day.

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@lauraritchie @dogtrax @cogdog @tellio @lightweight @compostablespork @carlwinberg @Tdorey @Downes @hrheingold @ayior @wentale @dartigen Sorry to blast you, but Laura got me going (as did Harold, indirectly) to write something about an idea I've been mulling: a community space for artists, educators, thinkers to share, exchange support, teach, learn and connect. An adult version of

Link for more: I would love feedback. Boost if you could. THANKS.

Reading 2 books: Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature (Linda Lear) and In Search of the Canary Tree (Lauren Oakes). One quote unites them and marks much of my own work now as I age into my final decades, "Looking for hope in a graveyard." Potter is dead, but her spirit speaks on. The canary tree is dying, a victim of global warming, yet Oakes is...hopeful. All of us are seeking beyond the doom loops predicted for the future rocketing toward us. Let us rummage the graves for help.

In between and
I think the last one.

is not just something
that goes on
inside your ear.

It is the ear
directed toward
Inclined toward
like a sublime generosity
that simultaneously
moves towards
that ear and

I am working with some folks nibbling around the margins of Stephen Nachmanovitch's new book, The Art of Is. "X" marks the start of some adjacent and emergent acts an objects. X:

@lauraritchie @dogtrax

At play in the fields of "free play", Stephen Nachmanovitch's term for improvisation. Going to be annotating parts of his new book, The Art of Is. Let me know if you wanna play. The image is a rambling woolgather through his first book, Free Play.

@dogtrax Playing with the Google AI ghost tool + Plays +iMovie +YouTube: Gotta find my peertube account and put it there, too. about tech tools and use

A response to a post captcha on Charlene Doland's blog post (

It seemed…oh
how it seemed,
but it wasn’t.
Just seeming…oh
it broke my heart
so close to being
and only seeming so...
it seems.

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