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My baby boy is now henceforth known as toddler boy as he's gone from standing up on his own to taking his first few steps unaided. He can already walk across the room whilst holding the leg of my trousers or holding my hand but now we're so close to him being able to do that completely on his own :)
Lack of sleep be damned, this is what makes it worthwhile.

(although is it cool if I go back to bed for 30mins? I'm pooped)

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This is the season where we tell how I wanted to show my 3 year old I could cut out the face she drew on a pumpkin. She markered gleefully and I spread the newspapers on the back stoop, then took the knife and removed the pumpkin top, inviting her to help me scoop the orange guts. She came close, then ran off screaming at how yucky it was. So I scooped alone.

A few minutes later she ran back over, "Look, mom! I found slugs!" she said, her hands oozing full of them.


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@maloki @asherwolf I was talking to a neighbor while out walking the dog (yesterday), with my hand outstretched to make some sort of point, and a leaf fell (Autumn is here in New England) and it landed with a flutter right into the palm of my hand. Silence, then laughter. I brought that leaf home.

Our mailbox is at the head of the hollar, a half-mile of gravel from our our log home. The road is 150 years old and solid. I have walked it so often in the 30 years we have been here it has become routine. Returning from the mailbox, I noticed for the first time a patch of papaws next to the road. What the hell! How had I not seen them before? Probably because they don't fruit. How did they get there? A raccoon poops out a seed from elsewhere? It sprouts. It rhizomes into a .

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19 degrees in London in October. Need a portmanteau word combining "nice" and "terrifying".

In my pasture, moving fencing one section over, listening to Massimo Piggliucci's "How to Be a Stoic". A stiff southwesterly wind turns the sycamore leaves over and the sky is getting darker. I hear the reader through my earbuds, "Some things are within our control and some are not." I pause the book and look. Pelting toward me from the far end of the field--a squall of fat dropped rain. I stand, a perfect Stoic exclamation, full stopped, practicing enduring what I cannot control.

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My kitten is getting old.

My wife, who is very well-versed in cats, has said a few times that maybe he only really has a month or two left before life gets too hard for him, after watching him struggle with the stairs.

But he really wants to stay on the downstairs sofa for when people come down to watch TV or play games so he can be near them.

Just moved his litter box down here, just in case. He’s really happy to see me this morning. I want to believe that he’s doing okay yet.

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@tim There's a woman I see here and there around my community. I'd guess that she's about 70. She's short, thin, a little hunched over, and uses supplemental oxygen to help with whatever medical condition she has. (She carries a little oxygen bottle everywhere she goes, and wears a nasal cannula (nose prong thing) connected to her oxygen supply.)

The other day I saw her at the gym, working out with a personal trainer. She is doing really easy exercises, so I think she's new to the gym. But how inspiring is it that she is there at all?



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We moved to this city 7 years ago both to be near my mom, who had lung cancer, and because my partner got a "great" job. Well, the job turned out to be really bad and we had a few horrible years but now my mom is doing well and the trees we planted bore peaches this spring - I'm watching chickadees in them now. Just amazed at how right this city turned out to be for us, how much I've learned from being here despite/because everything that brought us here and hurt us for so long.

Link. Long poem? What is theft in an anarchic world? Show more

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She arrived,
down the hallway,
hands in motion,
hips swinging,
feet in rhythm,
as the crowd
in motion around her
and what could I do
but applaud and smile,
as she beamed out:
good morning,
and kept right on dancing
her way
into the day.

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I'm noticing the worms digging deeper and deeper into the compost bin. They must sense winter on the horizon. I keep turning the compost, adding dead leaves, and leaving room for winter discards. This requires almost a tunnel effect, keeping the middle deep and open for when the compost freezes solid. The worms move with my work, crowding together in clusters. I'm sure they must appreciate the Autumn leaves, even if they are disgruntled by the way I regularly move things around.

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This day.

In my small seaside town we grumble when the weekenders arrive. The car park at the supermarket takes about 50 cars. It fills up fast.

But on a bright sunny Friday evening you can't go past how happy all the weekenders are, buying their artisanal cheeses and sourdough that the supermarket stocks in anticipation. Tomorrow morning they'll take up all the tables in every cafe, then they'll buy homewares and head back to the city.

The plush mama otter on my shelf abides over me. She is holding a dried rose from my mother's casket sprig. I see her in the early morning and a tide of memories rise up. Mom was always first up. She made the coffee in a Pyrex percolators. I would be the first kid up. I would ask her to "squeeze the soft" out of my hands. Her hands were as strong as her coffee. Very. I would get a cup, sugared and milked up, and read the paper with her. Quiet. So quiet.

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I'm bending words again,
twisting stanzas
out of shape,
like balloon animals
about to pop.

I'm the man behind
the counter at the carnie
calling out as you
wander by

and you keep on
walking --
I would, too --
as my voice
and my poems
linger in the air
behind you,

fading shadows
of false rhymes.

Being a Bumpkin:White Trash ID As a son of a laid-off Ford plant worker made good as a chemist--this I know.

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The 2nd Volume of the Kintsugi Magazine @kintsugi is now available.

As a surprise to our readers and collaborators the magazine will be in PDF, epub and mobi formats.

I've worked extensively to make the PDF possible. The 2nd volume has a lot of interesting articles. I hope you'll enjoy it. Please head to to download.

Please share if possible.