@fdroidorg Fennec F-Droid has just been updated to Fenix without warning. What an unpleasant surprise. I was keeping a supported version of Fennec around so that I could still have an alternative when I need some of the add-ons. Now I can't use many of them. 😞

Wow, it looks like GNOME’s automatic time zone feature is fooled if you use a VPN.

1. In e.g., Dublin, start WireGuard VPN to Sweden
2. Turn Location Services off and on again.
3. Notice time is set to Stockholm time
4. Disconnect from Sweden. Connect to VPN in UK
5. Repeat Step 2
6. Notice time is set to London

Until this is fixed, I would highly recommend not using the Automatic Time Zone feature in GNOME unless you want to miss a plane or something (it does happen: ar.al/2018/10/26/with-this-ama).

We must also explain better, and louder, that REST and Linked Data have ethical benefits: they are built to prevent data silos, to build decentralized and federated software, to fight for privacy and against censorship, and it matters!

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* better frontend tooling (it's improving)

I'll start to work soon on a JS lib integrating Vulcain.rocks + Mercure.rocks + github.com/api-platform/api-do in order to provide an unified experience for frontend developers, stay tuned!

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Great article. I especially agree with one point: the REST world must lower barriers to entry and provide a better developer experience. standards.rest is a good first step, and it's also what we try to do with @@ApiPlatform@twitter.comREST but we're still very far from GraphQL. ⬇
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😨Is still relevant in an HTTP/2 world? 😧


If you are new to Mastodon, consider setting a profile picture and making a few posts before following people, so they know you are a real person

Good morning! I hope this won't permanently mess up my sleep schedule again. There's a new article about Mastodon on Wired, super positive and without inaccuracies, that is nice 😋


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