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Ahli politik yang cakap dia korbankan keluarga, kerjaya, pelajaran, harta, boyfriend, makwe, kucing, anjing dan sebagainya sebab nak berjuang di landasan politik ni adalah 🚩🚩🚩

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Protip: If you're struggling to get someone's pronouns correct (out loud or just in your head), you'll have an easier time if you work on changing your perception of their gender than if you try to rely on rote memorization of "this person uses these pronouns"

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I’m a trans woman and still a femboy.
I like the femboy community and I still am comforted by the label and want to still be a femboy 🥺

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25. This is the number of lines that Jakarta should have in it's metro system, preferably just named in numerical order (e.g. Line 1 or 12), and preferably with atleast some amount of 24/7 service.

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22. We should retire the terms 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' from the ENG lexicon, and just refer to romantic partnerships by genderless terms.

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23. Basically all "BRT" systems in Indo except TransJakatta, are just "BRT creeps" and glorified city buses. You are only a true BRT if you have dedicated BRT-only lanes at hand.

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24. 24-hour notation (e.g. saying 16:35) should be universal in any language and country, and 12-hour notation (e.g. saying 4:25 to mean 16:35 H) should be abolished.

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discord is very convenient, but it also isn't indexed by search engines and prohibits any automated scraping, so it's like a venus fly trap for information. it's definitely not going to last forever, and the longer it lives, the more it'll take with it when it dies

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Tahukah anda jenis Tweet apa antara paling celaka? Apa-apa isu sedang dibincangkan, tragedi ke, isu viral ke, dia akan selit “BELAJAR BAHASA MANDARIN”

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Syed Saddiq should be PM.

NO ONE ELSE is qualified.

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My God!!!!

This is ........... speechless.

Haih! Clearly the person executing the order has no idea what they've done! twitter.com/ngoonee/status/157

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Wait what? Pdrm blocked bootstrap because... It was used to style a gambling website?

It's like saying one should ban paint because it was used to draw a poster. twitter.com/ngoonee/status/157

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@NP_Malaysia@twitter.com How about you include this ratio in the GEG

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@OnsVlag@twitter.com Mermaids aren’t real, bud. They have neither a culture nor a history, because they don’t exist. Also, this is an American movie, you walnut. Nobody involved with it gives a single fuck about the demographics of Europe, their only agenda is to make money.

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@soldier0christ@twitter.com @danblackroyd@twitter.com @OnsVlag@twitter.com "Andersen’s story is full of body horror, tragedy, and an ending that is only happy from a very specific point of view[...]
Much as Andersen found himself forbidden to love another man, his mermaid is forbidden to love a human."

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@OnsVlag@twitter.com When all along it is an allegory for the unrequited gay love Hans Christian Andersen had for Edvard Collin with a mythical creature as the heroine.

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@OnsVlag@twitter.com Yes , back in my day on the Swedish shores all the mermaids I ever met where white redheads goddamit!!!!!

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