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whatever you do, don’t go to /lgbt/

you will never get those brainworms out again
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Vehicular manslaughter with the homies

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honestly, I'd rather spend countless hours writing a script to scrap a website than signing up for an API authentication key

I'm Obisexual. I'm exclusively attracted to Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Seeing references to Plan 9 in the Go standard library's source makes me happy

Also, I love how readable and well commented it is compared to the hell of glibc and the C++ stl

Republicans doing something right for once! I really hope we can get ride of the ATF and NFA in my lifetime, though I'm not optimistic


What is the most based political philosophy and why is it Posadism?

If your Docker environment gets screwed up you might end up making your Linux installation unusable.

I removed my shell's binary (/usr/bin/zsh) and not only did Alacritty† fail to start, but I wasn't able to log in through the TTY. At least Xterm defaulted to /bin/sh.

So unless you're able to fix your docker environment from single-user mode or a recover image, you're fucked.

† The most likely terminal emulator for nu users b/c Written In Rust™

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Interesting concept, but who would ever use a shell in a Docker container? That sounds like a recipe for disaster


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I may post a modern firearm one day but I honestly don’t think polymer is photogenic at all. My interests mainly lie with old ireon-and-wood.

Mosquitos in Alaska are the size of BIRDS

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I should just write an Emacs "MUA" for msync already

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