I've been using Emacs for almost four years now but I like to go read into articles as I always learn cool new stuff. In this case, use-package.


In case this wasn't already obvious, going into a crowded space full of sober people while tripping on acid is a fucking terrifying experience. 0/10 don't recommend

I like Xresources themes 'cause they're consistent across applications, but some of the dedicated Emacs themes are just so beautiful.



Maybe I could just make Xresources themes based on the Emacs ones

The manifold and petty ways in which mobile linux on Pinephone appears to be broken is not compelling. Someone needs to hack this product back to basics. An attempt to overlay and implement the features of commodity smartphones upon the bloat of GNU/Linux is neither approachable nor maintainable. The hardware is nice, and it's begging for paradigm-shift minimalist OS, not 1.6GB of GNU/Linux desktop packages stuffed into a pantomime Android costume.

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A man must learn to control the horny lest the horny control him

A man who is controlled by the horny has forgotten the face of his father.

Today is the 420th day of the third decade of the third millennium
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

On the one hand I think that substance dependency is degenerate and should be avoided at all costs, but on the other hand there's something just so fucking nice about waking up in the morning and drinking a nice warm mug of black coffee.

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