I've been paying for several years to try and repay them for their staggering contributions to the open-source community. That ends today.

Less of a and more of a

The whole point of open-source projects is that they can be forked! We're all on the same team =]

U of T Engineering AI researchers design ‘privacy filter’ for your photos that disables facial recognition systems


Microsoft, please acquire #GitHub so people have a motivation to move to the less populated but much superior #GitLab

I have things I want to say but cannot because I have to be d̯̙i̯͕̜̫̖ͅp̢͔̻̩̰̥l̤̝ͅo͕͙̗m͈a̸̩̰t̖͞i̺̺̯ͅc͈̫͈

i made this if anyone needs help convincing their friends to move away from birdsite

Saw this guy on the bus, I wonder if he's seen the southpark on atheism 😂


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