After a sudden hostile (and/or grossly incompetent) takeover by Freenode tonight, the IRC channel is now on - I urge other projects to do the same sooner rather than later, as long as you can still tell your users about it.

If you are always searching for a unbloated foss browser like I am, #qutebrowser 2.0 has been released. It solves the adblocker problem, implementing the brave browser adblocker. It's not bad at all.

finally has a ABP-style adblocker, based on the adblocking library by Brave! Thanks to Árni Dagur for all the hard work on implementing this, a big effort started in March - now finally merged. 🎉 "adblock" on PyPI is usable for other projects too!

@the_compiler on the keys, finally got around to creating an official Mastodon account for #qutebrowser. Will probably not tweet much from here though, follow @the_compiler for more content :)

That #foss feel when…

You're talking about how awesome some software is with a friendly group of folks on Mastodon, and someone links to a #github issue—which reveals that one of the friendly strangers you're talking to is the primary maintainer of that awesome software!

…just, you know, hanging out in your mentions, helping users make the most of the software.

(Here, the projects/people involved were #qutebrowser and @the_compiler —you should check them both out, if you haven't already!)

@ilpianista Hey! Finally on Mastodon as well :) Thanks again for FeedToot, still use it to monitor here and it works like a charm! :)


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