Can we consider The Bubble Index's recent prediction of Jan. 9 - 18 for Bitcoin phase change as becoming realized? Perhaps it will take another few weeks for people to fully understand.

, the 52 day window Bubble Index peaked on Dec. 20, the 104 day index peaked on Dec. 23, the 153 day index peaked on Dec. 29. The longer windows have yet to turn over, but the shorter windows are telling us that something is going to most likely happen between Jan. 9 - 18. That is the most probable critical time because the Bubble Index implicitly assumes critical time is +21 days.

Was just listening to James "Jim" Rickards and Marc Faber on the Hidden Forces podcast. Listen to them and then look at this picture of the Dow Jones Industrial Average:

Bitcoin investors pay attention to the growing bubble. When the longer window indices, i.e. 512 days+, peak it is probably time to get out until The Bubble Index falls back down.

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