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Hello! I’m JF! I live in , I write code for a by day, and for prototypes by night ( which I call )

I love answering questions on , , and our dialect

Native speaker, spend most of my life in , studied , and now studying

, , and I listen to a lot of . Also I have a ridiculous backlog

I typed instead of news and now I want a Hacker Mews

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🌻 r/solarpunk has passed the 5000 member mark!!! 🌻 It's a great place to share things you want to be seen by a lot of people - positive news, good organizations, useful ideas, inspirational art or music, etc. #solarpunk

But really food nutrition is the only thing I have to complain about, everything else has been great.

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Another thing it made me think about was the cognitive dissonance between what nutritionists recommend and the food they serve patients (speaking of, Canada got an awesome new food guide today, that specifically fought against industry influence. TLDR of it is half your plate is fruits and veggies, 1/4 proteins [should be mostly plant-based], and 1/4 whole grains.) The food wasn’t terrible tasting or anything but so much beef, sugar, and milk, often processed. It’s unfortunate.

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It made me think about a couple of things. I had thought about it before (hence my earlier question about open-source meds and all that) but it now means that I can never really be off the grid or anything like that though, as I’m now completely reliant on a cocktail of medications. I’m civilization-bound. For those who advocate for walkaway and mountain communes or whatever, I wonder if they are just too young and fit to consider this.

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I had a heart attack a few days ago. It was more of a progressive thing that built up over a few days until I had excruciating chest pains. Once in the ER, they acted fast, and within a very short time, they had confirmed it, and inserted two stents inside my almost fully blocked artery. Deeply grateful to the Canadian health care system, and the excellent work by the hospital I’m in.

I've finally set up my Click & Grow (on my desk at work even) that I've gotten from a friend for my birthday. It's interesting, compared to the Aerogarden, since it doesn't use fertilizers or pumps.

It instead has "smart soil" and I'm just wondering, what is this smart soil? I can't quite tell what material they're using, and likely it has the nutrients soaked in to it since it has to get those somewhere.

I'll probably try my own thing with it later.

The fediverse is weird. In real life, I feel pretty left-wing, even if a bit less than in my twenties when I was political blogging as a social democrat, sometimes democratic socialist, and co-founding Quebec and Acadian independence associations (that position I’ve since turned away from.) And now I’m here, reading the posts, and I feel like a real right-winger for floating somewhere around the realm of social liberalism and social democracy. Context I suppose.

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I feel like I will be posting a lot of stuff from/about "What can a technologist do about climate change"

It's written from a more capitalistic point of view but the main message is still important:

you don't have to make generators to help combat climate change. We need lots and lots of tools and infrastructure improvements.

#solarpunk #climatechange

I suppose in the end, I could just ask, which really is a good policy before giving anyone any feedback.

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Very often, I want to thoroughly criticize specific software, but then I think that this is something offered for free by either volunteers or by organizations sponsoring its development and then I just keep it to myself. There’s likely a middle ground here or constructive feedback, but it’s not easy to know if the author or authors are actually looking for feedback.

I’m looking at software for building structures (such as a greenhouse) and in the open-source world I’m seeing , , even . I thought I’d go with OpenSCAD but last version was 2015. Any opinions on what to use, fediverse?

Just saw and it was pretty good! There’s a lot to criticize about it, but I enjoyed it. It’s a lot like a Star Wars.

6) In summary, to build something like it, I need to figure out:
- Cable culture hydroponics, vs other hydroponic systems
- Composter-Wick-Evaporator system
- Himawari solar concentrator power system
- Lunar Greenhouse unfolding frame
- Lunar Greenhouse membrane

I think I'll pass on their RENDSys system (that's their software component to this)


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5) The computational fluid dynamics modelling thing is pretty neat for debugging and studying. A+++, would be interested in the source code again (well, I never did see the source code and honestly I wouldn't understand it if I did :P)


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4) Part of all this they also have a solar collector called Himawari (that's sunflower in Japanese, which makes sense), that uses fresnel lens to funnel sunlight down to the greenhouse through fiber optics. I was thinking of something similar, and I'm glad to see the idea is not totally out of line. I think some other systems like this have been built before. But, it doesn't actually look like those are hooked up to the LGH yet, since they're still using only HPS lights


3) They use what they call cable culture hydroponics, which if I'm getting this right takes in grey water and filters it through plant transpiration that then gets collected through condensation and that produces potable water. I haven't seen too many details of what "cable culture" is. Is it just a wick system?


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2) Holy scope creep Batman, there's a bunch of other things they built here, including a machine vision system in and an integrated _message board_? You folks do know there are off-the-shelf message board systems you can use right? I feel like all of these should just be independent projects.


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1) Why did they make the membrane transparent (like a typical greenhouse, although its properties are different) if it's going to be buried in regolith, doesn't that ruin measuring how light would reflect? I suppose I don't exactly know how that membrane works though.


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