Apparently, Uncle Po, our beloved master, is being attacked by a bunch of armed goons, right in the hospital. The good thing is: they won't have to go too far to get treated when Wei is done with them. This is on .

I got to spend a few days with the @junocomputers
Neptune 15, a beastly laptop shipping with pre-installed. Here are my first impressions after using it as a daily driver.

It's time for a new release of @ubuntu: 20.10, Groovy Gorilla. There are new desktop features, and new plumbing, as always, but I also have some thoughts about the Ubuntu desktop in general. Does 20.10 deserve its name, and where is Ubuntu going?

We're becoming a triad boss, and we're taking some friends with us. Only issue? Being the boss doesn't mean we don't have to do some dirty work from time to time, including fighting people with a circular saw. This is on

@kdecommunity 5.20 was released last week. It's time we take a good look at what's new, and have a discussion about KDE. Because it's really, really good.

It's time to make sure Dog Eyes gets what he deserves. Turns out a mother doesn't like it when you kill her son at his wedding, and might just want to turn you into meat. This is on .

Here are the latest Linux, , and privacy news for the first half of October 2020. This month, we have the release of KDE 5.20 and the kernel 5.9, Snaps getting automatic theming, and yet more laptops running Linux out of the box !

Every company is talking about building their ecosystem. Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, even Amazon, all designed to lock the users in. I think we need a fully open source, ecosystem for PCs, phones, tablettes and watches:

Club Bam Bam. The best karaoke place in all of Hong Kong. It's mine. And these little thugs think they can take it away from me with a few dozens of armed goons? They need to rethink their life choices. This is on .

Who wants to keep doing the main quest line, when you can definitely go around doing some small errands for people that don't bother talking to you in person? Let's do a bit of side questing in the universe, on , of course.

When you're talking about Linux, everyone is quick to point out that doesn't have Microsoft Office. There is a solution, which might just be the best choice out there for Linux, and it's called @only_office

We descend into pure madness and crime, as Wei goes deeper and deeper into the Triads, and starts punching Shaolin monks by the dozen, racing downtown, and starting huge shootouts at the Hong Kong Docks. This is on

Time to complete our exploration of Peak 15 and confront Matriarch Benezia, a strong Asari biotic surrounded with hordes of super powered commandos and robotic soldiers. Let's see how our glass cannon Shepard will handle it...

Here are your Linux, Open Source and Privacy news for the end of september 2020! This time, we've got Geforce Now running on Linux, Microsoft Edge on our platform, tons more hardware supporting , and Mozilla shutting down some more projects.

Weddings! Usually pretty stuffy events were people pretend to like other people that they invited, and force themselves to believe its the happiest day of their lives. This one will definitely be different. This is @sleepingdogs on .

If you want to help support the channel, and get some swag doing it, now's the time, as I've updated a few designs for tees, hoodies, mugs, and facemasks!
Head towards:

Welcome to peak 15, a place of science, located in the mountains of Noveria. Unfortunately, the staff seems to have been replaced by giant green insects, and the resident AI has completely lost control. Let's continue our @MassEffect playthrough on !

Definitely not a review, but I think it's time to take a deeper look at everything new on the desktop front in @elementary OS 6 :)

When we became an undercover cop working inside the Triads in Hong Kong, we never imagined that it would mean pursuing a cake van, cars full of drugs, or stealing flowers from a Shaolin temple and getting our ass kicked. This is @sleepingdogs on .

We reach Noveria, an icy planet where corporate bureaucracy is trying to prevent us from actually doing our job. Fortunately, our Shepard is adept of cutting through the red tape. With his gun and powers. This is @MassEffect on .

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