Should all FOSS projects be free of charge? Are they less secure? Should they listen to everything their users say? Let’s bust a few misconceptions and myths about open source and free software!

Ubuntu is working on a new installer, AMD is hiring engineers, Kde Plasma 5.21 is out, and turns out that favicons can be a privacy invasive feature: here is your Linux news fix!

⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ Plasma 5.21 will be released in 3 days. It brings a new look, a new application menu, and a much improved, perfected Wayland session. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Is GNOME ready to tackle the mobile form factor ? I take a look at Phosh, the mobile adaptation of GNOME shell. Let’s see how works on a phone!

Options to replace CentOS, Ubuntu takes risks in 21.04, and Google destroys Chromium. Here is your and open source news fix for the end of January!

Switching from Google Photos - time to see what our options are in 2021, whether you just want a drop-in replacement, or you’re looking for a more privacy focused alternative, there’s a solution!

Running MS OFFICE on Linux - Is it enough to justify paying for Wine? Let’s take a look at Crossover, commercial, open source software that lets you run Windows apps on .

KDE Roadmap for 2021, Nvidia now loves Wayland, and Epic Games Store on Linux - in open source form - this is your and open source news fix for the first half of the month!

How would you like getting from 5 to 10% more FPS when gaming on ? Take a look at this video:

Plenty of Linux distros offer something interesting, but I feel that ⁦‪@elementary‬⁩ has a unique vision. It’s more than a regular distro. Let’s see why.

An official Sony driver for the PS5’s Dualsense on , GNOME 40 changes things in the Activities view, and 2 projects emerge to replace CentOS! Here is your Linux, Open Source and Privacy News for the end of 2020!

WAYLAND: what is it, and is it ready for daily use? I take a look at the future of display servers, the one thing that will finally replace good old X11:

In this episode of our and news, we have the potential death of CentOS, Cyberpunk 2077 on Linux day one (sorta), and a Linux hardware seller that closes their doors...

Technology doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. Here are a few reflections on Tribalism in tech and the community.

⁦‪@elementary‬⁩ OS 6 Odin will bring very well integrated multitouch gestures thanks to Touchegg and Libhandy. Let’s see how that will work, and how to get a similar experience on any other distro!

Why isn’t the Desktop more popular? There are a few reasons, let’s take a look at the ones I think are the most important.

LIBREM 5 is finally shipping, Chromium opens up its governance, and Ubuntu Web Remix offers a Chrome OS alternative, Android apps included! This is your news fix!

I already explained why I thought needed an ecosystem to integrate multiple devices. Well, let’s see how I made my own, and how it’s still a lot harder than what proprietary alternatives offer. I guess at least, it’s private!

Going live on YouTube, on the gaming channel! We’re going to continue our Mass Effect playthrough :)

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