The first part of my Stellaris Federations playthrough is now live!
We see the humble beginnings of a beautiful Cyclops race, let's see how well they get on with everyone else!

And your , open source and privacy news for the end of March 2020 are now live!
In this one, coming to Linux, and @kdecommunity coming for your Big Screen TV!

Part 5 of my adventures with Artyom in Metro Exodus on is now live, where I try and cross a giant dark space filled with mutants, and something a little more terrifying...

Time for Patrons to vote on the next topics for April 2020!
2 vlog choices, and a new series that will begin in April, let me know what you'd prefer to see!
(Any patron can vote, no tier limit involved)

My impressions are now live, in video form :)
Pretty proud of how that one turned out! (Some might say that's because it took me ages to release the video)

Part 4 of my Metro Exodus playthrough on is now live!

We clean up a loooot of bandit camps in this one, with mixed stealth results 😁

I keep exploring the moscovite open world in part 3 of my Metro Exodus series on .
It has become clear that my character will definitely do all the work while everyone else is comfortable.

A new entry in my Switch To Linux series: here is how I'd go about picking my first distribution.
Obviously, it's opinionated, but I stand by my recommendations :)

Bored at home? Want to see what a post apocalyptic world looks like? Here is part 2 of my Metro Exodus playthrough, running on

Wanna see some @halo CE in Linux? Wanna see some pain and misery as I attempt my first legendary playthrough ?
There you go:

(Warning: swear words and profanity abounds)

MangoHUD, open source vulnérabilités on the rise, and a bunch of new releases populate the latest news:

My first gaming video in a while is now live, and we are taking on Metro Exodus running with proton!
All gaming stuff will be posted to that new channel, so don't hesitate to subscribe :)

Two days, two developers in the team moving from Windows 10 to .
Helped them install @ZorinOS (cause they liked the look and it's Ubuntu based), and now they're all set up to work!

Finally, after hours of editing and recording (screen capture on Fedora rawhide is horribly complicated), here is my video on @gnome 3.36 :)
Hope you'll like it!

Couldn't hold it anymore, I bought Halo CE on Steam. I'll probably play it on Legendary on Linux, get rekt, and record all of that for your sadistic pleasure.

All these new Linux powered devices gave me hardware list! Here are my thoughts on the steady stream of machines that keeps flowing towards us:

I have the weirdest bug in Pantheon Mail.
When I enter accented characters like "é" or "à" (using a french AZERTY keyboard), they all take a double press of the key to show up.
Same thing for apostrophes, which do some kind of backwards character selection. Super weird.

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