I've forgotten about my accont for a while, but today I uploaded 1 & for fun.

And with that, I explored:
- a Peertube-Chrome (chromium) bug on android, which made adding tags inpossible
- Firefox, there tags were working
- Sepia search, what might need time to (re)add recent videos
- Link breaking, after channel changing

Anyway, I hope

Full Metal Panic - "Tomorrow"
Haibane Renmei - "Blue Flow"
(on diode.zone)

both will be great to (re)experience.

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> #DuckChess is an exciting and absorbing new #chess variant invented in early 2016 by Dr #TimPaulden, the president of #ExeterChessClub.
> The basic principle of the #game is very simple: in addition to the usual pieces, the two players have joint control of a small rubber #duck which acts as a “blocker” (i.e. nothing can move onto or through it), and which must be moved to a new square after every turn. The goal is to successfully capture the opponent’s king.

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I tried /search and /explore, but finally got how I can view pictures there without log-in!

By the way, who knew that you can sort games from the oldest on Itch-io, simply by replacing 'newest' in the address bar?
(found out myself, at an unknown day)


Nothing serious, but I prefer Tusky on android over the mastodon-android app!

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I may revisit my account, and create a few music to it.
I kind of found less exciting to make them without using my usb-keyboard-synth...

But I still want to experience that feeling.
The afternoons, I played and edited out a few false notes.
The interesting tracks, that kept me smiling inside.
The pixel art covers, those made with my joyful movements of hand(s)

Till I have moments like these, I don't need things far away from my reach

I didn't enjoy having my parents control over when I can use a pc, and I almost bought an used laptop. Except I had not enough money, due a gift for my sister.

However I might just wait some extra years: then after work, I can have my own laptop.
Because I kind of worry about them.
Mother gets sick every once for a while; and with Father, I get into unchanging dialogue loops.
So, I'm fine with my smartphone.
Not that I made progress besides anime & games, as stress stays in like a glasshouse.

I wish that I could play the endgame for more, but time had no mercy on me.
Just returned to , and played an 5|5 blitz match!

I used to only look for screenshots of apps, but actually: the history of git commits & what lines were used can be so interesting!

The fact I only realized tonight can say, that I may abadonded 100+ maybe interesting projects.
I mean, there is an Vala-GTK chess app, stuck on its way: but started someone to be as great as other ElementaryOS applications! And I've forked it, to make an illustrated readme.

I would do a GTK4 audio editor, but that's for an other day!

RT @AEssam@twitter.com
I've been silent on WshWsha as of late. Went through a burnout phase but I'm slowly getting back into it.
4:26 PM · Apr 17, 2022

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This drawing is one of the few ones with color, I have a lot to learn before I can do color well, but if I don't try, I don't learn.

#mastoart #digitaldrawing #digitalart #anime #animeart #manga #mangaart #mangagirl #animegirl #oc

I can finally say: I really prefer Mastodon, after Tw*tt*r got its new overlord(s)!

I guess it will take for a while: but I will try, again and again.
I have some dreams: making fun games, creating useful & nice linux apps, composing music and art; at times.

I hope that this diary of mine may find its way, it the great library of world's connected computers; little to big.

Fast as the wind, the Emperor Cursor selects 3 big area, and release its hold:
To Shift and Shake the ground.

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A little marshmallow standind in the left corner. Emperor*, a king-sized mouse cursor arrives.
Peaceful, quiet scanline hills wave up and down.

Upon seeing its uninvited guest; Emperor* swears and walks up to that small, tiny white rectangle.
Then just as Marshmallow* runs past him, He radiates its vibrant powers.

Our tiny traveler swiftly dodging its dangerous, red shock-waves: to right, then left. Emperor* regenerates mana-code with The Hourglass.
Our hero tries to escape, but then...

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