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No Sleep 'Til Bedtime

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echoing what I said on Twitter: Serious Sam is a milestone in games as an art form for how deeply it embeds humor into its design, in a way very very few games ever do.

Serious Sam is true art, and I'll fight everyone who says otherwise

cars are definitely some kind of hoax. explosions that make wheels spin? big auto just doesn’t want you to realize every car is actually two bikes

Frasier the Eurasier watches attentively as Sunny receives her evening walk

are there any smol local vid game shops in seattle/redmond that stock new switch releases? I know there's a bunch of retro and import shops like pink gorilla and the like, but they don't necessarily get new stuff. basically like, curious if it's tenable to obtain current games from not-giants, e.g. amazon/gamestop/bestbuy/target

and then I got the Rubberbandits' Horse Outside stuck in my head again, fucksake

can't believe that and don't just redirect to each other

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Ys 2: Now 100% more furry!

(also, Edge Doom review joke goes here)

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The Akira movie was released in Japan 30 years ago today.

I drove five hours, to a tiny art theatre in Spokane, Washington, to see this when it came out.

Customs in Canada was unimpressed with my story when I returned home. "You drove to Spokane."


"To see a movie."


"... Get out of the car."


For my money, the manga was much better, but the movie was impressive as fuck.

I was cleaning out links I had kept for amusement/specific purposes and I forgot I had favorited the Silent Hill Wiki Circumcision meltdown that is sadly lost to time thanks to Storify's shutdown.

Please tell me someone saved it :(

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