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echoing what I said on Twitter: Serious Sam is a milestone in games as an art form for how deeply it embeds humor into its design, in a way very very few games ever do.

Serious Sam is true art, and I'll fight everyone who says otherwise

Burnout Paradise is a fantastic game and there are so many small pieces of absolutely brilliant game design in there it's absurd

Anyway go get burnout paradise it doesn't matter much if you get the original or remastered version, both are the same game and is just, perfection in video game form. There's very little bad stuff I have to say about it

You thought shoebills were fake as hell, wait until you see the Sri Lanka frogmouth!!!

tfw even double the original prescription doesn't last as long as it takes to get a repeat filled because no pharmacy in 20 miles actually stocks the stuff

I see Bioware's writers learned about quantum entanglement not long before Mass Effect 3

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log vorbis, the audio format specifically designed for Twin Peaks

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