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echoing what I said on Twitter: Serious Sam is a milestone in games as an art form for how deeply it embeds humor into its design, in a way very very few games ever do.

Serious Sam is true art, and I'll fight everyone who says otherwise

Oh shit oh fuck I just realised this has this been done before 


Getting way too invested in literal children's TV 

The Löwenzahn web editorial team insist that Fritz and Yasemin are "just friends" but honestly the show's writers and directors are shipping them like no tomorrow

Straight up an episode here with a Jealousy Shot of Fritz as Yasemin dances with an actual dance teacher, with them dancing in the front out of focus and him just staring daggers in focus in the background

I'll admit I don't quite get the point of Spaceteam VR

like the entire reason Spaceteam was so good is because you just sat down with some mates with your phones and started yelling nonsense at each other

binding it to VR seems kind of missing the point (though admittedly I also have no idea how Spaceteam VR differs from the original in concept)

it's called The Atlantic because it can get in the sea

. @bentosmile just now: "Luigi's Mansion is basically Fatal Frame for kids"

broke: "yer da" as in not really malicious or hateful BUT casually *phobic because he just doesn't know any better

woke: "yer da" as in will support you and encourage you to the best of his ability BUT you have to listen to awful jokes all the time in exchange

like imagine being a scifi author who started when computers were barely a thing and staying alive long enough to see the internet and smartphone eras

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I went on a bit of a retro scifi novel binge a while ago and it's fantastic that Harry Harrison, who died as recently as 2012, was doing this for so long that he wrote novels in which he imagined that far-future human military bases on alien planets would be transferring computerised battle plans between units by sending a courier running across the base with an ammo box full of punchcards

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I like computers but I prefer mostly their first couple of programs

watching Solo and I think the most impressive thing about this film is Alden Ehrenreich's Young Harrison Ford mannerisms, which are *perfect*

Only this last week did my brain click the connection between scifi staple Tau Ceti and the constellation Cetus

I'm watching Pixar shorts and I had entirely forgotten about Piper and I might actually die

following up on Keks the dog in the Löwenzahn spinoff being voiced by sweary grouchy radio host Oliver Kalkofe I just remembered that DIe Sendung mit der Maus's popular Käpt'n Blaubär segment is based on work by Walter Moers, whose other best-known work is ADOLF and Das Kleine Arschloch, "The Little Asshole" [nazi joke in images]

also a little surprised that Crossy Road has parental controls but Pacman disnae

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