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Florian, Space Botherer @theoutrider@mastodon.social

turns out all it took for the entire cryptocurrency market to implode was for the actual corporates (rather than people looking to fleece VCs) to try and get in on it, eh

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FUCK EDF5 is already out??? has there been any mention of a Western release

"I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling executives"

*banging fists on table*

I could have probably cycled to Liverpool and picked the thing up myself in the time DPD are taking to get it from there to Cambridge mastodon.social/media/Ym8yqy7r

Giggling away to myself remembering the Mumsnet penis beaker and all is well.

a reminder that one of the voice search suggestions on the Xbox 360 dashboard is literally "Xbox, Bing Zune"

Google: okay Google,
Apple: hey Siri,
Amazon: Alexa,
Win10: Cortana,
Kinect: Xbox, Bing
DuckDuckGo: QUACK

The Ultimate Collection Of Windsock Software

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code wookiee mode ACTIVE *sits at desk, makes noises at monitor*

either Squish or TeamCity are doing horrible things to Python's path module here and I'm not sure which one