@joacim Har du blockerat delar av internet till din site? Min RSS-läsare har inte kunna komma åt flödet på länge. 😑

@tootapp can’t find the federated or local timeline any more. Have you/me hide it with some setting?

Anyone has a good idea on how to setup a local pkg repo for FreeBSD 12.1?

@tootapp I really like you! 😊 What do you think of decreasing the distance the finger have to travel when doing a pull-to-refresh? Feels like Toot! requires almost half the screen compared to other apps with the same feature. 🙏

It worked for the 🇬🇧 against malaria so it will probably work for a 🇸🇪 against covid-19!

@joacim Gäller att klä sig professionellt när båten ska bottenmålas!

Just replaced a SSID that have been my home for the last 10+ years - hello new fancy SSID

A few clients to reconfigure and probably a bunch of annoyed guests 😋

@joacim en tråkig bieffekt med att inte federera din Matrix-instans är att folk (som jag) som sitter på en annan instans inte kan vara med utan att mecka med att köra browser-varianten.

@bjoreman re: senaste @bjoremanmelin

Har använt denna som inköpslista i många år tillsammans med fru. ourgroceries.com

Ser inte mycket ut för världen men fungerar väldigt bra.

Eating gingerbread cookies while coding on my MacBook Pro with a newly replaced keyboard - living on the edge!

When browser vendors build protections against your “service”, it might be time to consider your life choices.

@tootapp is it not possible the change album when tooting a picture from the library?

Just tested a new thing:

Dropped my phone in to the ocean.. 📱🌊

Judging from this toot it works just fine but I guess time will tell..

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