Just deleted a Firebase component from the day job app because it was causing memory corruption, in case you were wondering how it was going with the Google SDK dependencies.

Again: Google's SDKs and libraries are by quite some margin the absolute worst I've ever worked with on iOS. Just utter dogshit quality, with extremely little interest from Google to ever fix anything.

Just avoid Google dependencies when at all possible.


Hernö i glaset och datorn i knät - kanske kan jag överleva Lets Dance…

Okey bil-mastodon! Jag behöver hjälp. Vad är det för verktyg jag förväntas använda för att barnsäkra bakdörren på en Volvo V50? Enligt instruktionsboken ska nyckeln användas men den passar inte i hålet som saknar gäng/spår.

RT @Sun_Ultra10
Just remember, if you think your server room is a mess, or seems unkept, it can't nearly be as bad as wherever the hell this is

Found this old gem in a drawer. Almost as new after some polishing 👍

Cookies don't contain many vitamins. That's why you need to eat a lot of them 🍪

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