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Today I got to use the words "the inevitable milkshake ducking of racism dog"

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Bought a new notebook. This one's book 50. It's like double the size of the previous one

Instead of asking why we're "putting diversity into everything" people need to be asking why we took it out in the first place

I think that while it's probably true that no-one can be 100% un-problematic, people often use that as an excuse for not even trying

Can't wait to double-check everything I RT to make sure it hasn't been edited to contain racism

unless it works similar to this place's "delete and redraft" I just don't know how it could cause anything but mass confusion

Twitter is getting an edit button, all but confirmed. Gonna start accommodating myself to this place more

Been listening to the old spyro the dragon soundtracks and- they're like, way jazzier than I ever noticed as a kid. Weird time signatures and everything

Pleased to see the Steam VR performance test is bigger than the hard drive on my entire first computer

Love how when you search "vive" on the steam store, it doesn't even think to show you the vive. Just vive-themed add ons for games

I'm actually glad kingdom hearts turned into an insane, unscalable mess instead of fading into obscurity after one game. Feels like closure

E3 is less "christmas for gamers" more "eurovision for gamers"

...The Square Enix press conference was somewhat... Errr... Underwhelming. KHIII's supposed to come out in january. But we've seen barely anything. Where is the rest of it?