Tomorrow they'd better release a press shot of movie sonic's face so we can get this over with

jack: "taking a vow of silence in myanmar for 10 days lead me to the realisation that twitter would be better without the like button, or the reply button. You are just alone with yourself. I think, being alone with yourself, is what twitter was originally all about"

The Jered Threatin Fan Club faved my Threatin joke tweet which I think means they want me to be the Jered Threatin fan club's Second ever member

Been drawing over bits of milton keynes to make cut-out-looking backgrounds for this thing

the eternal twitter problem where you're begging people "no! Fave MY joke, not the guy who explained my joke back to me!"

Thinking of making a game set in Milton Keynes "City Of The Future"

Millenials apparently have a "gland" that tells them when they "need the bathroom"

Legacy Of Realms I: Realms Of Darkfyre is going OFF

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Had this weird-ass dream that they were making a live action pokemon movie, and the pokemon were CGI, and... Weirdest of all, it was film noir. Also Toy Story 4 was about a fcuking FORK

ok what I like about detective pikachu is it's not hard-core'd up. They don't say fuck, it's not the happytime murders, it feels like it doesn't take itself too seriously, it's set in the pokemon universe rather than our universe, it's doing everything right for this kind of story

production artwork for my newest game. actually maybe forget the game

If you're american you should vote. forget about all the complex shit for a day and just do it

If you still want some halloween FUN, even though it's over, I have a game for you I released a couple days ago

watching have I got news for you is only marginally different to watching question time

my OCD manifests in a way not that I'm super organised (I'm really not), but more in the way that I just have to arbritrarily fulfil seemingly random criteria, seemingly random times

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