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Kate Barrett @thewaether@mastodon.social

tide over my bored mind with some GDC announcement. put kingdom hearts on PC. Do something

I guess I should follow the old mantra of "don't feed the trolls" but sometimes I can't resist. I hate letting them think they've had the final say

Most trolls are only one step away from hating you to trying to flirt with you. Its a truly disgusting display

"this band sold out when they started being happy. Why can't they sound like depressed teenagers anymore" etc

reading comments under any metal music video reveals that most metalheads just hate fun

I'm way madder today. Somehow I've managed to avoid seeing posts from the internet's worst for a while but today I waded into a comment thread full of them and got rudely woken up

That would've gone on twitter but I hit my cap on political tweets and it didn't really fit in with anything else I was saying

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I'm looking around the scilly isles on google earth and like... All I'd heard about them was that they were typically miserable, rainy, dumps of islands

But like... It looks really hot. There's palm trees here. What the fuck


old sketches from my old notebooks

actually wait, it's the future, isn't it? I could collect them all on a tumblr. Maybe someone already has

There could be a whole chapter dedicated to posts by guys who think "soy boys" are a thing, and a whole chapter dedicated to those posts about how your vagina gets looser the more sex you have

There's enough internet posts by absurd men giving health advice that makes zero sense to fill a coffee table book

s/o to whichever of these tabs is currently installing spyware, slowing my computer down

What's a song that just builds and builds without losing momentum/ slowing down?

just had an argument with my brother over whether or not classic ITV gameshow "bullseye" was played with a crossbow