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Anybody who enjoyed reading should check out this incredible work of : Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

Imagine combining all 7 books into an alternate scenario where boy-genius Harry is brought up by a Nobel prize winning scientist, applying the scientific method to discover the laws of magic, rule magical Britain, and defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort simultaneously, in impossible scenarios solving problems using the power of !


Domino's pizza in , now takes orders via AI Chatbot.

Not too clever just yet.

At the risk of being utterly predictable, I modelled my computer mouse in 3D. This completes the set of computer objects (keyboard + monitor) on my desk (the tower is under the desk).

When this is over I will release the models under CC-BY for free online.

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Fondly remembering a time someone created PonziCoin, stated it was a Ponzi scheme, and people still bought into it and in such alarming numbers the developer freaked and pulled the plug

Hey @Gargron I've been posting some GIF turntables on my feed and noticing that the loop is clipped so that it isn't a smooth 360 rotation. Is this a bug?

No computer monitor is complete without a keyboard, so I modelled my Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless keyboard. Again, no textures, and you can see a turntable GIF of it.

If you want to buy a mechanical keyboard I highly recommend this one :)

I modelled a computer monitor today. No textures. Click it to see an animated turntable GIF.

It'll probably be a good asset for various viz.

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Amazing animated infographic about climate change temperatures by country. Short 30 second video if you click the link below.

Yes, we should be worried.


If you ever wanted to know the full library of prerecorded train station announcements in Sydney, , here it is.

It's time to pick up woodworking again. Unfortunately I don't have any tools. But everybody has to start somewhere, so here's a rack thing I built for the bathroom with a handsaw, some glue, and a chisel.

Next up, maybe I should build a table so I don't need to work hunched over the floor like a caveman.

In , by default you are not an organ donor. If you live in Australia, take a moment to consider your options and update your settings. It's as simple as logging into Medicare online and pressing a button.

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The oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has started to break up, opening waters north of Greenland that are normally frozen, even in summer.


Been learning a bit more about colour calibration recently, and stumbled across the Munsell standard for french fry colours and their condiments.

Mmmmm. Gotta get myself a pack of these, flick 'em out casually at a diner and judge the ketchup, just because I can.

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#China releases "recommended" guideline standards relating to #infosec and #networking setups for businesses wishing to operate within its borders. One facet of this makes it more difficult for US companies to enter the market fueling the #trade #war. These standards also signify China's determination to close the gap between US and Chinese cyber capabilities by establishing strong norms.

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If you've used Vimperator before on , you might be interested in Tridactyl! For those who are unfamiliar, it adds key bindings to interact with Firefox Quantum so you never need to reach for your mouse. Things like j/k to scroll down/up, gg/G to jump to top/bottom, and so on.

As the APIs in FF Quantum have changed, the old Vimperator / Pentadactyl are no longer compatible.


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