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2017 wins the award for second hottest year since we started measuring in 1850. 6 scientific groups dedicated to measuring all measure the same result.

Here's the first model I am releasing for free online under CC-BY-SA using the RFHS proposal! It's the book "Rendering with Radiance" by Greg Ward and Rob Shakespeare, as without them, this wouldn't happen.

Don't mind the dodgy preview picture - it's just to give a rough idea of the geometry and texture. It has calibrated materials, so it should match reality when placed in a real simulation.

For those that care about physically validated rendering, I've created a proposal for a Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for Radiance to use when sharing assets.

currently isn't commonly used in this way at all, but I will soon be releasing an library of assets which will hopefully be the start of something new :)

It takes 69,000m2 of developed land to support one person in . Put another way, each person needs nearly 10 FIFA football fields to support them.

Let's learn more about ecological footprint here:

This is the Nepean dam, one of the dams that help siders drink clean every day.

Did you know there's an equivalent to Google Street View? It's called , mapping the world's roads with dashcam images, and uses machine learning & computer vision to improve . It's easy to get started, so check it out and contribute today! All you need is a phone, a car, and a mount.

Recently, Telenav has partnered with Waylens to create customised cams to contribute with. This box just arrived over the weekend :) Happy mapping!

I've written an article about how to parse files using and Python. It shows some code examples on how to access things like attribute data, IFC types, property sets, quantities, and geometry.

If you use and are an architect, or work in the architecture / engineering / construction industry, please promote the use of IFC as an open-data format!

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Have you considered contributing to ? It's like Wikipedia but for maps - a map that everybody can edit! Today, the NSW Address Import project added thousands of addresses for West Pennant Hills, Warrawee, and West Pymble.

If you know those areas, check it out and start mapping!

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I have been working on my bird , and I’ve made progress with the BPA! I currently have a working prototype that is able to accurately transcribe simple bird sounds!

The basic formula is: ascii letters for loudness with diacritics for colour, then tone letters for pitch. IPA letters and modifiers can also be used according to their standard function.

Here is an example, using the Least Sandpiper: z̈q̆˧d́͜˩fː˧ z̈q̆˧d́͜˩f́ː˧ z̈ŭ˧d́͜˩fː˧ z̈ŭ˧ć˩m˨p˧˧˩

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I've re-released free scores for . Here are all the major and minor (harmonic and melodic) scales in both A4 and letter paper, typeset in (it's for music!) released as CC-BY-SA.

Everybody deserves to be able to learn music. I've used this as a piano teacher and it's structured in a way for students to see patterns and learn scales in groups.

No copyright notices are on the document.

I am working on implementing support in ! Here is a demo for IFC4Add2 product and attribute support:

If you are an architect and can code, please join me improving !

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Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

@ChangelingRandy Please add me to 3D Virtual & Augmented Reality, Architecture, Environmentalists, Ethics, FLOSS, Free Software, Linux, Music, Vim.

Dear . I work as an and design buildings that harm the planet. I am looking for a practicing who can teach me building energy modelling using tools. I have a background in software dev, run and am willing to learn down to the details.

I do not have a background in heat transfer or thermodynamics, which is why I am asking for a tutor.

I promise to use this to design better buildings.

Please help retoot this so I can find someone.

Is receiving a 503 error for anybody else?

I wrote a quick example of how to embed a Peertube video using an iframe on your own website!

When I worked this out previously it wasn't so obvious on the interface. Nowadays I notice there is a "share" button which gives you the iframe code.

Eh, whatever.

I work in . This week, I helped redesign a structure so that it wouldn't cut the roots of an old Fig tree. I shuffled around some block walls to minimise the amount of construction waste of cut block. I also worked to reuse existing steel on-site instead of creating waste.

It's small, but small things add up. If you do something you feel proud of at work, please share it.

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i changed my system locale from en_US to en_GB and now it's acting weird. please help
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