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Saw this reaction to #Google marketing running #Linux apps on #ChromeOS:

"So it does everything that Linux does, but you can also send all your personal data automatically to google.

Wow, what a value proposition!"


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I think governments should run a publicly owned non-profit email service. It’s weird that you need an email address to do all sorts of governmental things like pay your taxes and so on, but the only providers are foreign commercial companies and they usually run on a business model of data-mining and advertising. And email is used for all sorts of important authentication. Why are we not worried about this?

I read an article today how there is a race between governments to see who can work out how to turn AI into the most deadly weapon first.

There are actually people in the world who think that more advanced ways to kill each other is not a worthwhile goal.

Maybe governments should be run by those people instead.

Just sayin.

Dear , , , and geeks. If I create a program in shell that calls a program foo that is licensed under the GPL, do I need to release the source of my shell script too under a GPL compatible license and include the attribution to foo, foo license text? This is assuming I distribute the shell program, but users are expected to install and resolve the foo dependency themselves.

Also, what if I then distribute both the shell script and foo binary?

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Here's a dystopian vision of the future: A real announcement I recorded on the Beijing-Shanghai bullet train. (I've subtitled it so you can watch in silence.)

I’d like to introduce Panblog, a brand new blog system written for those who think the web got a little bit out of hand. Here’s the introduction from the README.md file:

Panblog is a minimalist blog system. You write articles in Markdown with metadata in YAML, and Pandoc converts your articles to HTML. The entire system of Panblog is a 72 line Makefile and 14 line lua filter, excluding HTML and Atom feed templates.

Read the full article here!


Today's 3D plant recreation is Chlorophytum comosum, also known as the spider plant. You've probably seen it before with a light green-white stripe in the middle. This colour change in the leaf is called "variegation", and is a rare phenomenon to occur in nature.

Another day, another plant. Here's Tradescantia Pallida. Also known as Purple Heart or Wandering Jew. It has a great purple coloured leaf and herbaceous stem, and is exceptionally effective at improving indoor air quality by filtering out VOCs.

Not to be confused with another Tradescantia fluminensis, which looks the same except it's green, not purple, and is an invasive weed in Australia.

As always, all of these assets will be made open-source when complete.

Doing some virtual plant render experiments while creating some plant assets.

Today's render is Nephrolepis exaltata, commonly known as the sword, boston, or fishbone fern.

Or maybe it's a Nephrolepis cordifolia, a horrible invasive weed in Australia.

It's apparently really hard to tell the difference.

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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.


Doing some 3D reconstruction of bushes using photogrammetry. Reconstructing thin, moving, ambiguous features such as leaves is not easy at all!

A few years ago, some friends and I started MedFilm. MedFilm is a repository of animations to describe medical conditions and surgical procedures.

It is often stressful for patients undergoing surgery. These animations explain what's going on in a clear manner, translated into local languages, that they can watch at home and share with concerned relatives and friends.

Read my intro to it here:


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Walmart filed a patent to use biometric shopping handles to track customers' heart rates, temperatures, and stress levels.

Nothing to worry about at all.

Little life tip from an architect: if you're buying an apartment unit, check how close it is to the hydraulic cupboard in the public corridor. It may impact how long you need to wait before hot water enters your taps and shower.

A poor design means leaving taps on and wasting water for a minute or more.

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PSA: If you're a #maker, please, if you can, design your stuff in the #openstructures grid! Modularity makes things so so much more sustainable, by making them easy to repair, customize, repurpose, and reuse - but the benefits only come with widespread adoption


Please boost this if you support sustainable inventing!

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new, completely 🔆solar-powered🔆 website for Low-Tech Magazine!!


"How to Build a Low-tech Website?"

"Our new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content."


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Well, here's my Mastodon timeline, inside Emacs, on a DEC VT420.

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