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2017 wins the award for second hottest year since we started measuring in 1850. 6 scientific groups dedicated to measuring all measure the same result.

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@thinkMoult What I find amazing about that graphic is how lightly Europe seems to be treading, considering they're definitely first-world western countries.

If you are taking part in the - you may be interested in this article I wrote on living a net-positive life.

Globally, we overdraw the Earth’s resources, with humans consuming the equivalent to 1.7 Earths biocapacity.

My article investigates how far we can offset our negative environmental impacts through financial means (ideally, in addition to behavioural change). For 20 dollars a month, you can be -positive carbon.

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Good morning Fediverse! My solidarity is going out to all people who cannot participate in today's #climatestrike. People who are physically or mentally unable to participate, people who are bound by (paid or unpaid) care work, people who are unable to travel to the next strike location, and all others. Being able to attend a strike is a privilege, and nobody should be shamed for not having it.

Fun fact of the day! OpenBIM supports the ability to record qualitative design objectives within your models, such as code compliance, health and safety considerations, or intentions.

This is vitally important to ensure that design intent does not get lost through the design and construction process.

Guess which OpenBIM and program can do this? Blender!

Stop . Stop .

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Don't just read the link and go "I can't strike," there's also coordinated protests and other ways to get involved.

As the website says, "[o]ur house is on fire - let's act like it."

(Boost this or a better call to action, or write your own, please.)

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Have you ever seen anyone with a connection to Microsoft use the term #FOSS rather than OSS, or open source software? They've been remarkably successful in killing the "freedom" aspect of FOSS, which, in my opinion, is the most crucial aspect by far. Saddens me that many people fail to notice this.

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@thinkMoult Wow! It's awesome feature. In Blender it is much easier to create complex elements, like LOD 400. Can't wait for release.

More features on with

Create object aggregations, object types, use modifiers and arrays, and use Blender 2.8's collections features to quickly create beautiful building designs right in real-time rendered view.

If you ever needed that push to stop using and and move to something else. This is it.

Did I mention how AWESOME it is to create files with ?

The brand new Blender exporter is now available as super experimental code as part of IfcOpenShell, check it out here:

You no longer need to export to to produce files. Do it directly in Blender! There's also an importer ;)

For those who have to deal with VBA code in Excel, I just realised that it is impossible to turn on line numbers in the Excel IDE.


Here are some hilarious workarounds:

Has anyone managed to convince their workplace to go LibreOffice + their scripting language flavour?

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Issue report: "Hi I'm running this on $distro and the regexp is breaking on this variable. What's it supposed to do here?"

Reply: "It'd be faster for you to just learn Vagrant and install the container."

This is on today, ladies & gents.

Oh and FYI has integration but I don't know how up to date it is.

Have you ever seen running before? It's an platform.

Does some cool things like keeping revisions, automatic model checking, IFC QA analysis, and has various APIs.

With some maturity, it could be a strong competitor to things like Aconex, BIM360, and iTwoCX.

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My gf's learning html. Nobody told her that vim's a strange tool for genius programmers, so I just told her it was a normal tool, showed her insert and escape, then let her get on with it.

Half an hour later, I showed her another vim command.

Someone with almost zero education, who can't type properly, is programming in vim because nobody told her it was difficult. I know people who can program in Haskell who aren't sure if they can do vim.

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Review of why open source is about more than licenses... and why the world needs *Free Software* principles more than ever. And his commentary on the dominant IT corporations is spot on. Thank Frank!

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@rzr Oh dear Thor do I hate Vimeo and other websites that require for simple functions like playing a video. That's why has its media objects, isn't it? (I should know: I contributed to the spec on those objects.)

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