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You know what is incredible? With you can download the entire map of Beijing in just 15MB and the entire map of the province of Hebei in 25MB. You don't need a SIM card or mobile data as GPS can be tracked in the app.

Also amazing is that it integrates with and Wikivoyage to give you geolocated articles and travel advice.

Hey @Tusky is there an option to use a SOCKS5 proxy in the app? Mastodon is blocked in China and that option would help heaps.

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@thinkMoult wait what?! mastodon is blocked in china? you mean mastodon.social? have you tried other instances? I wonder how that works though federation. @Gargron any thoughts on this?

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So, hi. Yes, I am one of the #diaspora* core devs, but no, we don't hate Mastodon over there. In fact, I think that comparing micro-blogging like Mastodon to something like diaspora* is a bit... weird.

Anyway, just here to fill some of the micro-blogging needs twitter failed to deliver.

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@thinkMoult I use Ubuntu Touch. Had it from when Caniconal still supported it. Now I run the UBPort version. My use cases are rather basic stuff like alarm clock, agenda, SMS, phonecalls, internet, games. I find it fullfills my needs.
Recently my satnav broke down, so I'd also like to use my phone as a satnav. A quick search gives me a couple of apps, but I should still try them out a bit.
If you'd like to see what apps are available you can also check it out online at open.uappexplorer.com/

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Anyone have a phone they want to sell me that supports full rooting and preferably (@Ubports)? Am ok with broken screens/dead batteries/scratches/almost-broken-ness

I haven't posted in a while, but that's because I found out the hard way that Mastodon is blocked in China!

Also turns out that using Tor is not so straightforward in China.

Stay tuned, because I have been taking plenty of pictures of Chinglish examples.

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Automatic bag drops at Sydney airport. Nice. Can't argue overweight baggage with a machine!

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"Browsh", a "Modern text based browser" that uses Firefox to render HTML/CSS/JS, then displays pages as well as possible in a terminal session.
#textBased #accessibility #hacks

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Browser: knock knock

Server: who's there?

Browser: Mozilla

Server: Mozilla who?

Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.87 Safari/537.36

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@wakest @Gargron @pfefferle @fitheach I had a look at the spec... seems not that hard to implement... perhaps the chances is not that low ;) github.com/pfefferle/wordpress

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What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?

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I think #mastodon growing so quickly may have held back the #fediverse. It's considered a de facto reference implementation for #activitypub, but it's a limited implementation. It doesn't support most Actor and Object types, it's client and server are tightly coupled, and it was designed specifically for microblogging. ActivityPub was an afterthought for it and it doesn't use it anywhere near its full potential.

Now every new AP project is following suit, developing a client/sever combination specifically to handle a single Object type, any enabling federation support on a project by project basis. We need a full AP server that's not tied to a specific client. It should support AP C2S API so a user can login to any client using oauth and handle different types. A user could use one client to create events, one to manage photos, and another to write notes or articles, and they'd all be tied to the same account.

Hopefully, people will get past thinking of Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed, etc and just think of the ActivityPub network. I don't think the fediverse will continue to grow without this change in philosophy.
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actually, plugging a "bad" small amp/speaker on a #Raspi 1 on battery reveals entertaining... even technically usefull
It kind of speaks like R2D2 with all the interferencies it makes on the native audio port (and bad earth connection) ...
you can actually follow it's innerworking by the ears, readings the sdcards, or downloading stuff, calculating, ... like an audio prompt or progress-bar

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Chats that are better than Facebook messenger:

+ Riot
+ Literally everything else.

Don't know how many architects are in the fediverse but I'm going to reshare the amazing work on and done by @yorik.

Check this out: native IFC property editor, and see that checkbox? Export parametric IFC!