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2017 wins the award for second hottest year since we started measuring in 1850. 6 scientific groups dedicated to measuring all measure the same result.

Any experienced players want to help guide my character to the Amulet of Yendor on the Hardfought server?

My article on photorealistic light simulation with Radiance has been featured on !

It describes workflows using on how to do scientifically accurate renders. It also includes the world's first model repository for photometrically accurate model assets.

This thing is called a choko.

Or chayote if you're south american.

Supposedly I can plant it like this and it's a vine.

Excellent reading on compromises between and the modern . It describes the fundamental technological decisions that turned the web from a document retrieval system into a ad-riddled, surveillance-funded, weaponized client-side application platform.

If you're a web developer, test it on Lynx!

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We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users.

AI and digital forgery presents a completely different world where trust has a whole new meaning.

This article presents two very compelling strategies to know the truth: greater adoption of crypto, and fighting AI with AI.

If you're reconstructing a mesh from a point cloud, there's generally only a few algorithms you can choose from. A few years ago, I discovered that using metaballs actually results in a good reconstruction too! Here's a short article describing the technique.

You can try it for yourself too with - it works out of the box!

I've attached a picture of the Stanford bunny - left with metaballs, right with zipper. Notice the level of detail!

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Mozilla's Notes taking 80MBs of internal storage on Android. To sync notes.

I'm releasing a free, model of a patch of crabgrass! It's basically grass with runners that make it look like a crab.

Having multiple grass species in your model repository is vital to creating realistic looking grassy fields. This grassy patch is special, because it's been defined using photometrically accurate material definitions.

Design Futures Council in have just held a small conference on open source architecture.

It is clear that people in AEC are frustrated with interoperability, proprietary monopolies, closed data, and unnecessary rework.

Push . Push . Push . Push . Push . Push . Push . Push . Push .

We can change this.

Today, I'd like to present over 6 months of work on a hobby project: a proof of concept of photorealistic with .

My article above describes this technique which is not yet marketed in the industry. More honest design, less make believe.

All work is , from the code that describes the simulation to the free you can download.

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It used to be a standard practice of agencies I worked for that you would disable css and check a layout. If it didn't make sense then you had failed.
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HTML is by design accessible and yet so few websites are so by design.
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@alcinnz I see people being attracted way less by *information* itself but actually by *interactivity* surrounding this. In my environment in example, writing weblogs or websites never "got off" the way Twitter or Facebook did, later - because in the days of weblogs or (semi-)static web sites, communication and interaction was somewhat clumsy and difficult and mostly limited to using web forms (slow) or e-mail (slow and considered way too "formal" for random exchange of thoughts).

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Great news! My brand new Gopher site has been added on Floodgap's list of "New Gopher servers since 1999"! You can check it out here:


... or if you want to check out my brand new gopher site directly:


So I've just created a new ebuild to install on ! It's available on the Gentoo bugtracker if anybody is interested in trying out their own gopher server. There is also sgopherd, which is very charming and lightweight too.

Go and create your own server now!

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Plants can also help filter the air in your home. In 1989, the NASA Clear Air Study examined several plants for their ability to remove airborne contaminants.

Among the most effective are ivy (Hedera helix), peace lily (Spathiphyllum sp.), snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) and Chrysanthemum morifolium.

Possibly one of the best is bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii), which is also non-toxic to pets.

This page has more info:

So it is possible, but very annoying to browse and be product on Github with elinks :) Gitlab is marginally better. The best, by far, is gitweb.

Speaking as someone who did full-stack web development ... web developers nowadays have forgotten the meaning of HTML and the HTTP request - response cycle.

Anybody else here familiar with Extinction Rebellion? Any plans for something happening in Australia apart from Melbourne?

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