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On this week's episode of Amagi, Nima discusses the economic mechanisms behind what Carroll Quigley refers to as "The Instrument Of Expansion", namely inventiveness, saving & investment.

Check out episode 30 of Shitlord Preachers on the Think Liberty Podcast Network, with special guest, Killian Hobbs.

We at Think Liberty are proud to announce our merger with Being Libertarian! We’re excited to start our partnership with one of the most respected brands in the liberty movement. We’re going to be quiet for a few days as we make this transition, but be sure to follow us on all of our social media feeds as we continue to deliver you all of your favorite content!

The great libertarian debate, Anarcho-Capitalism vs. Minarchism. We're joined this week by the infamous Kyle Wagner. TJ Eckart from Being Libertarian also joins us for a spirited episode.

This week's episode of Amagi is up! Look for the Think Liberty Network wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Let’s dig into these “Bad Arguments” and learn how to address common rhetoric and positions effectively.

Am I the only one who thinks NPC memes are stupid?

LISTEN: Our newest podcast to join the Think Liberty Podcast Network, Shitlord Preachers! Listen to the first episode here and be sure to subscribe!

Advocating that everyone jumps off Twitter and Facebook ignores a key reason that most people are on Twitter and Facebook: Everyone else is on Twitter and Facebook.

Saudi Arabia has denied that they have any involvement with Khashoggi’s disappearance, and have said that he left the consulate the same day, though there is no surveillance footage of him leaving.

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