I was gonna start by just taking a break, but now I have three social media tabs open and I've [communicated] more than I did last week, I think.

I'm thinking about quitting twitter and I made @thiskurt , because if I'm actually gonna be on here instead of there might as well go on an instance people I know are using.

I want to watch a happy Scandinavian movie. Any suggestions?

It's important to be critical of hippos, because they can do absolutely no wrong whatsoever.

The revelation that 'light' beer doesn't mean low alcohol beer, but low calorie beer is still horrifying.

This out of nowhere fidget spinner thing makes me think that it's true that the world was only created today and our memories with it.

I swear these shoes didn't have tiny daggers on the inside of the heel in the shop. Fuck me.

This is ridiculous and doesn't really fit anywhere. (Dr. Bones isn't even a real character.) So I'll just leave this here. mastodon.social/media/2O73-ebT

Can you believe these flat earther-ers? Those crazy people who believe people thought the earth was flat before Columbus arrived in America.

Technically Mexico will have payed for the wall when the US sells the south west to get out of debt.

Not everyone who's famous for nothing is talentless, take the cast of Seinfeld for example.

I made a little lexical aid for our non french speaking friends here on Mastodon:

Hooker -> Putain
Oh! -> Putainย !
Oh cool! -> Putainย !
Oh shit! -> Putainย !
Oh no! -> Putainย !
Noooo! -> Putainย !
Fuck! -> Putainย !
Crap! -> Putainย !
Great! -> Putainย !
Holy shit! -> Putainย !
Oh God! -> Putainย !
Fucking awsome! -> Putainย !
You fucking cunt -> Putain de connard
Seriously? -> Putainย !?
Congratulations -> Putainย !
I have no words -> Putain.
I'm speechless -> Putain.
Unbelievable! -> Putain.

Time for tea and watching someone play Euro Truck Simulator.

I saw a guy who I thought for a split second looked like Stan Lee. So I think exciting things are about to happen in my life.

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