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New here? Remember that Twitter is optimized to make you into passive consumers, by en(r/g)aging you with content that you don't choose yourself.

Here, that doesn't happen. But it also means you're responsible to find people to follow.

It will take some work.

If you're willing to put that in, you'll find a wide variety of friendly people that will be happy to have meaningful conversions and laugh and cry together with you.

Start by searching and looking at who other people follow.

Countless small businesses have specials today! Buy from them, not from Amazon.

With all the talk of tiny websites, let me present a 9.9 KB secret santa gift exchange I wrote for back in 2016.

Also works with JavaScript disabled.

wah-wah my pets got threatened

THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE died you waste of space

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It's amazing how the letter from the GSA bitch to Biden is literally all about herself.

No mention of a national crisis and the need to act in the best interest of the people.

Narcissists all the way down.

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