Another machine saved from battery death (the real-time clock/BIOS batteries are often leaky and the resulting corrosion can destroy the traces of a motherboard and nearby components).

Ideally the soldered-on battery is relaced with a solution that allows easy battery replacement, so it can be put in storage easily. Not sure yet what I’ll do here as there’s limited space in this Commodore PC-10C.

@thomasfuchs How do you clean a motherboard and make sure it’s in tip-top shape? Glad you asked!

Same as with humans, liberal use of alcohol.

@thomasfuchs @thomasfuchs what i’m hearing is that you clean motherboards and vapes in the exact same way

@thomasfuchs oooph, I have two Mac SEs that I’ve been told I should pull the batteries on. Except I totally don’t trust myself doing that (let alone know what I’m doing, as they’re soldered in and those macs need a special tool to open them).

@bowers You can just use a cutter like the one in the picture, you don't need to desolder. Just use the cutter, and then clean everything with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

A tool to open can be bought cheap on eBay. :)

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