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You can hide everything from us. ‪

We don’t hide anything from you. ‪‬ ‪

That’s a healthy service–user relationship.

We are hiring! Und zwar suchen wir neben erfahrenen Entwicklern auch kreative Köpfe für unser Marketing-Team sowie einen Legal Counsel:

🐰 Psst… There’s an Easter egg on Find it, and get a chance to win cool fan merch and app licenses!

Threema Push is here! Time to say goodbye to Google’s push service. 👋

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Did you mind paying postage for the love letter to your sweetheart? 💌 Or would you have preferred a free postal service that invades your privacy to sell targeted ads? 🤔 Why would you feel any different about chat services?

WhatsApp promoting privacy is like the meat industry promoting vegetarianism or tobacco companies promoting a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why:

: If you disapprove of mass surveillance by authorities and exploitation of user data by Big Tech, add the banner to your profile picture:

The power of one-to-many communication combined with the convenience of instant messaging:

The development of Threema 2.0 for desktop (and its multi-device functionality) comes along great, but there’s still a lot to do; we’re currently busy combining frontend and backend. To end the year, here’s a sneak peek of the new three-pane UI. See you in 2022! 👋🎉

Threema turns 9️⃣ today! 🎈🎉✨ On 12.12.12, the first Threema version was released to the public. Here’s how everything came about:

Thank you, dear Swiss users, for making Threema the best-selling iOS app in its home country this year! 🇨🇭✨

Until our multi-device solution is ready for prime time, there’s now a desktop version of Threema Web available for greater convenience when chatting on the computer:

Here’s a potential “How did I ever live without it?” feature: contact-specific privacy settings. Now in Threema for Android.

According to @mozilla, “Threema really does check all the privacy-focused boxes” and “this shows once again that good privacy is rarely ever free.”

Cast your vote for Threema in Mozilla’s privacy guide:

📖🕵️ If you enjoy reading a well-researched spy novel, “A Shadow Intelligence” by Oliver Harris should be right up your alley:

In the latest Threema Work success story, EDEKA showcases the effortless integration of our corporate messaging solution into existing IT infrastructure:

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