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🙈🙉🙊 → Shouldn’t be your attitude when choosing a chat app. Should be the attitude of the chat app you choose.

🆕 Mark chats as unread to create a visual reminder if you need to follow up on a conversation. (Android: Tap and hold; iOS: Swipe right.)

Threemaのアプリを日本語と中国語に翻訳してくれたユーザーの皆さんに感謝します。 🇯🇵🙌

感谢所有帮助我们将Threema翻译成中文和日文的用户! 🇨🇳🙌

May 15 is ! 🚮 Here’s why WhatsApp users should consider joining Threema instead of accepting WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy:

Considering how much your user data is worth when used for targeted advertising, €4 is a very small price for Threema.

Which is the right business messenger for your company? Our comprehensive comparison of nine services shows that not all apps are cut from the same cloth:

What is a great job? 🤔 One that’s meaningful and makes an important impact but is also challenging and fun. 🤓 If you’re a talented software engineer who’s passionate about security and data privacy, check out our job openings:

No one can decrypt a Threema message except the intended recipient. However: On our website, there’s a special message anyone can decrypt. 🐇

If we were the type of company to make practical jokes, we’d tell you that Threema is now free, but security is serious business, and you already know that . 🙃

It’s always a good time to upgrade to seriously secure messaging, but for Huawei users, now is the perfect time to get Threema.

50% off in the AppGallery:

Only for a short time. 🏃💨

True privacy means that you decide about all personal information, including your phone number, whether to disclose it or not.

Threema is now available in the Huawei AppGallery! 🙌

If you use a Huawei device that’s not equipped with Google Play Services, download Threema there. 📲

To celebrate the launch, Threema is 50% off in the AppGallery for a short time! 🎉

Let’s put things in perspective:

• Smartphone: €200–1,200
• Mobile Plan: €20–80 per month
• Threema: €4

New users might not realize this, but Threema has been around for a long time. ⏳ While the app’s feature set has been expanding along with the user base, our focus has always remained on security and privacy. 🔒

You don’t trust us❓ You don’t have to❗

You can use Threema without disclosing any personal information whatsoever. + Our apps are open source.

🙈🙉🙊 → Shouldn’t be your attitude when choosing a chat app. Should be the attitude of the chat app you choose.

Did you mind paying postage for the love letter to your sweetheart? 💌 Or would you have preferred a free postal service that invades your privacy to sell targeted ads? 🤔 Why would you feel any different about chat services?

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