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regular brain: the coyote is rotating

glowing brain: the camera is rotating around the coyote

enlightended brain: in computer graphics, the camera actually never rotates, and the world always moves around the camera in an exact inverse of the intended camera motion. the coyote is rotating.

wait psst is there actually a difference between <foo.h> and "foo.h"

another day another reminder that in 2017 “egalitarian” is usually dogwhistle for “I think the idea of feminism is a load of hot air”

be careful out there, it might attract dogs

Arduino is great because it makes it easy for people to get into programming little hardware devices

Arduino is hell because it provides *zero* viable escape hatches from its god-awful Java GUI once you know what you're doing

Sure wish Teensyduino were, like, a package rather than a weird shitty trojan atop Arduino, so it could be installed using a package manager

Its installer just up and modifies your Arduino installation in order to get its hooks in, because apparently Arduino lacks any sort of package management?

tag yourself I’m “missing plug-in”

I have discovered that this device exists: an adapter for using PSP-2000/3000 cables on a PSP go

I need this 🙀

the PSP scene’s gross GPL violations were bad at the time but much worse now that most of the sites things were hosted on are dead and gone

“weeklong preflight anxiety” is the name of my new noise band

(also a thing I am currently experiencing)

(if you run the above toot in your browser it'll stop Mastodon injecting emoji images and only use native emoji, full code:

javascript:(e=>o=>{if(!e)throw new Error("Can't find Webpack!");const d=btoa(+new Date);e([],{[d]:(e,n,t)=>{o(e,n,t),delete t.m[d],delete t.c[d]}},[d])})(window.webpackJsonp)((e,o,d)=>{let n,t=0;window.require=d,Object.keys(d.c).find(e=>{d(t)});do{if((n=d(t)).default&&n.buildCustomEmojis)break;t++}while(n);n?(n.default=(e=>e),console.log("Mastodon emoji module replaced! 💜")):console.log("Mastodon emoji module not found")});

@‌beats 1: the new Apple Music station which just repeatedly says what the time is in @‌beats

pass a function to this that takes arguments of module, exports & require and you can inject ~anything~ into a Webpack application

breaking Webpack for fun and profit

weird Kaleidoscope folder diff bug: column A renders in system font, column B renders in Lucida Grande