moving accounts was a fucking mistake, you can’t do that here, you’re trapped

@admins yo could you please talk to about federating with them, I’ve moved and I miss folk from your instance (details at

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my disrespectful teen daughter somehow got hold of a rust product and now she wants to define traits for everything

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“cat witches get scritches” I chant hopefully under my breath

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is there a Mastodon app for macOS that isn’t a web view

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I feel like this is the “cat meowing at you after knocking their own water bowl over” of Roomba ownership

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ridiculous web dev question for the night: is it possible to force a web browser running @ hidpi to render non-antialiased text @‌1x and scale it up?

like this is such a nauseating mix of straight-up awful exploitation of black bodies (on which I am not qualified to speak at length) and the extremities of fashion’s cartoonish portrayal of womens’ bodies and the poster just pulls a “hashtag join the conversation”

some rubbish twitter account: “is this model real or fake?”
[boobs point literally straight upwards]
this was made by some shitty white dude in 3d studio max wasn’t it

like BrowserStack but with vintage graphics browsers all the way back to NCSA Mosaic

it probably doesn't help that using Mastodon makes me really sad for what could have been if people like me hadn't been treated with hostility for trying to make it more user-friendly 🙃

(I'm glad I at least convinced them to accept my PR to use the system font everywhere before I got burned out completely on trying to contribute to the project though)

(simmering hot take I have held since Mastodon launched but been told off repeatedly for voicing: Mastodon's normal desktop UI should be a single fucking column so I can fucking goddamned read it maybe)

(and yes this is because I REFUSE to use it at a screen size bigger than 400px wide because I never could deal with TweetDeck's UI and Mastodon's whole UI at bigger sizes is thus utterly unusable to my brain, but the "mobile" UI is restrained by what you can do within the "desktop" UI so I will never truly win)

(the fact that "go to home timeline" means something different from "click back after switching tabs from home timeline" is a big problem for my ability to use it too)

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