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I can’t believe Australia’s first gay marriages will be happening as soon as one week from now, this gives me life

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one of the more famous criticality incidents of this type is naughty dog, who were trying to make crash bandicoot or something but ended up, thats right, making a lisp

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if you get enough smart programmers together all they do is make lisp, so you have to make sure theres some less-smart "control rod" programmers in the team

“top up your wallet!” ok

[tries to pledge] “top up your wallet but in euro now!” errrr fuck

Liberapay is a great concept put together with a *lot* of very rough edges

anyone got any good resources for learning about options for responsive CSS Grid-based layouts? (because this is impossible to search, I mean “CSS Grid Level 1”, not “CSS grids” the vague concept)

whoever decided Wikipedia should hide original Japanese names of games and consoles under a fucking cite note should be shot into the sun

🙅🏻‍♀️🚷 transphobes blocked on sight 🚮🙅🏻‍♀️

is there a Teensy-like dev board but with onboard Bluetooth?

watched Rogue One again

I still really like it

(the “different areas across Europe” power plug they’re talking about at the end is *absolutely* the Australian plug, used in Oceania only)

someone who has never left (or thought about anywhere outside of) Wisconsin talks about power conversion and plugs

does a cross-platform shorthand for “link to this location in the viewer’s preferred mapping software” yet exist

seriously I’d ask santa for a nice little Hakko for christmas but like I could only use it in one of these two countries so

my princessdom for a multi-voltage soldering iron

“Doom: The Sequel to Wolfenstein”

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