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Jessica @ticky

UPS just "delivered" a package to "JORDON" at the "FRONT DESK" "At the request of Jess" ??? who the fuck is JORDON & I made no such request‽

@kel if not delivering a package is the non-fireable offense, what's the thing they're worried about?

@Trev [affixes note to letterbox inside private lobby] you weren't available!

I've been here all day dickhead

why are delivery persons just utter liars

ok so they've taken a few liberties with the soundtrack but going for a sort of smooth jazzy interpretation is REAL good

FYI if you’re curious you can listen to the entire soundtrack from the Crash Bandicoot remakes on SoundCloud

buildimng jekyll on a tuesday night

no problem

who would win one blog with posts in different time zones or a falsehood programmers believe about specified moments in time

@Fuego beware, traveller, lest ye lose the right to use GNU GPL software altogether [Stallman brandishes a monkey's paw]

TFW you accidentally consent to a firmware update on your headphones when you’re just trying to change a setting

“if you can defeat Richard Stallman in hand-to-hand combat, you are rendered immune to all effects of the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later)”

@maffsie ah m an now I gotta write a decoder for that

“this software is duel licensed; you may either use it in compliance with the GNU General Public License, or duel me for all other rights”

hey happy first birthday to my vagina