It’s a Friday night and the gangs all back together. Let’s meet up at 6 PM Pacific for some more Yakuza: Like a Dragon!

We're LIVE playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It's been a couple of weeks, so let's see how long it takes to figure out where exactly we are in this game...

Grab your giant senbei ‘cause Yakuza’s back on the menu! Join us at 6 PM Pacific as we head back to Yokohama for more Yakuza: Like a Dragon!

Hey folks, we know it’s Friday, but today Friday means rest.

No stream tonight as Ian needs a night off. See you next week!

For those playing along on twitch, we'll be back online at 6:45 Pacific. We had a bit of a spill...

We are LIVE, playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon!!!
Come on by and join us for all the great hits, karaoke, plot, property management, shrimp based violence, we've got it all!

It’s finally Friday which means it’s time for this hero to call forth the party for more Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Grab a bottle of some Superficial whiskey, or The Truth, and join us for more …everything at 6 PM Pacific!

Rough day at work? Come take a Yakuza Break.
It's time for Yakuza: Like a Dragon over at

Are we all ready for some Friday Night Yakuza? I hope so, because I lit the signals and everything.

Show starts at 6 PM pacific. See you then!

It’s a Friday, so it’s time for Friday Night Yakuza!
We’ve finally replaced Namba with the office ninja Eri, so I guess it’s time to get him back?
Tune in at 6 PM Pacific for the gory details!

We are LIVE, with Yakuza: Like a Dragon!!
Come join us over at for some property management and weapons acquisition! C'mon, what are you, chicken?

Friday night’s mean Yakuza around here, and would you look at the day!

Join us at 6 PM pacific for property management and weapons acquisitions.

We're LIVE!!
See that pile of trash there? That's our current Level score. Time for an evening of side stories and grinding(?) to boost our stats. It's time for Friday Night Yakuza!

We’ve waited long enough, seven days to be exact! Let’s all get together at 6PM Pacific for some more Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Time for side stories and grinding!

We're LIVE with Friday Night Yakuza, and it's been too long! Let's bring home our boy Namba!

It’s a Friday, so that means more Yakuza: Like a Dragon at 6:00 PM pacific.

Let’s bring our boy home!

We're LIVE! Time to stream Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which isn't to say that we'll be streaming it in the manner of a Dragon, but as a human would a game entitled Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Anyway, we're live.

Finally a Friday! Join us at 6:00 PM Pacific to kick off the weekend with a little Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and find ourselves new jobs!

We're live with Yakuza: Like a Dragon over at
I know I write "It'll be fun" a lot for these announcements, but it's literally the only thing I can consistently predict in these games. Join us!

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