So what are y’all into these days? I’m brushing up on CSS, working with (and hiring) prototypers. Doing some strategy work.

Reading a little more than I used to, but the volume of things I want to read is still overwhelming.

It’s nice, not having all that Twitter noise in the morning. ☺️

(I haven’t left but I’m exporting data, reducing activity there.)

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FREE ebook of Flexible Typesetting for educators. Offer expires Jan 31! Please share.

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Periodic reminder that I’m offering Flexible Typesetting at 10% off for educators.

I also started a free slack group to discuss lesson plans — some amazing stuff in there already!

Email or DM me. 😄

How are Republicans winning *anything*? I do not understand the people in this country. We should be seeing solid blue.

Super excited. Today I get to do one of my *favorite* things: participate in a “design stretch” led by Samantha Warren. The ideas we generate at these events shape so much of how we talk and collaborate over the months (and sometimes years) following the stretch:

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I'm looking to book in work for 2019, so if you're looking for a remote freelance front-end designer / developer, hit me up.

I could help you with:
📝 Prototyping, concepts and MVPs
🚀 Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS, React, Vue)
#a11y and inclusive design

Best ways to get in touch:
🐦DMs open here

Boosts appreciated.

“The focus on violence is eclipsing the big picture – which is that people are saying they are moving because of some version of food insecurity,”

The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change:

I’m so tired of sensationalist anti-Apple “news”. This company is a beacon of hope for humans, and solid proof that caring about user experiences makes for a profitable business.

Keynote is such a great piece of software. I love Apple.

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Very excited for these variable fonts tools coming to Firefox. (already in nightly) So useful!

Took today off and spent it with my 1yo, totally focused on her. We read a big stack of books, took a walk outside, played with toys, and ate every meal together. I love her so much. I love all of my children. Getting to know them is complete happiness.

Beautiful view of the stars tonight, from where I live.

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When the css-tricks site goes down, we all realise how much we rely on it. Chris and his team write the best, most thorough and reliable, stuff. I go back to the almanac on selectors *constantly.* Also loving the beginners series to recommend to newbies.

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