what gets lost in all the rabid anti- and pro- bitcoin sentiment is that it is a fully open source, non-proprietary money that could be integrated into projects for donations
with lightning, it's fast and low-overhead as well

e.g. in the case of fediverse, for donations to instances for hosting fees

Hey @tedu, I'm wondering if you know of any pros or cons in calling pledge/unveil in Go via C/unsafe, versus using /x/sys/unix. I found that using the latter yields a smaller binary and it feels a bit cleaner but I'm not sure if I'm missing something.. (see github.com/btcsuite/btcd/blob/).

@dessalines great post: dessalines.github.io/essays/wh

Maybe cwtch.im/ or ricochetrefresh.net/ are interesting to mention as interesting alternatives (hopefully one will soon turn out to be a good successor to the venerable but unmaintained Ricochet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricochet).

This Sunday the 14th of March, in the Netherlands, both in the streets and online, please join! klimaatmars2021.nl ♻️

coders curfew: do what you love like you always do, but without FOMO

Hi @lain just read your encryption article after you mentioned it on Lobste.rs. I was wondering if you know about MLS. Something I stumbled upon last weekend and looks interesting. It's an IETF effort and focuses on scaling secure group chat: messaginglayersecurity.rocks/ There's also a reference implementation: github.com/openmls/openmls and an attempt at a federation draft (tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf), but it looks like the main focus is currently still on centralized systems.

Big thanks to Julian Assange and for their reliable track record of servicing the public at large with truthful and original information that deviates sharply with the official narrative and exposes war crimes, financial crimes and illegal spying. Don't shoot the messenger,

Running a pledged Nym mixnode on OpenBSD. 😎 First encounter with Rust, compile-times do not come cheap :O dashboard.nymtech.net

Whenever I go outside, I'm astonished by how hi-res everything looks! 😲

WireSep v0.11.3 is out, it contains quite a bunch reliability fixes, especially related to potential deadlocks on transient socket errors.

Thanks to the community in providing me with a macppc so I can now properly stress test from home with all the devices I have. :)


SHA256 (wiresep-0.11.3.tar.gz) = uvhWBE7V9C7Zqms7ApSiFODi7thN7jO+QM2BBtFFBK8=

I've been able to weed out some more bugs in WireSep related to client-only mode and macppc (having a machine with a connection fast enough to route all my traffic through really helps).

Help with testing the latest commits would be highly appreciated, also if you only use it as a server. I hope to release another bugfix release by tomorrow if all goes well..

Note that the project and repository are no longer at GitHub but are now located at netsend.nl/wiresep

Now is a good time to help testing WireSep so that it is as good as it can be for the upcoming OpenBSD 6.7 release.

If you're on a recent snapshot, just run `pkg_add wiresep` and it will install the latest version (which is 0.11.1) or download it from netsend.nl/wiresep

In the name of freedom and independence I've moved WireSep away from GitHub to my own domain. It's new home is netsend.nl/wiresep a simple static site hosted on OpenBSD. Now we can explore the project in peace without being tracked by Silicon Valley 😎

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