Finishing The 2018 Grand Rapids Marathon Training - Last training run with my running partner before the big race on Sunday. Seems like nothing to run a couple of miles for training. It was a crisp morning that is for sure but it felt like a good prequel to the marathon day temperature. Donate to Water -[...]

Last Long Run Before The Marathon, Getting It Done On A Cold Early Morning - Last early morning long run before the marathon next week. It's been another great journey with my running partner. Only 1 week until the with the team. Donate to Clean Water -[...]

Last Full Training Week Before The Big Day - Pretty much unheard of for me today ended up being an evening training run, and an one at that. I started off way better than the start of a typical morning run, but given I've had a whole day to get my body moving that sort of makes sense. It was still pretty warm…[...]

I Am Blessed To Be Able To Run - Short easy 5 mile training run this morning. My focus this morning was on the Jon Martinson family and the people of Sierra Leone. I can't begin to know what it's like to lose a spouse or parent at a young age. It's b hard to believe that a man I worked alongside for years,…[...]

Easy 12 Mile Run, On The Marathon Tapering - Got a nice easy 12 miles in this morning. Great to have Jason and John along. Great conversation and fellowship. [...]

Devotions for Sacred Parenting – Day 7: A Season of Sacrifice - “Our kids, by their existence, make a legitimate spiritual claim on our time, our money, and our focus.” - Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas I was challenged today in how I approach being a Dad. Too often I choose to focus on everything but my kids. Our time is too short[...]

Getting A Little Warmer 4 Mile Training Run Done - What a warm run for October it was this morning. I could definitely feel the difference from the 20 mile run last Saturday. Got the quick 4 mile run done with my running partner. A nice easy run today. Donate to Water -[...]

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please celebrate your wins no matter how big or small they are - a win is a win is a win

9.4 Mile Combo Training Plan Run, With Some Rain On The Side - Today was another combo plan training run, distance and pace. Does that surprise anyone? Ha. It was nice to have things a bit warmer given the wind and rain. I don't feel as soaked as yesterday but early in my run I felt like I was headed into a hurricane, e[...]

Cold And Wet Fall 5 Miles - It was a cold, wet, windy morning for a training run. I couldn't really focus on much other than to just keep pushing forward. The rain did get me thinking about whether it was the rainy season still in Sierra Leone, and how Alimamy and his mother were managing. [...]

Devotions For Sacred Parenting – Day 3: A Lasting Mark - “When our kids see how we deal with failure, disappointment, frustration, and our own limitations, they are learning.” - Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas “The parent must present to the child the beauty of virtue, the nobility and happiness of self-denial, the pleasure that duty [...]

Devotions For Sacred Parenting – Day 2: The Right Person for the Job - “God designed your children, and he placed them in your care...You are the right person for the job, because God himself has assigned you the task. And he is committed to seeing you through.” - Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas [...]

Hitting The 20 Mile Mark, And I Feel Fine - Wow, what a great 20 mile training run today. That may sound crazy but with the cool weather and the great company of Harvey, Jason, and John it made for a good time. I can definitely tell I ran 20 miles, a little over actually, but I feel very good. If I can tackle the…[...]

One More Thursday Morning 5 Mile Run Before The Final Tapering of Miles - Getting down to the end of the Thursday morning training runs, soon we'll be tapering off as the is only a few more weeks away. This morning we got so wrapped up in conversation that it seemed like the run was done before we knew it. That is[...]

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Okay, this took a whole day but I mapped out all entities in the Mastodon API along with in which version a particular attribute was added:

Family Day At The Air Zoo - We had a fun day as a family at the Air Zoo. We'd never been there but this month there was a reciprocity deal with the Grand Rapids Public Museum. I love the reciprocity deals you get with memberships. Nice to try some new things. [...]

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using a twitter cross-poster and posting a bunch of stuff that people here usually put behind a CW out of courtesy is kinda the masto equivalent of having a loud public phone conversation in a cafe, please put a tiny bit more effort into your presence here.

I signed up for the 10 & 20 Mile Training Run on Sep 29, 2018! Hoping to finish well on the training run. It'll be a good prequel to the marathon.

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