Just Another Tuesday Interval Run, But Still a Time for Reflection

Oftentimes we don't take time to look at where we've been, and how far we've come. Even if we feel like we've taken more steps back than forward I'm sure that we can find some areas of our lives where we've grown.

This past year has caused a lot of changes, and challenges, but I keep running...


Every Day is a New Day, Every Step is a Chance to Start Again

I didn't get my Saturday long run in, staying up late too many days in a row made that a challenge. Today is a new week, an opportunity to start again.

The thing about running, and most things in life, is that even if you falter you can always start again...


Dragging Myself Out of Bed for an Early Morning Interval Run

I really need to get myself to bed earlier. I'm inherently a night person so it makes getting to bed early and being ready to go for early run challenging. Despite another overwhelming desire to go back to bed I got my run done.

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Enjoying My Clean Desk

I took time over the holidays to final get my desk, and office, cleaned up after being a mess for over a year.


We Don't Need to Fear With Jesus at Our Side

But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here! ”Matthew 14:27 NLT

In life we are going to face storms, but as we walk with we don't need to live in .


Fighting the Urge to Just Go Back to Bed

Today was one of those mornings where after the alarm went off I ended spending the next 15 minutes debating with myself whether I should get ready to go run or just go back to bed and get some more sleep. I'm happy to say that running won today.

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Working on Compatibility with Webmentions & the IndieWeb

I've been working for awhile on trying to make my blog the central hub of my online presence, even on social media, taking a approach. I've recently setup Bridgy in order to bring back the conversation on other platforms back to my site. One issue that I've found is that the setup of is getting blown away when using JetPack comments...


First Frozen Beard Run of 2021

This morning was a longer interval run, and it it was a lot colder than it has been, thus the frozen beard. It tool me a bit to get going this morning but I fought the urge to go back to bed and got out there and got it done.

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Hitting My Easy Run Hard, Because It Felt Alright

Despite the outrageous things going on in the United States right now there are still things in our global world that haven't changed, the need for clean water.

Help bring clean water to Africa: timn.me/2020HWI

I was a little slow getting out the door this morning but once I hit the pavement things felt good...


First “Long Run” of 2021

Started of this new year with a 10K Saturday “long run”, as my training plan called it. It was a tough run.

...this past year has taken a toll on my health... timn.me/39aqrNh

Still Running For Clean Water, Knocking Out Another Interval Run On A Cold December Morning

There is still time to double your impact for clean through matching donations.

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With the holidays it’s been hard to keep my runs consistent but I’m hoping to overcome that this week going into the New Year.

First Snowy Run This Winter

This morning was a short wintery run. I’m ready for my winter running to begin.

You can still double your donation through matching funds: timn.me/2020HWI

Feeling Very Out of Shape on My Long Run

After getting through about half of my run in this morning I could tell that the second half was going to be a struggle. timn.me/2LIzoVI

Give the gift of clean water this Christmas: timn.me/2020HWI

Even though the official running season for the West Michigan chapter of Hope Water has come to a close, the need for clean water hasn’t. An even more, someone has put up a $20,000 match from now until the Disney marathon the start of January. Right now all donations can have double the impact. What better time to give hope during this Christmas season.

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Water, Let Alone Clean Water, Doesn’t Come Easy To Many

For many, even though water may be near it doesn’t mean that’s is easy or safe to get to and it still may not even be safe to drink, but it’s all they may have. As we are in the Christmas season consider giving the gift of clean water.    

Help make safe water accessible: timn.me/2020HWI

Getting It Done, Another Saturday Long Run

I did get my “long” run in on Saturday, I just didn’t get around to sharing it.    

There is still a need for clean water: timn.me/2020HWI

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