Early Race Pace Run, Sort Of, Before The Men’s Breakfast

How can you say no to these children? With your donation you can make double the impact with our matching funds. $255 to go, meaning another 19 people impacted with clean water. Don’t wait, it’s easy to give now! timn.me/2Kx7NEr 


Impacting The Future Of Africa, And The World⠀

Over 1,200 children die each year in Sierra Leone related to lack of clean water. The remaining $255 towards my goal will save 19 more children. Will you join me to impact the children of Africa? timn.me/2Kx7NEr


Making A Way For Education Through Clean Water

All it will take is 20 people to each give $12.75 from now until the  day to hit my goal and bring another 19 people clean water. timn.me/2Kx7NEr   

Bringing clean water to a village in Africa can mean the difference between their children having an education or not. Clean water has long lasting effects that will change the world. What better way to invest in the future generations.


Providing More Than Just Clean Water⠀

I’m getting closer to my goal, only $255 to go. Partner with me today to bring clean water to another 14 people. timn.me/2Kx7NEr    

Putting in a well in a village in Africa is not about just dropping a handout to people and then moving on. A well is the start of helping a village help themselves.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”


Knocking Out Another Couple Miles, Sporting A New Headlamp

Who’s going to help me bring clean water to another 132 people? $825 to go to reach my goal, with matching will hit another 132 people blessed with clean water. 


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A well in a village in Africa is an important part of the community, and something to be guarded for sure. You will usually see a fence around the well in order to keep animals and thieves away. There is a national standard for the well pump, which also makes it a target for theft. Clean water is as valuable as gold in some places in the world. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Give to Life, Donate Now: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr


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Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity... linuxjournal.com/content/linux

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I had the pleasure of finishing out the last 10 miles of my run with my #HWI teammate Justin. It’s so nice to have both the motivation, and distraction, of someone else on the longer runs. It really helps melt the miles away. This is Justin’s first year with Hope Water, and his first marathon. I enjoyed being able to share my previous years of experience and what I’ve learned. #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

If you haven’t already donated to Hope Water please consider donating to Justin’s fundraiser: https://www.hopewaterinternational.org/fundraisers/888


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I had the opportunity to witness, first hand, the water situation in Sierra Leone, Africa. It is an honor that Hope Water Intl is working with World Hope Intl in a joint mission to bring clean water to Africa. I am proud to know that #WHI is not just sending Americans into Africa to help and leave, but rather they train and employ locals to carry out the mission. Whether they need drivers, administration, or well drillers, nearly everyone is a national. I didn’t get a chance to hear each of their stories on how they got to where they are today. I can only imagine the amazing stories they must have. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr


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Another 4 miles in today on the journey for clean water. More wells in Africa means more lives changed, bringing new life and a brighter future families. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Give The Gift Of Clean Water, Donate Today: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr


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Some may ask, after a few years of raising money for wells, “why more wells?”. What most don’t even think about is both the pros and the cons of a new well in a village. You may be surprised to even think that there could be a downside to a new well in a village. A new well not only provides for a village but now there are those outside the village they will come because the water source is closer. Some may even relocate to a village because there is a new water source that is readily available. So the reality of it is that the more wells there are for people the less strain there will be on a village, in more ways than one. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

It was a challenging morning between the heat and getting half way through my run before a stomach issue. Fortunately, I found a porta-john on my running route.

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr


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I haven’t posted a run selfie in awhile, but I just wanted to a face to all the running once in awhile so people know in really out there putting the miles in. 😉 Needless to say, just like anyone else, today was one of those especially tough runs. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your running you will have those tough run days. You know ones where you feel like it’s an uphill battle the whole way. Rest assured though, you’ll get through it and then you’ll have one of the best runs you’ve ever had and you can be thankful that you pushed through those hard days. I encourage every runner to start every day as a new day and just put one foot in front of the other. Eventually you’ll surprise yourself in how far you’ve gone. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr


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Every day the #HWI team gets out to train for the #GRMarathon is a show of our commitment to the cause of clean water in …


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pWhen clean water is brought to a community it’s not done suddenly and randomly then moving on to another random village. World Hope(#WHI) works with …/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.com/2019/07/18/enabling-a-community-with-clean-water/Enabling A Community With Clean Water/a appeared first on a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.comTim Nolte : My Life, My Blog/a./p  

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pIn the U.S. water is so easily available that it’s easy to take it for granted. In places like Sierra Leone water is not so …/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.com/2019/07/17/water-isnt-a-simple-thing/Water Isn’t A Simple Thing/a appeared first on a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.comTim Nolte : My Life, My Blog/a./p  

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pWhile I have been involved with Hope Water International, I have seen first hand the lives that are changed. Obviously, being able to travel to …/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.com/2019/07/15/running-for-wells-in-africa-means-lives-are-changed/Running For Wells In Africa Means Lives Are Changed/a appeared first on a rel=nofollow href=https://www.timnolte.comTim Nolte : My Life, My Blog/a./p  

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