Finished Another 3.88mi Run Today

After missing my Tuesday run I got out and tackled another 40 minute run. I'm still not sure what to do about not having a race to train for.

Finished Another 3.79mi Run Today

It was a wet snowy morning, which didn't help my pace any. I honestly didn't even feel like going out this morning, knowing that I don't really have a race to train for right now.

Finished Another 3.12mi Tempo Run Today

Made it out for another run, this time it was just a short fitness level test run. I was sporting the new gear, jacket and gloves, this morning.

Finished Another 5.43mi Run Today

I headed back outside as the temperatures rose and the snow subsided. Even though the temperature was still in the teens there was no wind so it made for decent running conditions.

Finished Another 4.84mi Interval Training, Run Today

Another indoor interval run, not because of the cold but because I wanted the traction to hit the fast interval pace targets.

Finished Another 5.00mi Run Today

I pretty much missed the boat this past weekend, since I overslept and missed my Saturday long run. We'll see how this week goes.

Finished Another 3.20mi Run Today

Even though I thought that the sidewalks and streets would be cleared or packed down by today, it was still a struggle to maintain much speed. Overall I was able to, on average, stay on target for my training run pace.

Finished Another 4.83mi Interval Training, Run Today

Given the struggle on Monday to get traction and keep a decent place I decided to take my interval run to the treadmill. About the only good thing about a treadmill is that you can easily keep a consistent pace.

A Slow Cold Monday 5K

When the sidewalks and streets aren't super clear of snow, or packed down from traffic, it makes running and having traction a challenge to say the least.

Testing POSSE With WordPress And

I'm still trying to get my website working to automatically syndicate with a syndication link on my site.

This morning I believe the wind chill was around, or below, zero. That meant it was time to finally break out the face mask, especially for a long hour+ run.

Spent some time working on my setup with along with . I have some challenges with the translation to the Block Editor and how posts are handled by my theme.

Staying On Track With My Training Runs

It was a typical short and easy training run this morning. I've been able to keep things on track this week. I still need to work on getting to bed earlier so I can get more sleep.

Nothing Like Cold Winter Weather to Motivate Your Interval Run

After the slow start this week I wasn't sure how an interval run would go. For the most part things went well, the 3rd fast interval missed the mark a little but overall I hit the target.

Starting A New Week, Letting Go of the Speed

After a pretty hard Saturday run, and after seeing posts online shared by other runners, I think I'm finding my place as a slower runner. ,

From a lot of what I've been reading 2020 was tough on a lot of runners, it was tough on everyone of course. I think for a lot of runners part of the joy is the people you run with or meet on a run or at a race...

When 8 Miles Feels Like A Marathon

Today was another one of those days that I can see the results of the downward turn my health took this past year.

Just about a year ago I ran the Groundhog Marathon, the full 26.2 miles. Today I only ran 8 miles but it felt like I was trying to run a marathon...

Just Another Picture of Me, But That's Not

For awhile the running pictures have been of me followed by my thoughts about my running. What has been lost quite a bit is the the focus on running to bring clean water to Africa.

Help bring clean water to the world: https://timn...

A Proper Snowy Winter Run

Sleep won on Monday, but I didn't let the weather win today. I'm never swayed from running in some snow. It just means I may have to slow down.

The need for water around the world is still real for so many. Partner with Hope Water today:

Getting The Frosty Saturday Morning Long Run Done

I didn't get my Thursday run posted but I did make it out. I had a couple of later morning starts than normal, as I just needed a little more rest. I'm glad to say that I hit all four of my training runs this week.

Just Another Tuesday Interval Run, But Still a Time for Reflection

Oftentimes we don't take time to look at where we've been, and how far we've come. Even if we feel like we've taken more steps back than forward I'm sure that we can find some areas of our lives where we've grown.

This past year has caused a lot of changes, and challenges, but I keep running...

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