Starting Off The Week With Another 5K Training Run

I can't say that I feel like the runs are progressively getting easier. In some ways it feels like every run is getting harder.

Putting In Some Running Time, And Not Worrying About The Rest

Instead of the tempo run that I was supposed to run I decided to just run for 50 minutes. My goal was simply to run for that amount of time and not worry about how far or how fast I was going.

Is It Time To Just Run To Run, And To Be Active?

I don't know exactly what it is but I feel like I've lost my joy of running. Maybe it's time I get back the joy of running by just getting out there and putting in some time without the need to hit a pace or a distance?

Almost A Tuesday 5K

Starting off the week with a short "easy" run even though my training called for an interval run. Even though I'm typically one to follow a training plan pretty closely, I know where I'm at right know with my fitness level.

It's Not About The Speed Right?

It was a hard sluggish run that made it clear how out of shape I'm in. I have a lot of work to do this year if I'm going to even consider completing another marathon.

Starting Again With A New Plan, For Now

Back to the app and on a plan to take me to the end of May. I don't have any race that I'm training for but I may end up doing a virtual race at some point.

Tackling a Hard Thursday 10K Training Run

Still trying to figure out what I'm doing for running right now. I started a couple of plans, but none of them provide me with goals and coaching while I run.

Still Figuring Out My New Running Norm

My running has been pretty off in the last month. Between my Spring race being postponed, the running app issues on my phone and watch, things have just been challenging to say the least.

Getting Back on the Saddle After a Brief Break

After a couple week break, a new phone, new app, and a new training plan I'm back to my early morning runs. I'm hoping that I can get back into things. HalfMarathon

Finished Another 3.88mi Run Today

After missing my Tuesday run I got out and tackled another 40 minute run. I'm still not sure what to do about not having a race to train for.

Finished Another 3.79mi Run Today

It was a wet snowy morning, which didn't help my pace any. I honestly didn't even feel like going out this morning, knowing that I don't really have a race to train for right now.

Finished Another 3.12mi Tempo Run Today

Made it out for another run, this time it was just a short fitness level test run. I was sporting the new gear, jacket and gloves, this morning.

Finished Another 5.43mi Run Today

I headed back outside as the temperatures rose and the snow subsided. Even though the temperature was still in the teens there was no wind so it made for decent running conditions.

Finished Another 4.84mi Interval Training, Run Today

Another indoor interval run, not because of the cold but because I wanted the traction to hit the fast interval pace targets.

Finished Another 5.00mi Run Today

I pretty much missed the boat this past weekend, since I overslept and missed my Saturday long run. We'll see how this week goes.

Finished Another 3.20mi Run Today

Even though I thought that the sidewalks and streets would be cleared or packed down by today, it was still a struggle to maintain much speed. Overall I was able to, on average, stay on target for my training run pace.

Finished Another 4.83mi Interval Training, Run Today

Given the struggle on Monday to get traction and keep a decent place I decided to take my interval run to the treadmill. About the only good thing about a treadmill is that you can easily keep a consistent pace.

A Slow Cold Monday 5K

When the sidewalks and streets aren't super clear of snow, or packed down from traffic, it makes running and having traction a challenge to say the least.

Testing POSSE With WordPress And

I'm still trying to get my website working to automatically syndicate with a syndication link on my site.

This morning I believe the wind chill was around, or below, zero. That meant it was time to finally break out the face mask, especially for a long hour+ run.

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