downside, it does not have continuos zoom. China ones for ~250โ‚ฌ do.

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If you're in Germany, Aldi has decent looking stereo microscope on offer with free shipping.
A bit cheaper than current options inc. tax from China and looks like nice build quality.

People that used Illustrator for years and now use Affinity Designer. Do you find Designer easier to use / more productive or did you switch mostly due to pricing policies?

the other letters were in a different color which didn't survive after a few dishwasher visits.

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Hot chocolate with a shot of Espresso, cream topped with chocolate syrup, salted caramel chunks and what amounts to the German version of pumpkin pie spice.

idk but I find this mug that lost its "i" and "o" supremely hilarious.


Hey do you plan to ever sell the "Desktop CNC Milling Machine" outside of North America?

pro: my brain is at 110% now
con: my brain is at 110% now

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Was drinking an espresso at 11pm a bad idea? We shall see in 4h!

signal integrity does not matter at all here, its just about probing the signals

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Fun fact, CM4 has 69 "power" pins.
10x VCC
59x GND

When you need to unplug a delicate connector a lot of times you need a sacrificial layer

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