I have to be honest I'm not such a huge Halloween fan as half of Twitter seems to be but it was fitting too well not to do
Am Birbman!

"Whoever said there are no bad ideas in brainstorming never had access to Elon Musk’s phone." ... "Everyone looks fucking dumb" 💀

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Wrote about the Musk texts. What I found illuminating about the messages is just how unimpressive, unimaginative, and sycophantic the powerful men in Musk’s contacts appear to be. Just overconfident dudes winging it theatlantic.com/technology/arc

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Figuring I will be annoyed and remove the glass door in a week but lets see. Could help with dust a bit.
Now to the hard part and actually putting it in its place and populating them. Printer fits at least.

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Insert for the bottom rail is fucked on the second rack.
Contemplating if its easier to dissasmble again and turn it around to use the other side or drill out the insert and press a new one in.

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Need to organize the massive cable and device mess under my desk that has been in "I will do it proper soon" state for 5 years.
Decided to not reinvent the wheel and just put it all in 19" racks. Not having the outlets collect dust on the floor will be a huge improvement already


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oh, your business has a money-back guarantee?

well this business has a real hit on a Russian soldier guarantee, not sure you can beat that.

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That comes out at about 17KW/h per year which is frankly amazing. Thats about 1/4 of what the old i5 NUC was needing and this SoC is probably 3-4x as fast at the same time.

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So my M1 Mac Mini media server setup has been using between 43-50W per day pretty consistently. Thats with downloading 4-10GB every other day and streaming 1-3h a day.
This does not include the power the external HDD uses but that would be the same with any system.

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Ok holy shit lmao. Measuring at the DC input the Mac Mini M1 is idling at just ~500mW! MILLIWATTS. WTF hahahaha

I forgot that I previously had 2 active USB devices plugged in. Removing that and the unnecessary fan it stays consistently around 42mA with active Ethernet!

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The one and only fruit my 2.5m high Physialis made. Its a chonker tho and very delicious.

ah I fucked up, pretend the sausages is this pic instead. Frankfurters (the sausages) are actually not such a big deal here as they are literally everywhere but Frankfurt.
Also I don't eat them.

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