I'm proud its working because I've rewritten most stuff in the UART example and I have to do it completely blind because I literally have no way to debug atm πŸ˜…

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Yay, was able to switch over to a different UART (the default one is taken up by the SPI for the ADC, hence those soldered on jumper wires before) after reworking the code from the guide written for Pi3 to Pi4 and writing some abstractions for the silly bit fiddeling.

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Gotta say all in all its really surprising to me how easy this is. The whole draw framebuffer over HDMI code (not written by me, I'm just poking around) is maybe 150 lines.
Even more surprising I mostly understand all the stuff πŸ˜…

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Playing with bare metal C on the Piunora/CM4.
UART TX from the Pi works, echoing back not yet.
I'm working of a guide so not sure if its my adapter or something else.

Of course you can always go with a USB dongle but that would only be USB2 and I tend to find them less reliable than PCI-e devices.
Of course Piunora is no the kind of board to get if your applications require Ethernet all the time but I do like to give options for those 5% cases

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Tested a M.2 Gigabit Ethernet card today with Piunora. Need to compile the kernel module for @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com OS but works! 920Mbit/s measured with iperf3.
It uses a RTL9111H chipset.
It's a bit clumsy but if you *need* Ethernet the screw mount connector works nicely with a case.

Yes, thank you Ebay. Very helpful to get a delivery notification for each individual item in the package.

Last saved image is your political ideology.

(yes its a video, yes I think that counts as image)

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Last saved image is your political ideology twitter.com/4jawjan/status/139 twitter.com/MLE_Online/status/

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/MLE_Online/status/

(I will let this sit for a bit, I'll get in touch via DM)

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No specific things to be done, just spend time with it and use it however you please and then give me feedback :)
If you just wanna realize a specific project with it, cool! Though I would discourage anything critical as this is beta hardware.

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This is not first come first serve, I do have to be selective here, sorry. I will prefer mutuals over strangers.

The board and shipping (in US and EU/UK) will be free, but you will have to organize a CM4 yourself.

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I'm still looking for two more beta testers for Piunora in preferably either the US or EU (other regions possible depending on shipping).
I need people that can dedicate some time to the board (not just play 1-2h with it).

Please comment if you are interested.

I adore all of these oddball PCI-e M.2 devices that I found during my research for Piunora and answering customer questions.
Want an M.2 A-Key riser, 2x S-ATA, Ethernet or RS232? No worries, AliExpress got you!

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