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Leo Tindall 💾 @tindall

I'll be switching to this account as my primary one! Please go ahead and follow me here!

I'm moving to @tindall, go follow me there :)

there is so much work to be done in each of our communities. providing food and other aid is revolutionary; not merely in the good it does in and of itself (which is much and should not be discounted) but also in how it lifts each of us up just a little bit more from the muck of our masters and moves us, collectively, towards mutual support and prosperity.

PRO-TIP FOR NEW USERS: Direct toots are NOT NOT NOT the same as direct messages on Twitter. Do not send a direct toot expecting it to remain private. In certain cases, recipients can boost ("retweet") your message.

If you need absolute privacy, arrange an off-site means of communication.

Historical note: ITS BEEN began as a spoof of / means of testing CW's when they were first introduced months and months ago and is probably one of the most Masto-specific memes

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keep mastodon weird, gay and communist forever

making a mastodon is lgbt culture

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@ramenthug sounds like some next level TERF nonsense

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@tomcooks No, that's not true at all. When I first got into OSS I was immensely intimidated by GitHub, to the extent that I set up my own Git server before I finally got a GitHub account.

Calling people lazy because they aren't already familiar with the tools you know from long experiences is ridiculous.

Welcome new leftists please ask the nearest infosec nerd about opsec if you aren't already familiar with it

I don't necessarily like all leftists but I will rather have to deal with leftists that I don't completely agree with than with actual nazis