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there is so much work to be done in each of our communities. providing food and other aid is revolutionary; not merely in the good it does in and of itself (which is much and should not be discounted) but also in how it lifts each of us up just a little bit more from the muck of our masters and moves us, collectively, towards mutual support and prosperity.

Historical note: ITS BEEN began as a spoof of / means of testing CW's when they were first introduced months and months ago and is probably one of the most Masto-specific memes

keep mastodon weird, gay and communist forever

making a mastodon is lgbt culture

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Welcome new leftists please ask the nearest infosec nerd about opsec if you aren't already familiar with it

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It is IMPOSSIBLE to see someone's mobility status by looking at them.

It's impossible to know someone's psyche from short interactions.

It's impossible to see weakness, pain, fatigue, and sensory impairments.

There is no way to "look autistic".

Not everyone with ADHD is hyperactive.

12. Stop labelling yourself with disabilities you don't have as a joke...

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9. Stop it with the ableist slurs, will ya? Stop using them. Stop accepting them. Stop arguing with us how they're not actually ableist. Just stop.

"Crippled" isn't "broken".
"Lame" is not the same as "boring".
Blindness is not an adequate metaphor for ignorance.
Hate is not a phobia.
"Are you deaf?" is an asshole question.
Intelligence does not relate to morality.
Empathy does not equal ethical behaviour.

7. Stop assuming that we're somehow magically cared for by the Disability Fairy. We get locked up and abused in institutions, we are subjected to medical & psychiatric abuse and neglect, and we live in a society that considers our lives tragedies & not worth living.