If capitalism is good why hasnt it invented a way to email someone a cookie

boost if your gay and still sleep with stuffed animals

“i thought i saw a aeroplane with bird wings but it was actually a bird”
- kid on bus

i don't understand why there are so many instances of voice actors reading lines which get interrupted in a way that makes it clear their script ended at the last word they get to say

it's an interruption, there's gonna be some crosstalk, let it be what it is

also, guess who's watching sonic LPs

love how discord uses ableist slurs to guilt people into consenting to their gathering of personal data

*enjoys a picnic*

*doesn't really know what a picnic is*

i love watching my doctor google symptoms in front of me

i have regained control of nekomimi.solutions and im very relieved

i still need to find somewhere to host the demo for github.com/tinruufu/friction though, does anyone have any good recommendations for good privacy-conscious VM hosting?

gosh i wish there was, like, a podcast equivalent of gamechops, or if gamechops was a little bit wider scoped; i would _love_ to hear what those folks would do with the music griffin made for the adventure zone

> Saturn's usually bland atmosphere[…]

wow, wikipedia, this seems pretty harsh

Me as a Pokémon 

@tinruufu @SarcasmKid

"Garbodor has the appearance of a pile of trash spilling out of a large, torn garbage bag."

people talk about favourite pokemon a lot, and that's all well and good, but there's a question im much more interested in

what pokemon would you want to *be*, if you were still gonna be in the place you currently live?

jewelry company ad:

all femme people will be upset at you if you get them a good cooking utensil, but if you spend exploitative and inflated amounts on sparkly rocks they will do a sex on you

what the hell, duckduckgo, you can't just throw around accusations like this

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