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Thanks to @tklk ! They updated the s3browser plugin today and our download site is back to 100%.

Previously we found a small bug with nested folders and it's been officially resolved and deployed to our server.

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We'd like to thank @tklk again for their amazing work on the caddy s3browser plugin.

It really saved us a TON of pain.

We can now have our download site hosted on bulk cloud storage with the plugin in front as a simple file browser. It works great and is incredibly nice to work with.

It also helped reduce our costs!


Yes... it says s3 on the tin, we are NOT using s3 for our downloads. We use minio + Azure Blob Storage instead 😁

Full disclosure: for it to work 100% you need to custom build caddy to get the s3browser directive enabled in the config verifier. If you're interested we have notes. Feel free to reach out πŸ˜‰

The above is NOT tklk's fault, it's a byproduct of the way the caddyfile syntax is validated in the main caddy binary. There is a code update in caddy that was accepted and it should be smooth sailing upon the next caddy release.

@kemonine if you are looking for arm servers (that aren't amazon) to speed up your builds, packet sponsors open source projects and has really powerful arm servers available:

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@tklk just pushed an update to the Caddy s3browser plugin that FIXES

We're back!


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