Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family 🤗

Incredibile… 🙄

Par🇮🇹le 126 6/6


It is worth noting that auto-delete capabilities are built into Mastodon as of version v3.5.0 which is really cool!

The settings can be found in Settings => Automated post deletion (or by visiting /statuses_cleanup on your instance)

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I've just requested an archive of my data and will fire up semiphemeral.com/ shortly after.

is a free open-source service which can automatically delete old tweets, retweets, likes and DMs according to custom thresholds - created by @micahflee.

54% off Yubikeys when you purchase 2. If you haven't made the plunge to 2FA, today would be a good day to start.


🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 11.0.11 (Windows, macOS, Linux) is now available. This release updates Firefox on Windows, macOS, and Linux to 91.9.0esr.


Many thanks to those who are donating to run the infosec.exchange instance. I am not spending about $100/month + the domain name and my time to keep it running.
If you're of the mind and have the ability to support the instance, you can do so here: liberapay.com/Infosec.exchange
I do need some help with images and formatting, and whatnot to "personalize" the instance, so any help there is welcome, too.

The #DigitalFirstAidKit explores 9 key #DigitalSecurity issues faced journalists and activists. It is available in Albanian, Arabic, Burmese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish #JournalistsDigiSec #WorldPressFreedomDay

I love that it's add free here, I can just take the time to look at every post in the local feed without scrolling like crazy so the adds don't catch my eyes

How many searches did the FBI make of U.S. persons? Oh just… "Fewer than 3,394,053"

A little selection of inktober 2020 that got me back into drawing. It's very old but is still like them as they make me think of this time I found joy in drawing imaginary worlds again.
It's all colour pen on paper, photographed with my phone 😅
The prompts where "animals", "smoke" and "campfire"
The 3 of them picture very early designs of my #OC Jonah who is a water wielder, a person born with water #magic basically 💧

Would you be interested in attending a virtual town hall meeting to voice your feedback/opinions to help shape our project?

Boosts appreciated!

New iOS app release is waiting for Apple review! It adds a community timeline and fixes sign-up errors not being shown and servers being listed in the wrong order during onboarding.

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