So much great SwiftUI content this week!
SwiftUI Weekly Newsletter - Issue #9 is here!
The issue highlights the content by @Vadim @jaredsinclair @Dimillian @azamsharp @johnsundell @tobiasdm @chughanupam

App Store Connect > Your App > TestFlight > External Testers > Enable Public Link


Tickets are almost sold out! 🎉🎟
Be fast and wait no more if you want to join our 8 Swift mentors in the middle of the Swiss alps:

I’m guessing the tech crowd I follow is mostly unaware of this: the ability to take Live Photos during FaceTime calls (which is gone in iOS 12) was one of people’s favorite features. They are not happy.

Very nice, the new iPhone lineup supports background NFC tag communication which can wake up your iOS app!

We're excited to announce that App Builders 2019 is going to take place in beautiful Lugano on April 29-30. Book your calendar!

How can a talk using diagrams like this be anything but awesome 😎 @twitter@JaninaKutyn @twitter@swiftandfika

If you’re in town for already and want to grab a coffee (and fika), hit me up! 🇸🇪

Does anyone have experience with vendors for custom die-cut stickers for Macbooks?

Added a few more features to my Swift editor prototype 😀

🤖 Autocomplete of local symbols, keywords & system frameworks
⚡️ Automatic completion of "" + {}
📐 Automatic indentation on new lines

Still just a prototype, but it's quickly starting to become a quite nice editor 🚀

I'm launching a monthly newsletter! 😀📬🎉

On the 1st of every month, you'll get a recap of all my blog posts, podcast episodes, Swift tips & tricks, previews of new projects, as well as my favorite content from around the community! 🚀

Sign up here:

📝 Just published a new blog post on how to improve your build time in Xcode 10.
I try to give some tips and tricks that can help decrease Swift and Objective-C compilation times.

One really nice benefit of Swift multiline string literals - even for single lines of text - is that they don't require quotes to be escaped 👍 Perfect when working with things like HTML, or creating a custom description for an object 💯

This week's blog post: "Enum iterations in Swift 4.2" 🚀

Examples of how Swift 4.2's CaseIterable feature can be used to solve common problems in really nice ways 👍

This is also my 80th weekly post & the first to use Splash for syntax highlighting! 🎉

New electric car (prototype) from Kalasjnikov (you read that right). Model CV-1 with 350km range. Not sure what I think about that retro design?

Introducing Splash - a fast, lightweight & flexible Swift syntax highlighter! 🎨🚀

🌍 Turn Swift code into syntax highlighted HTML for blog posts
🖼 Generate highly accurate Swift code images
🛠 Use it to build custom dev tools, editors or automation

I've had so much fun working on this and I'm so excited to share it with you - hope you like it! 😀

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