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Don’t know what to make of this one, especially coming from Newsweek. Could be we’re trying to bait them into showing some air power. Pentagon seems a little spooked (or maybe just miffed) that they’re holding back in that department. Not sure we’d have had much opportunity to observe a modern Russian Air Force in combat.

The US has an imperative to be as super-aggressive as it can be, so it doesn’t lose its edge.

Valentine, Douglas. The CIA as Organized Crime (p. 206). Clarity Press. Kindle Edition.

"So it doesn't lose its edge." That doesn't explain what's happening now, but it does feel truthful when you consider the difficulty of maintaining a global hegemony, the obvious deterioration of our society by almost every measure, and perhaps the recent debacles in Afghanistan and the broader Middle East. (2/2)

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The United States never met a war it didn’t like, especially now that it has the biggest military and the best intelligence service the world has ever known. They’re the biggest and best because they’re always fighting to expand the empire. They’re always finding a reason to start a war, so they can send the next generation of young men into battle, to learn how to kill people in the most brutal fashion. (1/2)

This is not stupidity. U.S. oligarchs know exactly what they're doing. The CIA made millions controlling the drug trade in Afghanistan. Sucks for Ukraine, though.

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Reminder that the West has oligarchs, too. But the media, who are their employees, tend to refer to them as “Elites.”

Straight from the horse's mouth. The American Cabal is fighting to maintain and advance its global hegemony. These people are CIA agents. They work for us.

What is discussed here isn't unplugging per se, but being protective of your time and selective regarding your sources of information. I would add that everything you see and hear in mainstream media, which these days includes sources like Facebook Twitter, and the Drudge Report, is explicit propaganda and marketing.

🎧 Featured Playlist: February (created Feb. 2020)

Like all my monthly playlists, this is a collection of songs that strike my fancy during the month of February, and which I don't feel properly fit in any of my other playlists. That, along with a couple of tunes that seem to fit the month. So what's here? If I had to pick 3 songs that capture the mood for me, they would be Coyote, Old Man Willow, and Cruising. Give it a listen.

Featured playlist: Fevers and Coughs (created Mar. 2020)

My first attempt at a novelty "themed" playlist. Of course, it's dedicated to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. A mere 15 tracks is enough to capture the general mood of those early days, without feeling obliged to comment on every single particular (e.g. the mad rush for toilet paper, etc.). We would learn so much more about the true nature of the pandemic by the time I got around to making the second one.

Not many people realize I have a podcast on Soundcloud. If you're interested in off-the-wall field recordings and Orthodox liturgical chant, I'd recommend you check it out.

I haven't updated in a while, but there should be more on the way this year.

Here is a picture I took in Sedona earlier this year, of a dramatic sunset we encountered as we drove out of town towards our little rented cabin.

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