Not super proud of this, but when it's a choice between tossing out an old tablet because of a broken USB charging port, or an ugly fix to save it, I'll do the ugly fix.

This article explains why a few kilobytes of macOS updates ends up as gigabytes of downloads and 45 minutes of updating.

Users are losing out against Big Sur’s sealed System

'People often ask: “What’s the next Covid?” An attack on our digital infrastructure is a leading candidate.' and other interesting insights in this great read.

Yuval Noah Harari: Lessons from a year of Covid

@fdroidorg and on the flip side, OsmAnd~ is updated almost daily. Wondering why different apps are updated with difference frequency?

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@fdroidorg e.g. WebApps Sandboxed Browser had a release Feb 9th and Deedum is quite out of date with the repo.

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@fdroidorg I noticed that apps are now taking much longer to update on f-droid. Is this an issue on f-droid side, or a policy change, or something else?

New #blog post: “Keeping platforms open”

Web version:

Gemini version: gemini://

It’s a follow-up to my previous article, “Whatsapp and the domestication of users”.

Introductory quote:

Hard problems, by definition, lack easy solutions. Simply choosing (or creating) a platform that avoids user domestication isn’t enough if that platform can change. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance; in addition to settling on the right platform, we must ensure that it honors its users in both the present and the future. Keeping a platform FOSS and simple is more straightforward than keeping a platform “open”.

How do we keep an open platform from becoming a closed platform in the future?

I have added a section to my capsule
for aggregating what people are saying about Gemini, e.g. tweets, toots, and now also the Gemini mailing list, where most of the announcements and spec discussions take place. You can now browse this on Gemini itself!

Gemini mailing list archive on Gemini

"Culture I/O is a website about utopia as seen through the haze of the dystopian present. You’re laughing, but we’re serious. There’s a manifesto. That’s how serious we are."

Culture I/O — The Road to Utopia

"Why I still use RSS...I firmly believe the Internet, and what it stood for, peaked with RSS....Having only the content I want to see only be shown when I want to see it with the freedom to jump between readers as I please, all with no ads? For me, no other service comes close to the flexibility, robustness, and overall ease-of-use that RSS offers."

FreeHacker is an ezine "created to help the spread of DIY culture in cyberspace". A good, if somewhat short read.

FreeHacker: Issue 2

You're definitely going to want to check out gemini://

It's a hand-curated gemini directory, full of content, with lots of tasteful emojis. Great work @Laerte and Mjollna!

This Sojourner is a beautiful way to browse and bookmark talks from the '21 schedule.


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