I like this guy (Scott Young). Not afraid to boldly claim that he found the key to the "Good Life":


"Surviving disillusionment: Engineers don't have a daily ritual that reminds us why we got into the field. Without a ritual, the drudgery creeps closer and the vision of the monastery recedes."

My ritual: DIY and making


A good video explaining some insights about using a de-Googled phone as a daily driver

What is it actually like to use a de-Googled phone as a daily driver? Will it feel like you became a Luddite or a cave man eschewing tech? Is it actually usable? What apps can you run? What about navigation? Will you survive without Google? Does it change how the cell phone works? Does it affect the battery? Do we need to change habits to keep privacy with a de-Googled phone? Do I lose privacy when I log on to another app?
This video discusses the actual real life experience of using Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on a phone without GAPPS (Google Apps). It will discuss what's possible and what the expected limitations are.
Watch at What it's like to use a De-Googled phone in real life? (Q&A of concerns)

youtu.be/mqSCmT5S-2w squeet.me/objects/962c3e1030cc

To stop Google tracking you, like me you may have set Chrome/Chromium to delete all site data on exit. Turns out, Chrome will do this for all sites, other than Google's own!


I think @cfenollosa makes some really good points here, and I couldn't agree more about his thoughts regarding the local timeline. I'm incredibly proud of the community that we've built up here on #Fosstodon.


@tychi Tangentially, I put my own thoughts about email here:


Beware, because it's quite spicy. There's a lot of frustration about email inside of me :/

I tested *many* keyboards for my raised laptop. Standard ones are too wide (who uses the numpad anyway?), bluetooth ones are finicky and batteries die fast, cheap ones have sticky keys, mechanical ones are noisy or just ridiculously expensive, the trackpads generally suck, etc.

Then I hit gold: The official Raspberry Pi keyboard is the best of the lot! Similar size & layout to 2015 MacBook Pro (but feels better to type on), and built-in USB hub.


Grand Central Water Tower, Midrand, South Africa, 1996 by GAPP Architects & Urban Designers

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Solar-powered repellent device that allows mosquitoes to lay their larvae at dusk and dawn, then produces intermittent ripples during the day to prevent the offspring from breathing at the surface of standing water. Genius! hackaday.io/project/174575-sol

This weekend I'm volunteering for the @48in48org Global Virtual event to build websites for non-profits. It's super well organized with pre-setup WordPress site builders, lots of training materials, and a global team of volunteers.


One of the best songs I've found to evaluate a sound system or . Try this on a SkullCandy Crusher Wireless or ANC (there's a stand at Mall Of Africa) and be blown away!


I decided that my 7" tablet should also do double duty as my main desktop. Here I have it hooked up to an 11" HD screen, running VSCode, compiling my Arduino code with PlatformIO. My python projects also worked straight away. That is to say, apart from Android dev, this can totally replace my laptop. It's all powered up with a cellphone charger.

Please take a moment to read and share the following website in and (more importantly) outside of Mastodon.


It is an enlightening look at the troubles related to -invading data aggregation and how it is harming our voice and innovation.

Originally found via @humanetech

Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!


#LineageOS w/ #fdroid (no gapps) is such a premium experience compared to bloated, ad-infested, notification-ridden, cloudwashed stock android.

I lost the second camera on this samsung but it's totally worth it.

"As technology takes over more of our lives each day, the tips, explanations, and resources here can help you take back control."


'The Social Dilemma' Documentary: Like a Magician, YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Google Controls Your Newsfeed - Advertisers are the Customer and You are the Product

Awareness is probably your best weapon - How do you wake up from the Matrix if you don't know you're in the Matrix? The documentary (with some dramatised footage) is a series of interviews with former engineers, marketers, VPs at some of the largest and richest tech companies discussing how they compete for users attention and keep them focussed on reading and engaging on their platforms.
Now we can understand why we can no longer get a plain chronological feed stream on these platforms... Yes you can get these feeds still elsewhere on platforms like Mastodon, YouMe Social, MeWe, Hubzilla, Diaspora, Aether, Secure Scuttlebutt and lots of others, but you will also see there are no adverts there, and many have decentralised control, allowing no centralised control. These alternative networks do not operate based on advertising or by selling your online habits for profit. squeet.me/objects/962c3e106587

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