Fred Rogers might be the patron saint of Pittsburgh, but my kid prays at the altar of Daniel Tiger.

Mmmmmmm I’ll be chasing the taste of that first peanut butter cup all night and into the weekend 🤤

When making box mac & cheese (shhh… I know, I know) do you follow instructions or zazz it up a little?

Not to brag, but most of my emails these days are coming from the D.N.C.

Which is to say we finally have broadband at the new place.

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Few people tasted Red Velvet Underground Cake, but everyone who did became a pastry chef.

Five years ago me should have spent more time articulating the looming political confrontations facing tech firms instead of being snarky on Twitter about it.

If you are wondering how far north I have ever been in Wisconsin the answer is now Sheboygan.

Also Bookworms Garden is pretty cool fyi.

Sad to see NYT played by people trying to remove Rod Rosenstein from DOJ and oversight of Mueller investigation. Hope the clicks were worth it.

😂🤣😂 ☕️ Alterra Coffee referenced as if an indie coffee company (“since 1980”) in the ZipRecruiter ad running during Serial s3e1 is just a brand name purchased by Mars in 2010 from a truly great small Milwaukee-based operation

Colectivo Coffee (name since 2013) is one of the things I will miss most about Wisconsin.

Sheriff of Babylon: Deluxe Edition (complete collection of the 12-issue series) on sale $6

A mediative war noir about the American occupation of Iraq from a former CIA officer turned award-winning comic book writer.

The only gods worth believing in are New England brew masters who stopped filtering their beer.

The Brian Michael Bendis explosion at D.C. is really something.

At least a dozen people at Disney/Marvel should probably quit from the shame of losing him and his friends.

A very very small part of me almost wishes to care about what the new iPhones are named.

Kenny Shopsin, Brash Owner of a Quirky Restaurant, Dies at 76

Btw if you haven't read *Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin,* you should.

Third flat tire in the ~ 10 months since our neighbors got a new roof 🎉

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