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Fixed some math bugs and got my L-BFGS solver working, so it's super smooth now. I also added the ability to possess any rigged model, not just models designed to be avatars, so I can do this.

Getting this sort of response from devs is exactly why I spend so much time on WebGPU's error and deprecation messages. 😊
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Shout out to the WebGPU/dawn devs at @ChromiumDev. I've been using WebGPU daily in Canary for over a year and the error and deprecation messages have been really helpful. Keeping up with all the standard and API changes has been a lot easier than I expected.

I'm picking on Nvidia here because that's the tables I've been looking at all day, but I assure you that the other GPU vendors are not without sin in this regard too.

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PCI Device ID tend to be a *bit* more consistent, thankfully. But they're still not without their quirks.

0x13__ -> 0x17__ : Maxwell
0x1b__ -> 0x1d__ : Pascal

Oh, except for 0x15__. That's Pascal too. 🤷

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All of the GTX 6xx and 7xx cards are Kepler-based. Except for the 750 and 750 Ti, those are Maxwell.

GTX 1xxx cards are Pascal-based. RTX 2xxx cards are Turing-based. Except the 1660 cards. Those are Turning.

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I mean, we all knew this already, right? But it just gets worse the longer you look at it. Nvidia's Quadro cards have names like "K4000" built on the Kepler architecture, and "M6000" built on the Maxwell architecture. Awesome, makes sense.

K2200? Maxwell. 🤬

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My task today: Given a pile of GPU Vendor/Device IDs and names, figure out how to map those to the GPU generation or architecture.

Me, naively this morning: "This shouldn't be TOO bad, right?"


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We're up and running!

Say hi to thebasemesh.com! A new resource for your creative projects. 250+ Base Meshes ready to go - with new props added each week. 100% free and no restrictions on usage.

Happy creating! 🥰

Which of these audio clips accurately represents a successful modem handshake?
A: *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*...
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There is a lot to process with this new parental verification on my child’s iPad.

Me: Hm.... or- OR! (And this is just a thought) you could take meaningful steps to enact the policies you campaigned on and protect the freedoms of the people you represent?


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Me: Hello, political figure! I like what you advocate for (and/or dislike your opponent) and am offering a small financial token of support!

Politicians: Thanks! In return I'll flood you with panicked emails about how if you don't send more money quickly democracy is dead!

Lots of WebGL fixes in the latest Safari!
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Safari 15.5 is here, with support for the inert attribute, the worker-src Content Security Policy directive, APIs for implementing new viewport units in WKWebView, and many fixes. webkit.org/blog/12669/new-webk

Absolutely wonderful thread!
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📺 We interrupt your regular programming for a personal story about the impostor syndrome and perseverance.

This image is from around 8 years ago; I had just scrapped a previous toy renderer, and I was making a new one. I got the index buffer wrong, and made this piece of "art".

Oldest son tested positive for COVID today. (2nd time for him!) 🤬

Stay cautious out there, friends. Pandemic's not over yet.

There's one puzzle I know of that I haven't figured out yet, and frankly I don't even know where to start with it. 🤷

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Beat Tunic! ("B" path) Had one puzzle I knew how to do but simply couldn't, so I looked up the answer, and I figured out maybe a third of the game's writing system before finding a chart online for the rest. Don't feel bad about that.

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To the individual on the @tunicgame team that obviously played StarTropics as a child: I see you, and I hope you didn't get your copy secondhand like I did.

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