game theory: max stirner was actually a drawing
and interacted with our world like roger rabbit

the fact that bin laden played csgo takes on a whole new meaning if you stop to think about it

No "critical support" for the left wing of capital. Bernie, Corbyn, AOC can all fuck off.

the dissonance between rick and morty fans and the show itself is one massive poe's law

i dunno which hashtag is more painful to scroll through, or

if there is a rose in your avatar or bio your opinion automatically does not count

not gonna lie, the history of deng's influence over the CCP reads like a supervillain backstory

is trying to incite the rapture a form of accelerationist praxis

SWCC china couldnt include mental gymnastics as an event during the 2008 olympics because they'd have an unfair advantage

trotskyism is actually a ploy by the newspaper industry to infiltrate communist circles

Who called it a "Zelda Speedrun" and not "Link Time Optimization"

please let this be satire. oh who am i kidding this is the DSA
Portland DSA contingent preparing to head over to .

I've come up with a new theory: how much you love offending others is directly proportional to how easily offended you yourself are.

the fact that people are unironically nostalgic for johnny test proves we have long failed as a society

The Internet has proved a hurdle that has killed off many organizations and movements, but the New Right seems to have cleared it. Guerilla media is able to get the same reach as big names like Fox with minimal overhead costs, by utilizing rumors and a "little guy" narrative.

its funny how progressives complain about centrists being naysayers and then turn around and repeat the same things to everyone to the left of them

Hooray, is back up, here's my account ported over:

did you know friday the 13th can only occur in months where the 1st day is on sunday

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