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im sad people are beating the winnie the pooh meme to death

it was my favorite but now its oversaturated

i think we've hit peak irony
twitter users spreading

remember kids insulting leftcoms is punching left
if you want to preserve left unity bordiga is off limits

the most cowardly thing in existence is to be a draft-dodging neocon

On January 18 + 19, the community will hit the couch for the first time to showcase the best competition from around the globe!

Join us on or come to California and cheer for all the airshots LIVE!

in today's news: ben shapiro is threatening to shoot up a school

"look i need a doctor's note saying he's a racist otherwise he's not a racist"

i hate the color yellow so much
darken it and its unrecognizable
don't darken it and it blinds you with its brightness

getting people intentionally cancelled in order to militarize the right against political correctness as a form of accelerationist praxis

gen 8 pokemon designs are actually pretty damn refreshing with their originality

i dont even mind the national dex gone tbh

joey salads has become trump's reply guy

when will RINO twitter begin using the 🦏 emoji

i wish i could just eat books
and learn them that way

If a robot asks whether or not it's self-aware, and it concludes it is not, is it self-aware?

the reason the right hates abortion is because theyre a bunch of babies

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