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Irony is no longer revolutionary. The cynical distance between one's words and meaning is characteristic of an inability to acknowledge reality itself. Taking refuge in detached nothingness is nothing short of philosophical suicide.

This is why I'm only posting seriously.

As the users, we have the ability to consciously shape language. Treating linguistic shifts as some sort of untouchable phenomenon leaves us turning a blind eye to the political implications of our modes of expression.

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I feel like "a language is defined by its users" is often used as a cop-out. Language isn't neutral, it's a tool that greatly shapes how we think and communicate; there may be no "right" use of language, but there are counterproductive trends and applications.useless.

Most of the "anti-internet" arguments seem to be moreso anti-social media. People tend to forget how great it is to have access to what is essentially an international library full of art, tools, and references.

The open-source model gives us an opening to understand alternative ways of organizing production, but for it to go beyond simply an extension of commercial software production, we cannot continue to indefinitely rely on Patreons and grants.

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It won't be an easy task, but it's one we should begin considering solutions for. One of the ideas I think could be interesting is having an organization/platform which allows developers to exchange/adopt projects, so they're not chained to one project indefinitely.

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As of a few days ago, has shut down. The developer's statement makes it incredibly clear that more needs to be done to distribute the workload when it comes to open source projects.

An ideal of "free speech" alone is insufficient. We constantly find ourselves drowned out by useless speech. What's needed is a milieu of both open and productive criticism. This isn't just a matter of laws and freedoms; it demands a self-awareness of how and what we communicate.

Crisis theory is the absolute bedrock of Marxism. Any critique of capitalism which neglects this is hopelessly neutered.

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Despite my reservations towards "BreadTube", one of the projects I've been working on (alongside is a PeerTube instance dedicated to that stuff. Hopefully this will help the platform's content pool.

If you'd like to contribute your videos:

Did another video for my side-channel, where I play the Campaign Trail, a historical election simulator:

Fediverse Curator #4 is in the works, and I'm planning to release an additional piece for the project soon. Stay tuned.

Statues of historical figures exist for the cultivation of national and political myth. Our God is an invisible God, and iconoclasm is a Christian duty.

Communists must come to terms with the impotence of democracy if they expect to take any seriously radical action.

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Democratic forms of deliberation naturally gravitate towards inaction. Successful "democracies" must circumvent the process in order to make significant advancements, whereas "true democracies" quickly collapse under the weight of their own bureaucracy.

The primary purpose of law is to uphold social cohesion. This explains the inconsistent application of it, as one could break it or cause immense harm without necessarily threatening society itself.

Reading Orwell's Politics of The English Language got me thinking about this; there's this idea that communicating with complex words makes you smarter, but the reality is that it's just plain easier. To communicate without that crutch makes your writing so much more powerful.

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Anyone else have difficulty expressing things in smaller words? I find that larger words are easier because they give you more selection, but at the same time they end up destroying the meaning of the statement. Expressing myself simply is a skill I wish I had.

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