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tom h on holiday 💤

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feel like I might be a Creative trapped in a Square's body

postin’ hard or hardly postin’?

The Southampton students union is the most ‘students union’ students union I’ve ever seen

the snow king’s henchman can only be stopped by toppling their carrotty heads

Last night: lots of wikipedia searches on the history of Ulster unionism.
This morning: Instagram ads for Aerlingus.


LB: sometimes takes are so bad they’re art

Fucking NUCLEAR take, implicit racism, seriously don't open this unless you're prepared it'll fuck you up Show more

alright I’m posted out, night pals. Off to Southampton for the first time in a couple years tomorrow, want to be awake to appreciate that concrete

might make this with illustrations from the Inferno

is there a galaxy brain meme format but each level gets worse, piling horror on top of horror?

theres clearly nothing to do on the internet

Gotta focus on the positive stuff. I ate very tasty strawberries today.

I went running cross country in the snow today and tbh it was great. Knee deep drifts and no one around, nice.

thoughts on being online Show more