gosh I haven’t read any Takes for about 3 days, feels weird

(after ten minutes or so I realised vets means veterans)

the guys say next to me at this bar are developing their business, a startup of some kind, but for vets

through the extremely unrepresentative lens of the popular dating apps, I can tell you that everybody in Baltimore is either normal or a full leftist

Except the yellow schoolbuses, which are extremely blocky but also comically small

forgot how everything is just a bit larger and blockier in America, the pavements are like 6 inches high

Hello, I’m in Baltimore, home of important TV show The Wire, which I have definitely seen and appreciated

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Who thought Mr. Blobby was a good idea

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@tomharris if you see me you'll be petrified! mummified! turned into stone or a pillar of salt!

I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world!

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