the new thinkpads have moved away from the ultra-slim trend in favor of a thicker, cuter aesthetic.

I have returned from the East and I bring you the latest in female-fronted Japanese pop punk

good to be back in the UK and back with my true love, öats

currently sticking it to Marie le Conte and her idiotic “socialist me are mean to me, socialist men like trains, ergo trains bad” article by travelling a distance equivalent to the entire length of England in two hours in great comfort


I’m in a bar in Kyoto watching Japan play SA in a pre rugby world cup exhibition match and they gave me this official sponsor mystery energy drink and it feels like my eyeballs are going to pop out of my head

mild lewd 

Hot take (half-serious): cybergoths were popularized by the CIA to undercut the proletarian potential of rivethead culture

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