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feel like I might be a Creative trapped in a Square's body

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Me, drunk, unable to break into organish ready meal: hah, corporate fuckers who made this assume left-wing weaklings need special instructions on preparing rice & spinach, guess what fuckos

Extremely Cambridge beer festival beermats

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We offer a degree in Remaining

best is when the runty little indie shop sneaks in, all meek, please don't go, and I pet it and let it stay, like the magnanimous king I am

the gdpr owns so much
love the sight of brands in my inbox begging me to stay, like dogs

also: somebody asked if I listened to the sam harris podcast and I remembered that not everything is Online, bit my tongue and just said “no”

tonight at book club we decided an award-winning experimental literary novel would have been better as a choose your own adventure

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‪It’s been many years since high school‬

‪I’m still haunted‬

/ Cambridge North confirmed for furry

lighthearted train station whiteboard content is getting a bit weird

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time for a random #language post: translations for "dust bunny"!
Norwegian: hybelkanin
German: Wollmaus (wool mouse)
Swedish: dammråtta (dust rat)
French: mouton (sheep)
Hungarian: porcica (dust cat)
Italian: gatto di polvere (dust cat)
Finnish: villakoira ("wool dog", also the word for poodle)

i am every english man abroad

i am made of burned meat, i sizzle

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