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tom in iceland 🇮🇸 @tomharris

@oceangrunge it's the dominant culture still telling itself they're still the outsiders


@bstacey damn, you can't help me out either then, only reinforce my 5.
If you get into combinatorics it shouldn't be too hard to get a 2 or 3.

@bstacey mine's 5. If yours is >6 I can lower it for you (after the trivial business of writing a joint paper).

@roadrunner me too! Come to Iceland, it is a gloomy paradise

do you ever get so bored of waiting for a program to respond to your ^C that you

Horatio Nelson's last words are quoted as being 'kismet, Hardy'. That is a deliberate mishearing, passed down through history, by bigoted and anxious historians worried his actual last words, "piss on my hardon", were too gay

an iphone but with an extra button that says "prompt me for the wifi password"

me planning a holiday: yes, I can spend all my money on experiences and forget the shops
me on holiday: fuck me look at those woollens tho

@jk will investigate when I go to a pub this evening. The hotel I'm in has very heavy blackout curtains