still boggles me that Friends tried to signal ross was boring by making him a professional palaeontologist. nobody seriously doesn’t think dinosaurs are cool right??

wait, do all americans say “nitch” for “niche”?

brace yoursef, your generation's cultural irrelevancy is coming

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just saw somebody reply to a meme with a lord of the rings movie template on twitter with "what movie is this from again?" and it took me a minute to believe they were for real

German speakers: I am I right in thinking the difference between Heilige and Sankt is that Heilige is a generic description and Sankt is a title?

probably still not interested in epic gaming content, but at least now I’ll be cringing at them rather than with them, it’s be a (perverse) form of entertainment , not a punishment

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relatedly, I think this is why I’ve never really been able to engage with youtuber content: some part of me is just fundamentally embarrassed for them speaking to a camera in an empty room in self consciously. So maybe that will have changed too?

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I thought this was a pretty clear generational tell too — I’m 31 and hated appearing in camera, while it seemed natural for most people even 5 years younger than me.

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until the lockdown I’d never really been comfortable communicating by video, even though it’s been common for a decade now. Pretty cool how quickly that has changed out of necessity, turns out my psychology isn’t fixed forever, nice

"directory hierarchy"
cold, ugly, takes ages to say, overly complicated, hostile, authoritarian

"nested folders"
soft, sleepy, gentle, like a roost of little birds or a den of small mammals tightly curled up for the night

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occasionally now I'll be typing and I'll realise that I've been touch typing for the last minute or so without looking down at all. feels good!

banana bread's all fine and good but the real shit's that butter/sugar/milk/banana/vanilla/eggs liquid mix you make on the way to banana bread. just drink that imo

thinking about revisiting G-Police: Weapons of Justice (1999), a video game I loved when I was 11. Put off though by a) contemporary reviews suggest it was actually quite a bad game, and b) its politics are almost certainly extremely not cool

no other subject does this! I don't get a stream of lame memes and puns when I'm learning German. Cut it out!!

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probably the worst thing about learning programming online is you have to put up with software developers trying to be funny

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