sam harris did a podcast calling out the weinsteins and others for buying into trump losing due to electoral fraud conspiracies and now all the IDW reply guys are writing 10+ tweet threads explaining which of their parasocial friends’ side they’re taking, you love to see it

I thought the "europe doesn't have ice cubes" meme was just a matt yglesias delusion, but then there's this from the 1998 episdoe of frasier where frasier becomes a regular at a British pub in Seattle

what's the most unusual book you own?

some of mine:

* people called cumbri (a collection of english lake district folklore)

* flattening the earth: 2000 years of map projections (does what it says on the tin)

* an english--icelandic mathematical dictionary

* die wiese (book of photographs of dutch meadows)

every uk telegraph/mail columnist currently losing their mind over the imposition of another lockdown has a "keep calm and carry on" poster in their house

this is the next wave of computing. the economy of the 2020s will run on this. can YOUR business afford to not know if a string ends with a 'b'?

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pretending i'm a cs undergraduate by spending the evening implementing deterministic finite automata in python

found out jeff bezos is the same height as me (short) so i'm forgiving him for everything else

covid meme humor (?) 

"After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time."

doing some Frasier ratings, starting with a good one

My Coffee With Niles (s01e24)

The first season finale. A bottle episode, succinctly captures all major themes of early frasier. the only thing missing is an element of farce.

* conversation sustaining a full episode of tv 👌
* david hyde pierce spiking the camera when it's joked that Niles is a gay man
* DHP sayng "sports, chicks, monster truck rallies"
* Kelsey Grammar's "see you next year, we love ya" in the credits

One mode of maturity is, if you're not very funny or insightful most of the time, being able to realize that about yourself, and focus instead on your actual strengths. Which is why I've been trying to work on esoteric shit again

last night I watched The Mummy (1999) and tonight I think I am going to watch The Mummy (1999)

lmao that john lennon and yoko ono's son is an IDW guy. probably he had to listen to Imagine so much as a kid it made him the world's first victim of woke derangement syndrome

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