In celebraion of Escher's birthday, here are some facts about Escher:
1. Escher learned about hyperbolic geometry directly from H. M. S. Coxeter at the 1952 international congress of mathematicians in Amsterdam.
2. Escher once told Mick Jagger he couldn't use his artwork for an album, and also that to him [Jagger] it was "Mr Escher", not "Mauritz"
3. Escher was actually inside out.

interesting that Cambridge city council forces a free-for-all music event popular with regular people from the area to close down at 11pm on a Saturday night, but allows university colleges to blast shit music across town until 3am at their £150 a head parties on multiple week nights in a row

he'll Yea im supporting gay listening to macklemore 24/7 baby

the end of v for vendetta but we're all wearing the pixelated dril face

quite pleased “stan” has become a positive term for strong fandom, I really didn’t like the usage where it was deployed to put down anyone enthusiastic about/defending a particular person

food, vegan 

why'd they put the fucking caps lock key so close to shift?? fuck!!!!!

who knows if the ad was any good, they wisely opened with the concept which is good enough to hook me tbh

congrats to kinder beuno ice cream for making the first instagram ad I didn’t skip

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