fun fact I learned today is that typesetters used to call em and en dashes mutton and nut dashes to easily distinguish them in speech

does anybody know of a markdown engine with an option to render numbered lists as written in the .md file? I want a reverse ordered list

just bought a hoodie for the first time since I was like ... 22. is this a midlife crisis?

for all I know this could be the next bubble tea sensation and somebody's registering The Yak Shack as I speak

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do you think there's anywhere in the uk that serves authentic himalayan tea with yak's butter in it? really want some

this book really should have defined the determinant as the top exterior power of the matrix considered as a map F^n --> F^n imo, for maximum dry algebra points

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I actually did learn lin alg from Lang btw and I loved it. pure abstraction baby

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playing a cruel joke on Data Science employers by telling them I'm an expert in linear algebra and then revealing on my first day I meant I learned it from Serge Lang

*lcd soundsystem voice* I’m pruning ... my hedge

going to start using “cats and kittens” as an even homier version of “folks”

it rained and hailed so hard this afternoon it actually set off a car alarm outside my house. it's May! we're reopening! the most miserable winter is supposed to be over. give me some fucking respite I'm begging you

@jk silicon is nothing more than a bunch of crystals just vibing

@Ormur hey, can you tell me what the closest English word to the Icelandic kisulóra is? I'm guessing it's "kitty" but I'm not sure

were millennials ever cool? boomers were cool in the 60s, before they became boomers. gen X were entirely preoccupied with being cool and were very successful at it, which has made their refusal to accept that their day in charge of culture is over all the more graceless. gen Z are have minds entirely shaped by online & novelty is cool, though their fall will come. millennials seem utterly tragic to me now, were they ever cool? did I miss it? (note: i am a millennial)

related: when did snooker commentators start using the word "epic"?

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