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tom h 🦉 @tomharris

Here's a Very English Problem for you: utter shame at having nothing worthwhile to call a national identity.
Just whinging, the class system, jobs in the service industry, and the leftovers of imperialism.

at least I didn't adopt the total biscuit/sargon Very British Voice I guess

being back in the south west for a bit has made me sad that I lost my accent when I went to university, out of some unconscious concern to appear more middle class than I was

@Zeether I think the idea of steampunk is much better than any actual steampunk content. Even the 'founding' stuff isn't great. The Difference Engine is a pretty bad novel imo.

@jk it must be doable to invert a monitor and make your display system into a mobius band

@englebright "I'm so invested in my idea of atheistic rationality that I'm willing to pretend I'd rather sing the Portal theme song than a proper carol"

@englebright found it
Looking at that event I'm not sure I could make it through a ssc meetup.

@englebright might go to the Cambridge one out of morbid fascination. I know Cambridge had a 'rationalist solstice' last year where they got together to sing songs about science and human progress and the miracle of technology.


Camus can follow through, but john-paul Sartre can really shart

Well Camus can awoo, but no philosopher rhymes with toot

@batterpunts ozymandias, king'st of king'st

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I just found out that Twitter is bad

Spotted in Bristol: man in fluorescent yellow shorts, red shirt, front text "trump is my president", rear text ""

Co-operative ass

@englebright if only I were rational enough to accept that, yeah nazis are bad, but the *real problem* is how social justice types are sometimes mean to nerds

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The public timelines will always be filled with stuff you're not interested in, by definition. That's what following is for. Please rember

extremely tfw
(from the last LRB)

@Tobarkste the public timeline exists for spam, it's all good

wow, sudden influx of French on the public TL
Bienvenue à masto!