per hashtag request, and since I've not done an for a while; I'm , one of the 90% of mastodon users called tom. I like (or if you like), , , and . I work in in . I am a who wishes he wasn't losing his

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cool, looks like I'm going to Munich for a few days next month. I get to buy my Zuckerhut after all

Really should buy Owen Hatherly's book but 592 pages, man....

reading that dylan thomas banger and thinking, how *can* my words fork lightning?

Iโ€™ve been trying to write some popular maths at the level between recreational/historical stuff and just a textbook, and itโ€™s really hard! On the one hand I want to get the great ideas across without losing people, on the other the only foolproof way to make sure they understand everything is...write a textbook

the foundations of mathematics listserv is a wonderful place

learned today that the original Greek โ€˜cosmosโ€™ is the opposite of โ€˜chaosโ€™: it implies order and complexity. According to Wikipedia it retains these connotations when used to describe the universe, but Iโ€™ve never understood it that way: โ€˜universeโ€™ is the banal term, โ€˜cosmosโ€™ the fantastical one. At the very least the order interpretation makes โ€˜cosmic horrorโ€™ a misnomer.

"Among other things, he proclaimed that the geometry of imaginary numbers predicted by the theory of relativity for a body moving faster than light is the geometry of the Kingdom of God. For mentioning the Kingdom of God in that work, he was accused of agitation by Soviet authorities. "

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