when I was 15 I wanted to be this guy. now I am 32 I still want to be this guy

me & my friends at the furry convention going out onto the street and pointing at passers-by: "Hornless! Horless!"

my sister was going to refuse a vaccine (ill-founded mRNA worries) but now she's changing job and her new employer is requiring it of her. seems really fucking illegal??

guys in the “premium apple reseller” love to wear n95 masks

If you're under 45, you're a millennial. And if you're over 22, that is boomer

i think that fakeness and realness aren't opposites, but are two dimensions of the same thing that can vary independently. for example, some things can be extremely fake and extremely real at the same time, like money

I wouldn't be so crude as to suggest this is racist or cultural appropriation or w/e, its just very very dated. Like indicating a scene in a tv show is in russia by having some of the characters backwards

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the english disease (acoustic solo covers of banging pop songs)

funny that I sort of side with the media people in the US "tech vs media" culture war because I find it very hard to imagine sympathising with britain's vicious, craven media class over anything at all

trying to remember the last time I had a mini milk. strong suspicion my life's been downhill from there

space is cool and pretending its not because billionaires like it is a cope BUT it's okay because Bezos didn't go to space lol, he just popped his head and shoulders up out of the atmosphere for two minutes

getting into biohacking (using Regaine for hair loss)

getting into biohacking (using Regaine for hair loss)

watching the matrix sequels for the first time in over a decade. lmao that they made the secondary bad guy a comedy frenchman who forgets to be french when he’s been shown up

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