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tom h, snow fan ❄️

can’t believe I spent last night “””sleeping”””, the TL is a hackers battlefield this morning

you know how the British English usage always seems a little more quaint and less technical than American English? Well tfw there are English words that are quaint-ish anyway and you're surprised when an American uses them. Like "plumber". Shouldn't that be "drainage specialist" or something?

Q. Why does Christmas flavoured air freshener ("cranberries and frost") feel perverse in the bathroom?

Hey what's up, since Mastodon 2.1.0 is out, there is also a new version of that implements all the new functionality, and in addition has some quality of life improvements (id unpacking, attribute-style access to returned dicts) as well as unit tests (a massive thanks to @codl for this) and better documentation!


#mastodonpy #python 🐍

@tibike I feel compelled to tell you that your “|interests| = {\aleph_0} isn’t strictly meaningful: you should drop the set braces around the aleph

You mean you don’t have :hnnnggg:??? Well, i guess you could call that living

Hobby: putting words between colons so people don’t know if they’re emojojos their instance can’t handle
:bepis: :cluckers: :yiff:

to be fair we’ve reached wham! so things are looking up

name a song you’d expect to play at a work Christmas party, they’ve played it already

sometimes i don’t know what the FUCK the people on Hacker News are talking about

@tomharris @PhotonQyv @Gargron @jk i once RPed as a fantasy au jeremy clarkson for dnd,he had a hippogriff and talked a lot about horsepower

It’s that special time that only comes once a year

that’s right, it’s the time I use youtube and swearing to tie my bowtie

can’t wait til josef gets doxxed by a webcomic fandom, that’s how we’ll know masto’s really hit the big time

tfw you leave the tea brewing and remember 20mins later