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feel like I might be a Creative trapped in a Square's body

huh, they’re doing podcasts on walls now

I want to contradict but as a Normie™️ I do feel in a minority. Good, imo

Good job he’s not my MP any more, or I’d be asking him what he’s going to do about Greater Anglia’s appalling Cambridge – London train service

On the train with Julian Hupert. He has a kindle.

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I think for my 30th birthday I'm going to take up skateboarding. On a scale of 1-10 how much will my bones hurt by December?

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We now have a custom emoji for the superiour siege weapon: :trebuchet:

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what i like to do is, i get home incredibly weary, barely able to keep my eyes open on the long train, and think “i’ll have a cup of tea then go to bed immediately and get a bumper sleep”, then i stare at a screen for a few hours and fry my stupid brain so it doesn’t want the sleep it needs

ah cool, another one of my friends is buying a house with help from their family, feels super tbh

I want to do everything and I end up doing nothing

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