Some say if you peer through a stone with a hole in it, you can see magic. Some say doing so dispels magic, unravels glamours, and lets you see what is true.
The truth is, when you see a stone with a hole in it, if you pick it up and peer through it, your world still has magic.

I want a widget which removes `?utm_source=` and everything following it whenever I copy a URL.

Look, space is cool and vast and impressive but also rockets look kinda like dongs so I'm never not gonna giggle a little when I see one.

This morning, everything was blerg and terrible. Dumplings for lunch changed everything. Never underestimate the power of dumplings.

‪I'm one of three people in the office on a Friday morning.‬

The doorbell rings. The office manager is out, so I go to answer it.‬

The UPS carrier has a package addressed to me personally.‬

Reader, I am spooked.

Making grits. It feels weird to deliberately make things out of corn when literally everything is corn.

Bless your heart, Charles, but would you please try harder to understand the guy whose family were murdered in the Holocaust. If you don't, everyone's going to end up hunted by giant robots or something.

The Slack icon is different and all change terrifies me.

Now up: Reflection from Mulan as a smooth jazz harmonica solo.

Now up: A Whole New World with Aladdin's part on the electric guitar and Jasmine's on a drum kit. There are also a *lot* of wobs.

Now Jasmine's part is an electric violin with… a glass slide? That can't be right.

By comparison, this a capella whistelling of Bibbety Bobbety Boo in an unrecognizable time signature is pretty tame.

Once Upon a Dream, but all the words are just “la”, accompanied by… no, wait… the words are “meow”. And… I want to say… fairground noises in the background?

Aha yes, the answer to that age old question “What would When You Wish Upon A Star sound like as a *really slow* polka?”.

Wait… this one seems to be arranged for… three slide-whistles… and a ukelele?

The music at this restaurant is… just instrumental covers of Disney songs… on the accordian?

Lost a Yubikey in the last few days. Even though I use 1Password to keep track of where each of my 2FA devices is registered, it's quite a hassle to go through each site, remove the old device and add the new one. It'd be even more tedious if I didn't keep meticulous notes.

It's a pleasant reminder of just how many services support U2F for 2FA. But it really brings home that this system isn't going to scale up to hundreds of logins per person without a bunch more work on the logistics.

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