Now up: Reflection from Mulan as a smooth jazz harmonica solo.

Now up: A Whole New World with Aladdin's part on the electric guitar and Jasmine's on a drum kit. There are also a *lot* of wobs.

Now Jasmine's part is an electric violin withโ€ฆ a glass slide? That can't be right.

By comparison, this a capella whistelling of Bibbety Bobbety Boo in an unrecognizable time signature is pretty tame.

Once Upon a Dream, but all the words are just โ€œlaโ€, accompanied byโ€ฆ no, waitโ€ฆ the words are โ€œmeowโ€. Andโ€ฆ I want to sayโ€ฆ fairground noises in the background?

Aha yes, the answer to that age old question โ€œWhat would When You Wish Upon A Star sound like as a *really slow* polka?โ€.

Waitโ€ฆ this one seems to be arranged forโ€ฆ three slide-whistlesโ€ฆ and a ukelele?

The music at this restaurant isโ€ฆ just instrumental covers of Disney songsโ€ฆ on the accordian?

Lost a Yubikey in the last few days. Even though I use 1Password to keep track of where each of my 2FA devices is registered, it's quite a hassle to go through each site, remove the old device and add the new one. It'd be even more tedious if I didn't keep meticulous notes.

It's a pleasant reminder of just how many services support U2F for 2FA. But it really brings home that this system isn't going to scale up to hundreds of logins per person without a bunch more work on the logistics.

San Francisco, are you okay? I wasn't gone that long, but this weather swing from apocalyptic smoke to biblical rain can't be a good sign.

Today in ๐Ÿคฏ, a security agent at Heathrow told me that a millimeter-wave scanner โ€œisn't a computerโ€, and that โ€œIt doesn't have a processor, there's no where for it to store a picture.โ€. So that was fun.

These sorts of changes reduce the overall tax base โ€” which is a common criticism of confiscatory top tax brackets. But having teachers instead of bankers and paying workers more compared to CEOs is much more valuable to society than those dollars would have been as taxes.

And when a CEO has the same take-home pay on a $10m or $100m nominal salary, they're much less likely to quibble over $50m vs $150m โ€” leaving much more to pay the rest of the firm. And those extra dollars are much more important to workers than to bosses.

Confiscatory marignal tax rates encourage smart people to become (lower-paid) teachers and scientists rather than (higher-paid) bankers and lawyers, because the pay disparity is substantially reduced.

And society benefits a heck of a lot more from great teachers than from great corporate counsel or phenomenal bankers.

Public policy which prioritizes inflation-control rather than โ€œfullโ€* employment nakedly protects people who own money at the expense of people who work for a living.
*In the nerdy economic-theory sense.

What's the best procedure for assigning number to new and changed bus routes?

When I read Yoon Ha Lee's Machineries of Empire series, I'm constantly delighted by the variety of genders and orientations casually on display. I love that no great deal is made of them โ€” they're just there; this is just how people are.

What other stories have this sort of wonderful queer texture?

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