I played around with iTerm2. It isn’t just good—it is SO much better than the macOS Terminal that there are basically no reasons not to switch immediately.


Yay, my Twitter got locked for being too sarcastic.

Meanwhile, actual COVID deniers post misleading dangerous shit without any problem.

It is almost as if algorithmic moderation is a really terrible idea.

I wrote a blog post about how the government and police are blurring the line between law and public health guidance, and how that's quite bad for the rule of law.


I wrote a thing about how smart contracts people aren’t smart and don’t know much about law or rules-based-thinking, or the kind of human reasoning you can’t express in code, and why they need to go read H.L.A. Hart.


I wrote a little blog post pointing to essential reading on the
MIT MediaLab following recent scandals. It is a fascinating, and rather terrifying, vision of techno-utopianism, and an academic venture almost wholly undermined by its corporate partnerships.


Should I syndicate my tweets here? Or to a separate bot account that I retoot? I'd like to use Mastodon but I'm still not following enough people.

I wrote a thing about Facebook’s Instant Articles and why they are Bad, and why visible URLs are required for trust and provenance.


Started learning a new programming language this week: Elixir. I like it. There will be open source code I've written soon.

I wrote a thing about museums and engagement metrics. It is as positive and optimistic as you've come to expect from me.


I very reluctantly relaunched my personal site. Not because I particularly want to, but because I didn't want it to be totally dead.

I can't promise to write lots, because I'm a bit busy reading.


systemd messed up my day.

That’s not a knock on systemd, just things now don’t work.

I'm Tom. I live in London. I'm a recovering software developer. I'm an admin on Wikipedia (and I write a few bits on there about philosophy and law and weird TV programmes).

I used to be a pretty avid supporter of stuff like IndieWeb, but I'm now rather cynical about the internet and social media and generally think we ought to turn it off for everyone's mental health.

Today, I cranked out a 30 line Ruby script that automatically checks my university library website and renews any books that are about to become overdue.

Programming is terrible, but occasionally it solves a really fucking annoying problem.

Alright, my personal site is back up. I'm debating whether to setup a Mastodon instance on there, then work out how to tie my old site together with Mastodon.

I wonder why Commander Keen never got a modern remake. Maybe because PC gaming these days takes itself way to seriously?

(reviving the old question from Twitter)

I'm reading about the Glorious Revolution and the 1688 Parliament.

The best thing about being a Mastodon server admin based in the EU is you probably now have obligations to register under your country's data regulator and follow the GDPR.

Federation: more headaches than you think.

Mastodon: you should randomly pick some person's server to hang out on and trust with your data.
No, of course they aren't registered data controllers.

The law is still a thing (especially in Europe), and companies like Twitter are at least somewhat more accountable to the justice system for misuse in a way that the pseudonymous server admin of your favourite queer polyamorous furry art sharing instance can't. Just saying.

Federation: still bad.


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