coming out is so intimate and terrifying and we have to do it so often this is why queers are always so fucking tired i swear to god

Check out this great icon that @tomo made for me!

I'm gonna use it on birdsite for now, but use it here in the future when I switch back to star wars stuff. :P

I really need to start using this account moreeee

How do you stop comparing your success to others cause???

Suicidal ideation, depression 

it's cool that IDLES can put out an album about vulnerability, positivity, the state of things in general, and toxic masculinity, while not needing to be a band called like Dad Tummies whose entire schtick is what nice soft boys they are

‪Hot take old rich people get mad at young people (especially young queer women of colour) for taking and posting lots of selfies because it used to be that only old rich white people got their portraits painted and hung in galleries send toot

‪Hey erm.... I really need someone to tell me I’m important in spite of how much I’ve failed financially ‬

‪I’ve reached a point with gender fluidity that I honestly don’t actually care what pronouns people use for me but *also* it still bums me out when people default to he/him. Gender is fucking weird yo. ‬

I really want to find an instance with a good local feed but I dunno where to go? :psyduck:

I love that Margaret Thatcher quote about how the problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money because she’s actually describing the core problem with capitalism :hotboi: :thinkhappy:

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