Working on a new shortcut editor for Laidout. If there's interest, perhaps I can work this into some kind of standalone app or library for porting elsewhere. Currently C++ in my own peculiar window library though.

Playing around with Raph Levien's new curve type that he presented at the last LGM, converted to C++. Also comparing to his old spiro type. The blue dots are after conversion to cubic beziers. Where the old spiro is more like having to keep up with a higgs boson gone mad, the new type is much more stable. These curves potentially help a lot to cut down on bezier handle clutter when working with paths.

How to make a flipbook from an animated gif, using Laidout! Perhaps reminiscent of Manufactura Independente's gif book maker (if memory serves) from an LGM long ago.

I like the part where Arya rode in with Nymeria's pack and ate Drogon.

Gearing up for my workshop in a couple of weeks, with, for instance, web comics with interactive parallax:

Drawing at a Gridlords event.. The task: crumple up a piece of paper, and draw something from it.

Implemented object clipping paths in Laidout.. Notably, if you select two paths, you can select which one is supposed to clip the other in a context menu.

My second Global Game Jam event, our team of 5 worked right down to the 48 hour limit.. Didn't quite get everything connected by the end, but we now have until Feb 22nd to do a little polish before the local showcase event (of which there may be up to 40-ish games)!

After a mere 3 years, finally got Laidout, my DTP software to make my comic books with, presentable enough to do another release! Probably means there's tons of bugs I'll discover tomorrow, but anyway:

Prototype for throwing stuff around a big rotating space station with accurate physics. Working on a VR version, and getting those steampunky levers working.

Herboids go to the beach.. flying around with the . I think they're honking for Aretha Franklin.

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