Made my Godot keyboard wrap around a torus.. Also implemented loading from json configs for somewhat easy creation of new layouts.

A 3-court space basketball cylinder, made with for . Btw if you like rotating space station arcana, you should probably check out Saturday's premier of the High Frontier, a new documentary about Gerard O'Neill! ...I'm not affiliated with the doc, just been looking forward to it!

Roughing out a in the .. Mostly an exercise to learn about reflection probes and mirror techniques, thanks to tutorials by Bastiaan Olij and miziziziz. Still working out adequate rendering optimizations, and some lighting issues..

Work in progress on being able to do some animation via nodes in Laidout, just because:

How to make an Ascii chart that can adapt to paper size completely procedurally with nodes in Laidout.. Highlights include a math expression node that updates inputs automatically based on unknown names in the expression.

Craig Kaplan's collection of checkerboard weirdness released! 115 loops from 81 contributors:

Keeping an eye out for ways to put a circle in a square, for (you'll have to browse the mastodon alternative for a wider variety of the crazy things math folk are doing with checkerboards lately)

Putting some energy into .. implemented several vector graphics construction nodes that let you do line "arrows" from any object, and clone on random point sets. I mean it's not making the entire Grand Canyon with a single shader on Blender's default cube, but hey, it's a start!

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