Experimenting with making a centerline bitmap tracer that finds the centerline AND the line width, outputs to svg powerstroked paths that Inkscape understands. Definitely room for improvement, but pleased with a couple days work!

Gotta say, it's kind of soothing to fix something that's been broken and/or missing in my Laidout software since around 2007, namely being able to fill paths with gradients comfortably. Gradients also now import well from svg.

:boost_ok: The Portland Black Resilience Fund provides "immediate support for Black Portlanders, including a warm meal, groceries, and unpaid bills."

If you are a Black Portlander in need of assistance, there's a linked form to make a request.

They're asking for donations of $19 today from non-Black allies.


Making expandable colonnades in with ... Models in based on photos I took in Cordoba, Spain before a Libre Graphics Meeting a couple years ago. This year's LGM is doing online this week. Really missing travel!

Added a special mode to my virus slasher game, where you can try to combat virus transmission by swinging around a protest sign and a machine gun...

The defunding of science to solve the problems we are having RIGHT NOW needs to get more attention. — arstechnica.com/?p=1672701

Ported my simple building generator from to and . You still have to model 6 building chunks yourself, but the arrangement is automatic.

Doing some social distancing by boating around the great cisterns of Space Moria, via

Here's the Libre Graphics track at Scale18x in Pasadena last weekend, starts with my talk about , , and space stations, then continues with talks about 3-d printing, making video tutorials, and a libre graphics roundup. A couple more days, it might have been canceled. Wash your hands! youtu.be/AJn6c2pnJFI?t=1633

Continued adventures in with and . This time trying to learn the animation system...

More experiments, with modeling done in . Trying to figure out decent ways of mapping large numbers of building blocks to cylindrical landscapes with Godot's multimesh objects..

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