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Wer einen sicheren und datenschutzfreundlichen Browser sucht sollte:
1. kein Chrome oder darauf basierenden Browser verwenden
2. auf Forks (Abspaltungen vom Mutterprojekt) verzichten, da die oft Wochen bis Monate mit Sicherheitsupdates hinterherhinken
3. einfach Firefox nehmen und den Browser via Add-ons und Anpassung der about:config fit machen 💪

Ein HowTo:

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Well hello, German company registry, with data from 5.1 million companies etc. – published online + for download for the first time. Great teamwork!

"... They decided to build an exact replica so that after the amazing secret military capability was revealed, they could do whatever it was too."


"Maybe you’ve heard of Buran, the Soviet space shuttle. But maybe you didn’t know the story behind why it was built. NASA screwed up the space shuttle design process so completely that it was a bad match for pretty much all of its stated goals. The Soviets figured the Americans couldn’t really be that stupid, and so the shuttle project must just be a cover story for some amazing secret military capability America expected from having a space plane...."

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Wer prüfen möchte ob ein Online-Account bzw. E-Mail-Adresse von einem Datenleak betroffen ist, der kann dies mit dem HPI Identity Leak Checker prüfen. Dieser beinhaltet aktuellere und mehr Datensätze als "Have I Been Pwned".

Weiterer Vorteil zu Have I Been Pwned: Es wird nur ein Tracker eingebunden (, anstatt 7 Tracker...

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"Ein Lege-Hybridhuhn kann mit zwei Kilogramm Futter ein Kilogramm Ei erzeugen. Alte Rassehühner benötigen vier bis fünf Kilogramm."

"When you think about it, Shakespeare WAS the result of billions of monkeys trying to write stuff randomly for millions of years."

"When we're young, we sneak out our house to go to parties. When we're old, we sneak out of parties to go home."

"Pirates have always seemed good about employing people with physical disabilities."

"Condoms are made by automated assembly lines, meaning robots are literally helping to prevent human reproduction."

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