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tomwsmf :sake:

As on does.. Watch "DTA01YELLOWmenu" on YouTube -

Steaming Chicken,Chickpea,GreenBean,&Ginger/Garlic Buns. My pinch is far from perfected, still tasty. Food for watching @ONLYinJAPANtv

The Management apologizes if the death rattle of our past era is disturbing your induced soma state. Please proceed to your desired mode.

noseriouslythereisnoteventhetimetobreathebetweenassaultsconstantintervalspummelingthelastvestigesof reasoncyloncyclerepeatedwithatackybadge

The question is not
thin lips slathering
tastes the fights to come
hands wringing raw
frets a future now dead
On your marks

Happy Turtles and half off Towns Day at our nearby dead tree store. @johngreen

@mikeduncan at @JCPL , you are in the system and on hold. My kids are awaiting the Amazonboxfairy with our preorder.Congrats

Watch ""Goodnight Moon" as read by LeVar Burton to Neil deGrasse Tyson" on YouTube -

Ima gonna rant now 'Lost in Translation - Restrictions on Youtube Live' at

Friday night, Youngerthing and I cut up at the local B&N. Burner wifi android and flavored drinks at the ready. @2600 @hatsunemiku

The people/bots I read can handle using 280 chars to express ideas and I am grateful if they take the time to compose such.

My admiration for James Baldwin increases with each year I add. Read, listen, watch. Links soon, postem if you have em.

2/2 “The victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim: he or she has become a threat”James Baldwin

1/2 Why does Donald J. Trump & those who support him fear someone protesting the brutality imposed on others by those in positions of power?