I'm not very good at de-cluttering: "...but I might need this box of 8-year-old Ardunios in case there's an apocalypse and uh... I need to micro-control something?"

And now it begins: the frantic attempts to rehabilitate the images of prominent US Republicans who have been supporting fascist Tr*mp for 4 years. Where was this “contempt” when they had the opportunity to vote to convict? Disgusting. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/n

Being tech support for a sullen teen who shouts at me when I try to help them get Teams working for them is my no. 1 unexpected lovely job this year.

Really really looking forward to seeing when it finally releases next year. Judging from the trailer, it may be a little cathartic. youtu.be/U0CL-ZSuCrQ

Folks. Can we please have one more moment of enjoying the moment before jumping into the pond of cold realism? Your hot takes can wait until tomorrow.

Still not quite believing it. I think when the NYT calls it I will start to relax.

Love this: “[an accusation of ‘virtue signalling’] immediately, lazily and arrogantly, frames any assertion of a moral or political principle as an act of narcissism.” theguardian.com/media/2020/oct

I can report there is life after 50. 51 today and still plugging away. 🎈

All this chatter about HMRC phishing sites has reminded me that I need to complete my actual HMRC self-assessment. Thanks, scammers! 👍

Getting a live tutorial on from Lola Oelola via WebRTC! Basically, it's WebRTC all the way down. Read more details in Lola’s post here: medium.com/samsung-internet-de

Question I got asked this morning: how can I get more involved in web standards specifically around PWAs?

My answer, here: dev.to/torgo/comment/175e8

Gave a talk to the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (not my usual crowd) about the Ethical Web Principles: youtube.com/watch?v=QoFP-nECF1

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