In full team building mode at The Bletchley bar with team

Some serious team building going on tonight with Samsung Internet dev rel at The Bletchley.

Team workshop today. Conveniently located in a nondescript building next to MI6 hq...

Better Blocker for iOS 12 is now live.

Two weeks ago, I wrote that we wanted to radically simplify Better and widen its reach ( With this release, we took the first steps towards that goal. We distilled the app to its essentials (taking it from 44MB to 11MB in the process) & lowered the price to the lowest tier on the App Store ($0.99/£0.99/€1.09).


Here’s to bringing the Better web to more people.


The fediverse is impressively hungry for anti-harassment tools!

The other day, I released —a tool to learn who you favorite most. It's a fun tool and spread widely with 30 boosts.

Yesterday, I released mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c As an anti-harassment tool you only use when being actively mobbed, I thought it would be of niche interest.

But instead, it's been boosted nearly 100 times(!), and is still going strong.

@Gargron this might tell you what features people want

Our new developer hub has launched 🛰️! Why not ⭐ it and take a look? It contains a 🌌 of blog posts and handy info. (And if your 🔭 spots anything anything out of the ordinary 👾, let us know, we'll 🚀 right ahead and fix it!)

Having read this post on a recommendation from colleagues - I cannot recommend it enough! Super helpful introduction to what A11y means and why improving the accessibility of the web matters so much #accessibility #webdev

I think I like 2018 me more than I liked 2002 me. This seems like a good thing?

Considering the ethical implications of our work is a responsibility for all of us, says @RedRoxProjects. Read Amy's round-up from two ethics talks at #EMFCamp:

Taking lots of inspiration from @adactio's talk (which he has thoughtfully posted online not only because of what he's saying but because of how he's saying it. If there's one rule for impactful public speaking, it's rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric! It's inspired me to dust off my Farnsworth's "Classical English Rhetoric" so be warned.

I'm trying to get the UK Government to take a modern approach to using open standards - and I need your feedback.

And people wonder why residential IoT isn't taking off...
Like 1/3rd of my Airbnb's binder are instructions on how the Echo works and what specific words control which specific lights and exhortations to please not use the actual, physical light switches.

Switched to Brave dev on Ubuntu. So far so good.

Tips on increasing empathy in how we build web from
1. Simplify technology - use the least tech possible
2. Build with semantics
3. Design and develop progressively
4. Make your site available for 100% of users
5. Test test test (including on screen readers)

Between talking about SGML and referencing Nature, I'm having some serious flashbacks here at . (I got my start in this industry working with Nature and other scientific journals to put them online.) 🎶Memories🎶

Pretty sure is building up to web standards being a collective hallucination at .

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