Oh God I'm on the train with all the Ascoters. 👒

Happy Fathers’ Day to all fellow fathers out there.

My laptop being rebuilt so spending the morning using my S8 in a Dex station with a keyboard/mouse/monitor. Not bad! And @samsunginternet@twitter.com works with real tabs.

Romania ... where all the songs I used to listen to in the 80s seem to have found a home.

The highly progressive Ioana Chiorean speaking truth about Progressive Web Apps at Devtalks Romania.

About to take the stage at @DevTalksRo@twitter.com in Bucharest, talking about the Ethical Web, introduced by the always-awesome @ioana_cis@twitter.com. The logo is already very webby.

Talking about "good" and "evil" with @jorydotcom@twitter.com, @HackyGoLucky@twitter.com and other denizens.

Amazing. @freshelectrons@twitter.com Havi Hoffman giving us 9 sonnets reflecting on Javascript, community and the history of , including on on codes of conduct! I'm transfixed.

Great to see this panel happening at explaining and discussing what we have done with the merger of the JS and Node foundations into the new @openjsf@twitter.com - culimnation of a program of work by a great group of people in which it's been an honor to participate.

Now @firt@twitter.com talking about Progressive Web Apps at and launching @ShouldBePWA@twitter.com to shame app developers who should have built a PWA instead.

So glad I got a chance to talk to Jan Lehnardt at ! And I thought *I* was going to bring the color!

Hey @WhatsApp@twitter.com. What is the story with restricting other browsers for WhatsApp Web? I have been using it happily with @brave@twitter.com since launch. Please reconsider this ill-considered policy choice.

Ziran is on stage at talking about how to build an Internet-of-things architecture with privacy-by-design on top of the @Mozilla@twitter.com Web of Things open source framework.

You know what's awesome? When @TC39@twitter.com has a panel at and promotes their new Discourse group by presenting a QR Code... which when scanned leads to a progressive web app that is savable to home screen. TC39 on my homescreen? Whaaaaaaat?

Hello Berlin! Always nice to touch down in another country and be able to enjoy free roaming. Ahem. 🇪🇺

I blogged: to explain why now, why ethics when we're a technical group, and how this fits into our broader @w3ctag work.

Our ethics drive the architecture of the web:


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