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Dan Appelquist @torgo@mastodon.social

My slide deck about Web Components is made with Web Components. View the source on the HTML:

In Shoreditch to speak at the launch of @MSFTReactor@twitter.com's “developer community hub”, . I will be talking about how community organisers and developer advocacy groups can and must help to foster diverse & inclusive environments. Seen @paul_clarke@twitter.com here so this is legit.

For completeness, here: Google privacy engineers replied that this isn't how it's supposed to be working. See thread here on the bird-site: twitter.com/TedOnPrivacy/statu

Blind notification permissions request for "www-google-co-uk" (while using google maps) with zero context. Google, this is is a permissions anti-pattern. I expect better from you. If you want permission to send me notifications, tell me WHY.

California peeps, we are running our first ever @SamsungInternet Web conference on April 19-20th in San Jose. The speaker line up is incredible! I am really excited!


London mayor Sadiq Khan warns tech companies to take greater social responsibility in his SXSW keynote - the festival's first from a British politican.

Mozilla is experimenting with blocking in-page "popup" overlays. If you want to help, consider installing one of these addons to help us build our block list:

Firefox: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

Chrome: chrome.google.com/webstore/det

Hey hey, y'all! 👋 Tomorrow the amazing @Lady_Ada_King@twitter.com and yours truly will be live in a @smashingmag@twitter.com webinar on / - join us here: smashingmagazine.com/smashing- 💯

Kids are preparing french toast. I have been kicked out of the kitchen. Please have the fire brigade on standby.

I feel privileged to work with so many amazing women here at Samsung, among them Ada @Lady_Ada_King@twitter.com, Jo @ThisIsJoFrank@twitter.com, Ziran @Jakyloud@twitter.com, Heejin Chung and the head of our @samsunginternet@twitter.com group, Dr. Hyo Jung Song.

Genuinely excited and proud to be part of the team putting together this event, Create samsungcreate.com, a 2-day web conference in Silicon Valley on 19-20 April. We just opened up registration today and we're still adding speakers. 100% of our revenue from the ticket sales will be divided equally between Women Who Code and Code 2040. We're also donating free tickets to both communities. If you're a web developer in the area, please join us because this is gonna be a blast.

Call from @Hacker0x01@twitter.com's @martenmickos@twitter.com to deprecate software that cannot be updated in response to security venerabilities.

OH over dinner : “terabyte committs on petabyte projects.”

Current status: attending my first @the_jsf@twitter.com board meeting. Info on current JS Foundation projects here: js.foundation/community/projec Does your company or organization depend on one or more of these? If so, do you contribute back?

*Twitter is not a public utility* by @Gargron

"Isn’t it a bit strange that the entire world has to wait on the CEO of #Twitter to come around on what constitutes healthy discourse? I am not talking about it being too little, too late. Rather, my issue is with “instant, public, global messaging and conversation” being entirely dependent on one single privately held company’s whims. Perhaps they want to go in the right direction right now for once, but who’s to say …"