What a team! Love our daily stand-ups at @samsunginternet@twitter.com.

Just finally watched Bill & Ted Face the Music – it was so good!


About to cook a piece of meat that is literally the meat Emoji.

Starting day 2 of @tag face-to-face, working on expanding the

Ethical Web Principles


with @sundress, @rhiaro, @leaverou@twitter.com and @torgo

I am pro foo and pro bar. But I have never been a supporter of baz.

Like many people, in 2016 I predicted that it was going to be bad. But I had no idea how bad it was going to get–even before COVID. I never thought that in my lifetime I would see a worse president than Nixon. At least Nixon resigned when he was caught.

OK I am totally sucked in to . First two episodes were very trippy. Actually, I may the exact demographic it's designed for.

Goal for this week: clean up all my open tabs from 2020. I may be some time.

US pol / social media 

Bird site (platform) banning T***p is a good thing and should have happened years ago. App stores banning P****r is, unfortunately, a symptom of the oversized power that these meta-platforms have.

Looking forward to working with new @tag members @rhiaro / @rhiaro and @leaVerou@twitter.com, and re-elected members @hober and @sangwhanmoon@twitter.com. Oh the discussions we'll have.... :) It's going to be great.

RT @w3c@twitter.com W3C Advisory Committee Elects Technical Architecture Group ift.tt/3nkgQIx

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