Heading to see *art* for the first time in 18 months. 🖼

Was about to tweet that I like the new Firefox look-and-feel. However now I see this. As a relatively small-screen laptop user, I like my toolbar compact, Firefox. So what's up with the "not supported"?

Holding our W3C TAG face-to-face meeting this week in Arakeen. It's a bit dry, but as long as you wear a still suit and walk without rhythm … it's fine.

Second visit to Ally Pally farmers’ market since they’ve reopened. Feeling so normal! ☺️

Am I the only one that doesn't actually want to put “smart” tags on all my belongings?

On freedom of the press, context over source accreditation, and whistleblowers: werd.io/2021/press-freedom-day

Dystopian Fiction 

Talk about AI ethics (Or lack there-of)! This is still giving me chills. qntm.org/mmacevedo

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