.@Citymapper@twitter.com you showed and still show that all is fine at Waterloo this morning. Actually all trains are cancelled. So I made a 30 minute tube journey only to have to turn around. Not a happy user.

Just deleted the Google app from my phone due to an unwanted advertisement for a film sent to me via push notification. This is an abuse of the notification mechanism, and they should know better. Unfortunately it's becoming an all-to-common anti-pattern that is giving notifications a bad name.

"Please interrupt me if I use an acronym or term you don't understand"

This isn't a new speaking tip - and it is one I've stolen from several other speakers on the conference circuit - but I want to explain how it made me feel to use it. I started my talk at Hackference Birmingham with an impassioned plea to the audience. If you don't understand something I've…[...]


Ecstatic to be able to announce the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant: an effort to help support teams doing non-profit work on , including , , and other areas.


Submissions welcome - please boost, I’d like to spread this through the . Reach out if you have any questions!

Developers are learning tech at the Code Lab under the tutelage of @diekus and @ada

Standing room only for our Samsung Developer Conference on @samsunginternet@twitter.com, next gen webapps () and the .

Very impressed with Jeewon Lee's keynote on OneUI. Great to see such an emphasis on improving mobile UX.

Getting set up for the @samsunginternet@twitter.com Code Lab at where @diekus@twitter.com @Lady_Ada_King@twitter.com & @MetaverseOne@twitter.com will be pleased to take you through our @aframevr@twitter.com tutorial via @glitch@twitter.com!

The last time I was in San Francisco on election night it was 2008. That was a wild night. I helped to run an unconference about mobile tech for social change and then we went to a bar and watched the results come in. Hopefully something similar will happen tonight, but even if does not, nobody can ever take that night, and that amazing piece of history, away. The course of civilisation turns towards openness, tolerance and peace. 🕊️

On my way to San Francisco for Samsung Developer Conference! Looking forward to presenting on stage tomorrow with @diekus and @ada about Samsung Internet and next generation webapps!

Hi folks. Just checking in. Have you had a glass of water today? Maybe today is a good day to check in with someone you care about. Hang in there.

4 for 4. Absolutely loving the new . Real characters. Real dialog. Real science. Complex and ambiguous situations. New and different and really really good.

“U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It.” nyti.ms/2CXrrpm This is a sobering read, but good to see @nytimes@twitter.com calling out far right extremism / white nationalism for what it is: a cancer.

📣 We need your help with a super quick survey 📣
We are doing research on the naming of some JS/WebAPI pages and we need your input! Please share for the broadest possible answers.
t.co/0dVYUGTZGm tweeted by @MozDevNet

Managed to get through this meeting in Paris with only train travel (from London), walking and a few @limebike@twitter.com scooter rides. 🚄🚶‍♂️🛴

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