New version (14.0) of Samsung Internet is being released to our stable channel. I just got the update today. Among the new features is this spiffy new privacy & security dashboard which tells you how many trackers have been blocked. Nice! 😊

Good to see this getting some coverage. Full support for inclusive naming. “The Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing”

Haircut! It’s been 3 months. I almost got teary, it felt so normal.💈

“Protesters rally across England and Wales on Saturday”

Solidarity with those protesting in favour of the right to protest today. If you live in the UK, please add your signature to this petition to voice your support:

Current status: doing work today even though I'm not supposed to be doing work today.

The answer to the question "is x systemically racist?" where x is an existing power structure is most likely "yes". The challenge is what we do about it, how we actively beat that systemic racism back, how we mitigate against it, how we listen to and support those impacted.

Once venues/hotels/restaurants/workplaces start requiring vaccine passports of various kinds, and travel starts up again, how will we deal with my passport not being recognised by your system?

Question on my mind this morning: as a white guy who wants to be inclusive, should I switch to using the white skin-tone for emojis, or should I stick to "Simpsons Yellow"?

My thoughts with the people of Myanmar in their struggle against authoritarian state terrorism and violence.

I was very pleased last decade when OSI finally found ways to work with FSF to promote software freedom, but today I endorse OSI's position suspending that co-operation.

So apart from *that* movie, I also watched a properly good film over the weekend, Rocks. I strongly recommend it.

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