The Beatles White Album so stands the test of time.

🛬 Back in Brexit. It's the less well known b-side to Back in Black. Or something.

Wrapping up the MDN Product Advisory Board meeting in NYC with a group photo. Photo by @robertnyman. Also featuring Patrick Kettner, Meggin Kearney, Jory Burson, Chris Mills, Kadir Topal, @dontcallmeDOM, and chaired by the inimitable Ali Spivak. Great group of people helping to guide development of MDN as a cross-browser resources for web developers. Very proud to be a part of this effort.

Sorry for all those bird site references, fediversians. Since we're meeting in NYC, here is an exclusive emoji for you: 🗽

Spending the next two days with the product advisory board. good people who are trying to help make MDN an even better cross-browser resource for web developers.

Headed to NYC for a short 2 days of MDN meetings. I lived here before moving to London. I still vote in New York and I have a New York driving license. A part of me will always be a New Yorker. But I hardly ever visit New York these days.

It’s weird, but the “Chinese Food” container emoji 🥡 is super US-specific.

Just struggled for minutes to watch the trailer in YouTube on my phone without constantly being interrupted by promotions and clutter and then I realized the problem : I was using the app. Switched to web version and it worked fine. Trailer looked great BTW!

Interested in getting involved with #WebStandards? Of course you are! Our own @RedRoxProjects has written a great article demystifying web standards and suggesting some ways to get involved and help build a better web. ✨

“Theresa May says no Brexit more likely than no deal” Great! Let's get on with it!

Now controlling my home heating with a . Great work!

Found recently: business card from my first proper job (as a tech writer for a now defunct software company, Visix) in 1993. No URL because this was before the web was really a thing. No mobile number because nobody had mobiles back then.

Hey web developers: please take a few minutes this weekend to respond to the Samsung Developers survey. The results will really help us better serve developers across the board. Thank you for your time.

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Wishing a happy new year to my friends all over the world! 🥳 Let’s all try to make 2019 a better and more compassionate year for everyone.

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